May 6

Good afternoon Maple Grove,
Just a short blog as we wrap up this week. Basketball is winding down and we’re getting ready of Ultimate to start up shortly. Thursday Maple Grove practised our Earthquake Drill. While the weather was not great, and we were short staff due to illness, we managed to do our radio and coms checks as well as practise some student release. We are hopeful that if the weather ever improves, we can actually spend more time working through a scenario where we activate all our command teams. Thank You to the parents who were able to help with student release. More to come on this.

Welcome Back Mr. Land

Mr. Evans is continuing to recover, but it’s been a slow process. Mr. Land is back with us until further notice and he will be joined by Natalie Morissette.

School Organization

Last week the VSB provided all schools in Vancouver with their staffing entitlements based on enrolment projections for September ’22. Maple Grove has 94 students, who should be able to attend Maple Grove, being farmed out to other surrounding schools, because there is not enough space at Maple Grove. This process of sending catchment students to nearby schools is causing a domino effect for those schools as our students are taking up necessary spots in other schools. And so those schools farm out their students to other nearby schools and the cycle repeats causing consternation at multiple schools throughout this area of the district. The district SMT and DMT have decided to tried to find solutions to manage this problematic trend. For the foreseeable future, they are planning to open two classroom portables at Maple Grove (the portables sitting un-used for the past few years on the tennis courts).

The VSB has required Maple Grove to add a Kindergarten class to our School Organization and an additional class at a to be determined section of our school organization. This means, Maple Grove traditional side of the school will be increasing from 14 to 16 divisions. Our tentative projections have managed to reduce our waitlist from 94 to about 35 students. We are being told to anticipate this trend to continue for the next few years- partly due to development in the neighbourhood and also the new school factor plays a part in this process.

We are presently engaged in conversations with the staff regarding School Organization and what things might look like for next year. Undoubtedly, we will have two senior classes in the portables- and we will be adding to it for the foreseeable future or until our enrolment settles.

There will be more information in coming weekly posts that will share specifics about what the school organization and enrolment look like. Thank you to everyone’s help in making sure we have proper registrations at the school and that all our families are accounted for and included in our projections.

Grad Parent Committee

Parent Volunteers Needed (specifically gr 6+7 but any gr welcome)
Parents we find ourselves in the position being able to offer more traditional school experiences as Covid restriction ease provincially and nationally. Each year end we celebrate our gr 7 grads. Past practise had been that gr 6 parents volunteer at the event, and that way gr 7 parents can partake and enjoy the event. Then, the following year, the new set of gr 6 parents volunteer, so the new set of gr 7 parents can have their turn enjoying the event. It’s a kinda, Pay It Forward operation.

This year’s Grad Parent Committee still have openings and need your help (decorating, supervising food, bouncers for the dance afterwards, etc). It’s really fun and a great way to get to know more parents and kids. We need gr 7 parents will be needed for the decoration and set up, and gr 6 (or other gr) parents needed for serving food and supervising the event.

If you’re interested (even just a little) reach out to Kristie Ruff at 

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April 29, 2022

Grad Parent Committee


Parent Volunteers Needed (specifically gr 6+7 but any gr welcome)
Parents we find ourselves in the position being able to offer more traditional school experiences as Covid restriction ease provincially and nationally. Each year end we celebrate our gr 7 grads. Past practise had been that gr 6 parents volunteer at the event, and that way gr 7 parents can partake and enjoy the event. Then, the following year, the new set of gr 6 parents volunteer, so the new set of gr 7 parents can have their turn enjoying the event. It’s a kinda, Pay It Forward operation.

This year’s Grad Parent Committee still have openings and need your help (decorating, supervising food, bouncers for the dance afterwards, etc). It’s really fun and a great way to get to know more parents and kids. We need gr 7 parents will be needed for the decoration and set up, and gr 6 (or other gr) parents needed for serving food and supervising the event.

If you’re interested (even just a little) reach out to Kristie Ruff at 

Earthquake Drill at Maple Grove (May 5)

On Thursday, May 5th at approximately 1:00 pm we will have a practise earthquake drill at Maple Grove.

Periodically throughout the year, schools write about emergency procedures either as general knowledge for the school community; to bring awareness to a particular type of procedure; to share information about goings-on about the school, or familiarize the school community with a procedure practised at the school; or to inform our school community of a procedure that is new for the school as we are still working through processes, building deficiencies, familiarity with the new school, and learning about our practise and whether or not it still applies the same for the new school verses how we did things in the old school.

This is simply a heads up that:

1. We will be participating with all other Vancouver School District schools in a drill on May 5th.

2. The drill will take place around 1 pm. The extent of our participation in the drill is weather dependent and we reserve the right to postpone our school response to a weather appropriate day.

