September 28th Update

principals-message  Dear Maple Grove School Community,

Just a quick , “Hi” from me this week.  It’s been super busy!  We’re putting the finishing touches on hiring a prep teacher and we’ve completed our first Pro D day as a staff.  The staff has a really good feel this year and we’ve got big expectations for a productive and wonderful year.

Special thanks to our awesome PAC Exec for organizing yesterday’s Meet the Teacher event.  It was really a lot of fun… who knew Trivia games could spark soooooo much chatter amongst the students.

Please don’t forget that Goal-Setting Conferences are Tuesday and Wednesday October 16 & 17.  School will dismiss at 2:00 PM both days.


Walk to School Week

walk to school

International Walk to School Week is Coming to Maple Grove!

For the week of October 1st to 5th, we are encouraging all Maple Grove families to walk, roll, cycle or take the bus to school. Students traveling to and from school on transit can take the bus for free! Talk to your friends and plan a walking school bus or ask an adult to walk with you to school. We are asking all families to walk at least two blocks. If you have to drive, park your car a little further away and enjoy a nice walk with your family and friends. For safety reasons, once you are on school grounds, please walk your bike to the bike racks.


Pinwheels for Peace

pinwheels for peace1pinwheels for peace

From our Counsellor, Emi Garzitto


As the counselor-teacher here at Maple Grove Elementary, I will be writing monthly articles in the Newsletter to provide support to families in the community, and to let everyone know the lessons that are being provided in classrooms in support of social emotional learning. I describe my role as the “feelings teacher” and my job is to help students take care of their big uncomfortable feelings.

In October, I will be working with Kindergarten and Grade One students talking about what we should do when someone is being unkind. Using Kathryn Otoshi’s book One, we practice using our words and our bodies to stand up to unkind behavior. The sequences are listed below.

  • Say their NAME
  • Say “STOP”
  • Name the behavior: “YOU ARE…(hitting me, kicking me, making fun of me, excluding me, yelling at me, ect.)
  • Name how you feel about it: AND I DON’T LIKE IT
  • Repeat: YOU NEED TO STOP!








Get Help!


In every step, the idea is for children (and adults!) to get practice at naming their feelings. Students also have the experience of taking care of an unwanted behavior by clearly speaking and addressing the concern.

This unit also emphasizes that “we all take turns at being unkind”. When it is our turn to be unkind, we need to understand that even though we may be feeling angry, lonely, frustrated, sad or hurt, that it is still our job to take care of those feelings and resist the temptation to throw our pain onto someone else.

I am at Maple Grove Elementary all day Monday and Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  I look forward to learning more about the community, especially the students.

Dr. Emi Garzitto (Ms. G)


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

October 5 – Individual Photo Day photographer

October 8 – Thanksgiving Day Holiday

October 16th and 17th – Early dismissal at 2:00 pm for Goal Setting Conferences with parents and teachers.

October 19th – Professional Development Day – no school for students



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Sept 20 Update

Pro D Day

No School for students tomorrow, September 21 – Professional Development for Staff.

Enjoy the extra long weekend.


The Primary and Intermediate Chess Clubs are running again this year! The Primary Chess Club meets on Fridays at lunch and the Intermediate Chess Club meets on Thursdays at lunch.

We are looking for gently used Chess and Checkers sets.  If you have a gently used set that you would like to donate, please see Ms. Watkins in Room 306. 



Furture farmersGreen bin

Terry Fox Run



Fire Drill

fire drill Sept 2018


Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre

990 West 59th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V6P 1X9

  1. 604.257.8176

Marpole Fall Children Programs 2018


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

September  21 – District Wide Pro Day – No school for students

September 27 – Meet the Teacher 3:15 pm in the Gym

September 28 – School-wide Orange Shirt Day

October 5 – Individual Photo Day photographer

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September 14th Update

principals-message  Dear Maple Grove School Community,

Greetings everyone!  As students settle back into school routines, we are excited about the upcoming school year!  As reported at the PAC meeting earlier this week, although our numbers are slightly down in overall enrollment, Maple Grove has 22 divisions and a full complement of staff.  We are hiring the last position for prep (T, W, Th) and we hope to have that position filled in the next two weeks.

We have already had our first Staff Meeting (Sept 4) and will be having our first Staff Committee Meeting (SCM) on Sept 20.

Please remember that September 21 is a Professional Development Day… There will be no school for kids!  Please do not send your child to school that day.

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend our first PAC meeting.  It was wonderful to see so many new, and returning faces.  I know how challenging it can be to work all day, rush home, and then out the door to a school meeting.  So, thank you to all who were able to attend.  If you weren’t there, please know that you are welcome to attend any PAC meeting at anytime.  As a parent of a child at this school, you are automatically a member of our PAC and therefore welcome!  A big thanks to the executive members for all their work and to our amazing co-chairs for hosting such a nice event.  Also- thanks to Mrs. Tornroos for preparing the library and having it looking so sharp.

I want to acknowledge the staff for doing such an amazing job welcoming all our new and returning students- as well as our youngest learners (our new K’s).  School life can be difficult and an adjustment for some… and our staff have really helped to make the transition smooth and seamless.  I also want to acknowledge Ms Hales.  She has interviewed with me for all positions.  She was a big help in getting the school up and running.  I also want to acknowledge Ms. Peters, Ms. Lincoln and Ms. Smith.  These ladies work tirelessly counting, tracking, re-counting, and following up with families regarding their registration and enrollment at Maple Grove.  It is a thankless job and takes a considerable amount of time.   Please make sure you acknowledge them for all of their hard work because the school would not be running as well as it is without their dedication, diligence and support.

I also would like to acknowledge the work of many staff who are working diligently behind the scenes to provide extra programming to students (e.g., Cross Country- Ms. Shoemaker and her team and Mr. McDonough( Soccer, Terry Fox and Cross County) as well as Mrs. Humeniuk (gr. 7 lunchtime volleyball) Library/bookfair- Mrs. Tornroos, Safety Patrol- Ms. Adams.  Thank you also to the wonderful parent volunteers who’ve been busy around the school setting up programs and helping out to provide an engaging school experience for all students.. and to our Km Club for getting up and running (no pun intended).  You bring an amazing skill set to our school- Thank You!


Class Parents Wanted

The following divisions are still looking for a class parent to facilitate the communication between PAC/teachers and parents:

Div 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

If you are interested in volunteering as a class parent, please email our Class Parent Coordinator, Katherine, at  Thank you!



Ryan Kong, a Grade 5 student at Maple Grove, competed with his dance crew, Freshh 2.0,  in the World Hip Hop Championships in August in Phoenix, Arizona! This was an international event where over 50 countries competed, and through the preliminaries and semifinals (in their division alone, there were over 50 dance crews), they were the last Canadian team standing to represent Canada in the World finals! They became BRONZE MEDALISTS in their Junior Division! Check out their routine on YouTube:

Mad Science

free kickMap G WD1 double.jpg


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

September 17 to 20 – Book Fair

September  21 – District Wide Pro Day – No school for students

September 27 – Meet the Teacher 3:15 pm in the Gym

September 28 – School-wide Orange Shirt Day

October 5 – Individual Photo Day photographer

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September 7th Update

* IMPORTANT- Please read *


Greetings Maple Grove Families,

Good Morning!  We’re writing to advise you that we’re anticipating construction of the NEW Maple Grove Elementary School to start in January 2019.   What that looks like and what type of work will be taking place remains to be seen.  However, at a planning meeting this week, Ms. Smith and I were advised that it is the intent of the VPO (Vancouver Project Office) to begin work in January.  That may consist of site prep or other things.  Stay tuned for more details.

A new underground raceway has been installed over the summer from Maple St to the Stockroom inside Maple Grove.  This was necessary work as the existing lines for electrical and hydro run where the new school will be constructed.  In other words, contractors have changed new utility services between the two schools (near the grass field and our earthquake container and our adventure playground).  This phase of the project has been completed, but the reseeding and new grass needs to be completed.  The fencing that runs East-West will  stay up past the reseeding phase to allow the newly planted grass a chance to take.  This blocks westward access to Magee and its field.

IMG_2693In addition to the Magee envelope upgrade there has been  some site prep taking place in anticipation of the new Maple Grove Elementary School seismic project and the appropriate upgrades to city connections that are necessary under present day building code.

In summary, while much of the work has been completed over the summer there are some residual effects from the work- and some finishing work that needs to take place.

park and walkWe are defaulting to our historical recommendations to families… if you can walk to school, please do so.  We apologize to our families to the west as they will have to walk to Cypress street (about 100m past the opening in the fence they usually use) and access the north end of the school near our gym.  We further recommend to families that if you drive, park a block or two to the east of the school and walk along 45th or 47th to the the school.  Please use our south, north entrance or west entrance.  Please do not use the front entrance as there is NO WALKWAY for your child.  Delivery trucks use our “C” driveway all day and they are not expecting children to be walking on the driveway.

Also, please do not use the staff parking lot as a drop-off area.  Staff do their best to get to work on time and blocking them from parking in a timely manner is inconsiderate.  The COV has installed new 3 minute parking signs all around Maple Grove.  We encourage you to consider parking around the perimeter of the building if you’re running short on time in the morning and not able to walk the block or two to reduce traffic.


We appreciate that this was a lot of information and not an ideal way to have our year start.  However, all of this is being done to ensure Magee and Maple Grove students have safe new schools in the coming years.  We view this as short pain, for long term gain!  We will all work together and come out the other side happy to be in a dry, safe amazing new school.  Please refer to this blog for regular updates.

Happy Schooling,
The Maple Grove Staff

Information re: Fees and Forms

We are gradually sending home envelopes containing information on fees and forms for parents to sign.  Hopefully all students will receive their packages by Friday, September 14th.  You will  notice that there is no Student Accident Insurance information in the package – although it is listed on the cover letter.  Due to a late change in policy – sign up is available on line only.


Thank you for your support of the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance program. It has been a long and rewarding partnership and is truly appreciated. Over the years, Kids Plus™ has helped many families, providing much needed reimbursements for out-of-pocket costs. We appreciate your support and we are truly grateful for the part you have played.

We have big news: the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance school distribution program is moving online!

All partner school boards can now access for information about Kids Plus™ which they can use on their respective websites, e-newsletters and social media. The main website at will continue to be available for parents to purchase coverage, access claims forms and full plan information online. Additionally, for 2018 we’ve decided to take our mission to be green one step further by discontinuing distribution of all Kids Plus™ Notices (Brochures) to reduce our overall paper use. These changes are part of our ongoing commitment to continuously provide superior and meaningful service to our partners and clients while reducing our impact on the environment.”

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our new promotional landing page, our Kids Plus™ Client Service Specialists would be happy to assist you. You may contact us toll-free at 1-800-556-7411 or email


Ed Bender

National Vice-President, Special Market Solutions


Meet our Vancouver Police Officer

Ben Wong-Moon our School Liaison Officer (SLO) is riding in the Cops for Cancer ride for Children’s Hospital.  Ben has been a super supporter of Maple Grove and is an all round wonderful person.  If you’re interested in supporting Ben, please visit the Cops for Cancer website.

Processed with MOLDIV

After School Program





Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

September 14th – Terry Fox walk to Maple Grove Park

September 17 to 20 – Book Fair

September  21 – District Wide Pro Day – No school for students

September 27 – Meet the Teacher 3:15 pm in the Gym

September 28 – School-wide Orange Shirt Day



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Welcome Back! What to expect

Welcome back 2Greetings Parents, families and students,

Happy New Year!!!!  The start of school always reminds me of New Years.  It’s a new school year and a chance for a fresh start for all.  I hope you had a restful and joyful break with family and friends.  I know many of us are excited to be back and starting a new school year.

Maple Grove has an excellent reputation and parents and children are happy to be here.  The staff are here to help support you and your child in having an engaging and successful school experience.

Our engineering staff have been super busy cleaning and have done a great job prepping the school for next week.  We have a significant mess out on the west side of the school.  New electrical/ hydro services have been pulled underground from Maple Street.  This is in anticipation of the footprint of the new school build taking place this spring.  We will have fencing up to separate certain sections of the playground… mainly the primary all weather field.  The two adventure playgrounds are open… and the north all weather field will be available for students.  We also have a tendency to spill onto Magee’s grass field when they are not using it.  So there’s still lots of play space before, during and after school.  Given the changes we’re in for over the next two years, I’m reminded of Pauline R Kezers’ words, “Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights”.

Please read this information as it will give you an idea about First Day and Opening Week procedures.


Our numbers have been changing daily for the past 2 weeks.  Teachers cast classes in June, and due to enrollment changes, we may make some modifications to the school organization.  All of this is normal and happens in most schools in Vancouver.  Remember… the school organization technically isn’t final until September 30th.

This is what we anticipate the first week looking like… except for the K classes– they have their own gradual entry schedule AND NEW K’s don’t come until September 5th.

Tuesday  (Day 1)

There will be signage posted outside the main entrances to the school indicating where students should go.  The same information is contained in this blog and will be emailed to families who’ve registered their email with us.  (NB: We do not give out parent email addresses due to anti-spam legislation.  When you provide your email address to the school, you are only going to receive school-related email from the office)


9:00 am – Students arrive and go to last year’s classroom.  Teachers who moved classes over the summer will go to their last year’s classroom and greet their students.  Teachers who left the school will be replaced by one of our new teachers.


NEW STUDENTS WHO ARE REGISTERED will go to a holding room and will be counted and confirmed there.  This will also allow us time to count returning students as well.

Ms. Chris Plavan                     receives last yr Div 1 and Div 2       Rm 303
Mrs. Marianna Humeniuk   receives NEW Gr 5, 6, 7                      Rm 301
Ms. Megan Burghall              receives NEW Mont 4, 5, 6, 7             Rm 305
Ms. Denise Watkins               receives NEW Trad  gr.3 + 4              Rm 306
Ms. Sonya Serbic                    receives NEW Trad  gr. 1 + 2             Rm 308

NEW STUDENTS (not yet registered) GO TO THE OFFICE


All students are dismissed on Tuesday at  10 am.


Our awesome PAC will be serving coffee in the library on Tuesday and then again on Wed (for new K parents).  Meet the Admin Team

Teachers will have a quick break from 10 to 10:30
Staff will be meeting with Admin from 10:30 to 12:00 and  1:55 to 3:00

Please note that these are TEMPORARY COVERAGE and ROOMS only for the first day or two.      

Mrs. Marianna Humeniuk receives New Gr  5, 6, 7 – Traditional Program 301
Ms. Chris Plavan receives last yr Div 1 and Div 2 303
Ms. Christina Karakanta receives last year kids 302
Ms. Rachel Wong receives Mr. Naipaul’s last year kids 208
Mr. David McDonough receives last year kids 309
Ms. Vermaas (M,T) / Ms D Tsang (W-F) receives last year kids 311
Ms. Tiffany Chan/  Kiara Yeung Receives last year kids 206
Ms. Elizabeth Shew/ Alix MacNeil receives last year kids 304
Ms. Amber Garrod receives last year kids 213
Ms. Brittany Shoemaker receives last year kids 211
Ms. Krista Seebaran receives last year kids 104
Ms. Wendy Wong receives last year kids 207
Ms. Debbie Lam Receives last year kids 205
Ms. Sharon Hales Receives last year kids 203
Ms. Megan Burghall receives NEW Mont 4, 5, 6, 7 305
POSTING- Ms Caitlin Lucas receives last year kids 313
Ms. Gretchen Bartlett receives last year kids 307
Ms. Sarah Adams receives last year kids 310
Ms. Chantelle Boulanger receives last year kids 108
Ms. Eva Lin receives last year kids 109
Ms. Hart / Ms. Belliveau receives last year kids 106
Ms. Chloe Kao Receives last year kids 201
Ms. Denise Watkins receives NEW Trad gr.3 + 4 306
Ms. Sonya Serbic receives  gr. 1 + 2 308
Ms. Laura Brewster Help in 306 and 308 308A
Mr. Francois Richard SPARE- Help Where needed
POSTING- TBA  (T-Th) Help Rachel Wong room 208
Mrs Linda Tornroos General helping at main office/supervision
Ms. Emi Garzitto (M,W,F)- Spare- Help Where needed

Wednesday is a full day.  Please pack snacks and lunch for students.



All students go to the classroom they were in on Tuesday morning

(604) 713-5159 ext. 48

Reporting Student Absences/Safe Arrival

Student safety is of paramount importance at the Vancouver School District.  Ensuring student safety is a shared responsibility.  In order to assist schools, we ask parents to notify schools of student absences. If your child will be absent from school,  report this absence as early as possible. Parents should leave a message on a dedicated answering service by calling (604 713-5159 ext. 48). Messages will be received before the office is open. School offices are busy places: consistently notifying the school in advance of your child’s absence will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Safe Arrival Morning Routine.

Student Sign Out Procedure

When you pick up your child during the school day, please ensure that you sign them out at the school office. If you do not sign out your child, they will be unaccounted for, and the school will identify your child as a ‘missing’ student and will commence a search of school grounds. If the school staff do not locate the child, and are unable to reach a parent promptly, the school will call the Vancouver Police Department. Therefore, clear communication is essential for ensuring the safety of your child and to prevent unnecessary searches.

Thank you for helping us keep your children safe!



Welcome new families! And welcome back to all our returning families! We are very excited for this new school year.

PAC is hosting coffee in the library for the one hour your kids are in class on Tuesday Sept 4th. Please come and join us! Learn a bit more about your PAC, meet some of the PAC executives, catch up with old friends and hear from your Principal Mr. Evans and Vice Principal Ms Smith. We look forward to seeing you there!

For our new K parents… coffee will be available on Wednesday at 11 and 12:45 in the library.   Enjoy.  Meet the Admin Team.


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

September 14th – Terry Fox walk to Maple Grove Park

September 17 to 20 – Book Fair

September  21 – District Wide Pro Day – No school for students



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June 28 Update

principals-message  Dear Maple Grove School Community,

We did it!  Congratulations on making it through another school year!  These past weeks have been productive, full of uncertainty and very busy.  The staff at Maple Grove would like to wish all of you a wonderful, restful and relaxing holiday.

There’s lots on the horizon for next year, including a new VSB digital strategy designed to provide new and improved ways to communicate with the public, employees and students, as well as to support  collaborative ways of working and learning.

I just want to take a moment to thank all the parents, staff and students for their dedication and hard work.  Maple Grove is only as good and the culture and engagement we create.  Thank you to all the hard working folks who make this school awesome!

Thank you to our amazing PAC Co-chairs for their wonderful, awesome and conscientious involvement for the past two years.  They’re moving on to other pastures and arenas where they can do good work for kids.  We acknowledged them at the Service Assembly last week… so the students could give them a big thank you and round of applause.

We are looking forward to working with Angela Barrington-Foote and Monica Antonio as the incoming PAC Co-Chairs.  This dynamic duo was in charge of our super successful lunch program and really made an entrance this year.  We’re looking forward to lots of positive vibes and awesome leadership from them.  More to come.

Enjoy your Summer!
Principal Evans, Vice-Principal Smith, Acting VP Rosberg (Ret), Ms. Peters, Ms. Lincoln and the whole Maple Grove Team


Primary Picnic

On Wednesday, all of the primary students walked to Maple Grove Park to celebrate the end of the school year with a picnic and an afternoon of enjoying the park.  The primary teachers would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to Angela Barrington-Foote, Monica Antonio, Jeannie Chau, Lisa Mullen, Cliff Saito, and Akiko Takemitsu for organizing, preparing, and distributing a hot dog lunch for our 200+ primary students.  This is a HUGE undertaking and we appreciate that they volunteered to take this on.  It was a big success.  Ms. Rosberg and I had a wonderful time watching the kids play, catch insects, eat and enjoy the outdoors.  Thank you to all our parent volunteers and helpers!!

Congratulations to Ridley Jenkins in Division 18 for doing so well at the Provincial Championships for swimming last week.  She earned a gold, a silver and 2 bronzes!



Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event


September 4th – First day of 2018 2019 school year.

Students attend for one hour only from 9:00 to 10:00 am.

September 5th – Regular school day 9:00 am to 3:00pm


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June 22nd Update


Dear Parents,

Another busy week has flown by.   We are gearing up for Grad on Monday.  The Parent Grad Committee has been working diligently to prepare and organize for the big event!  Thank you to all the wonderful parents who’ve contributed time, energy and effort to ensure our Grads have a wonderful leaving ceremony.

Thank you to the Sports Day Committee for all their time, energy and effort in making our Sports Day effortless.  Also… huge thanks to the Magee gr 8’s who came back to help.   Staff are busy finishing report cards, casting classes and doing year-end file maintenance- as well as teaching for the last week.

Parents are invited to our Service Assembly- Wednesday 9:05am to 10:30am

Parents are invited to our Awards Assembly- Thursday 11:00am to 12:00pm


The Man in the Middle.  Having fun doing what he’s always enjoyed, Mr. Naipaul referees the Tug-o-war between gr 7’s and staff (with the unsolicited help from some gr. 8 alumni).  Mr. Naipaul is moving onto greener pastures and will be missed at Good ol Maple Grove.



National Aboriginal Day – June 21

Metis Sash designs made by Division 13

div 13


KM Club Year-End

Thank you to all the student and parent volunteers who make KM Club possible at Maple Grove. And special thanks to Ms. Hart for being our teacher sponsor!

On Tue June 12th KM Club members who ran at least 15km and our faithful student volunteers were treated to a Pizza Party lunch in the gym.

The top runners received ribbons and prizes.

Below are the top runners who clocked the most kilometers from Jan to June 2018


1st Place – Weiss Hsu, Div 20

2nd Place – Lorelai Lee, Div 20

3rd Place – Maya Otudero, Div 9

Top INTERMEDIATE runners were as follows:

1st Place – Lewis Wong, Div 1

2nd Place – Sofia Rocha Zandbergen, Div 2

3rd Place – Chloe Yuen, Div 5

Congratulations to all the 25km and 50 km ribbon winners!

Special congrats to Sofia and Lewis who both ran over 100km this year from Sept to June!!

Great work everyone and hope to see you back for another terrific year in September.

Please NOTE: KM Club is now closed for the year – Friday June 22nd is the last morning run.

Have a wonderful summer,

Kim Herter

KM Club Coordinator (Volunteer)

Maple Grove ES-Fall Term Chess Program


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event


June 25 – Grade 7 Grad

June 27 – Primary Picnic (Note – change from June 26th)

June 27 – Service Assembly

June 28 – Awards Assembly – Last Day of School for Students – Reports go home

June 29 – Admin Day

September 4th – First day of 2018 2019 school year.  Students attend for one hour only from 9:00 to 10:00 am.

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