3. It is our intention to learn from this drill and understand the nuances of 3 schools evacuating on a site, and, more importantly, our process for evacuation from the new school to our emergency mustering area (Magee grass field)

4. It is our intention to exercise our staff-based emergency roles to see how they perform and to garner a sense of some of the difficulties they may experience.

5. This will include, but is not limited to, our our First Aid Team, our CERT Team, our SERT Team, our Student Release Team, our Traffic Control Team, and .

6. We will be announcing early next week details of our desire to try an Extended Release. An “Extended Release” is when it is anticipated that we will not be allowed back in the building due to safety concerns, and we intend to be the field in the emergency mustering area for up to a couple of days. (Our portion to test is allowing some parents to come before 3:00 pm and sign out their child. (This also applies to anyone who is listed as an emergency contact).

7. We don’t want the whole school showing up to sign their child out early, but we will randomly contact a number of families to see if they would be willing to help us with this part of the drill.

8. The point of a drill is to make/ discover mistakes and weaknesses, so that we can endeavour to implement better procedures next time.

We will share more information next week with LINKS to our Plan, Site Map, etc. Enjoy your weekend.

Basketball Season Ending

There were 3 teams at Maple Grove this year and one inter-mural group (gr 4 and 5). Our basketball season is ending this week. All the teams did very well and enjoyed playing in the new facilities. We received tons of positive feedback our school community, and from other schools and their parents as well.

Junior Boys: Thank you Lisa Rapoport for coaching. Lisa had a super enthusiastic group to work with and the team was one of the fastest teams in the junior division. Coach Lisa even had some gr 5’s playing so they could get their feet wet for next year.

Our inter-murals basketball ran 4-3 times and was dependent on Admin schedules. It was designed to provide gr 4-5 students with an opportunity to develop their skills for next year.

Senior Boys: Thank you Coach Manu. Probably one of the most competitive divisions, the Senior boys learned a lot this year. Coach Manu was really patient and good with the kids and taught them great skills that will put them in good standing for high school ball. I’m sure he won’t miss all the early morning practises! lol. I want to send out a special thanks to Angela Barrington-Foote for running all the parent communication re schedules and practises! Thank you!

Senior Girls: Thank you Coach Joel, Tom, Tammy for all your time with this enthusiastic group. Our Sr girls are super talented and really jelled as a team. Coach Joel already coached volleyball this year and continued with basketball. Coach Tammy wears more hats than anyone. She organized the team, coached, rescheduled games and made sure Maple Grove was well looked after. Thanks Tammy!

Sponsors: Thank you Principal Evans for organizing and to Principal Land (ret) for filling in so much. Also thanks to Ms Yeung who singled-handedly took on the Sr Boys and Girls sponsor schedule. Thank you to Mr. McDonough, Ms. Chan, Ms Hales, Ms. Wong, and Madame Val filling in when we were stuck for coverage.

Scorekeepers: Thank you to the gr 7 scorekeepers! They had the most difficult job- Scorekeepers had to watch all the games and keep data on all the plays including fouls, points and baskets. Thank you Lucas, Tyler, Jenny, Joanne, Ariel, Lianne and Autumn.

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A few parting words from Ms. Peters

Dear Maple Grove Families:

It has taken me a long time to decide to retire, but this is the time.  April 22 is my last day at Maple Grove.  I would like to say a big, huge THANK YOU, to the students and their families, and to all the staff I have worked with at Maple Grove.  You have made work fun for me, never boring.  Every day was different.

I have worked in many schools in Toronto and only a few in Vancouver.  The last 15 years I have been at Maple Grove.  I’ve never been seriously tempted to move to a different school because Maple Grove has the nicest kids and the best staff.  The last few years included working on a construction site, moving from one building to another and accommodating the constraints of COVID.  There were sad times too.  Despite these challenges, the Maple Grove community continued to make sure the students received an exceptional educational experience in a safe and caring environment.  I am very proud to have been a part of that.

I was given a wonderful party at the school last Wednesday.  It made me very happy to see so many people there.  Sharon, Linda and Kiara, Amber and Nancy E. went above and beyond with their amazing decorating and organizing skills.  Cliff made sushi and a delicious and beautiful cheesecake.  Tammy made cookies that tasted delicious and looked like works of art.  And so many lovely gifts including a bird bath that I am very excited to install in my garden.

I would also like to say thank you to Maple Grove’s PAC.  They work hard and do amazing things for all the students.  Thank you, PAC, for the lovely retirement gift. 

I will miss everyone.  Take care.  

Mrs Peters. 

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April 22, 2022

It’s nice to be back! It took a long time and several setbacks along the way, but I’m hopeful the worst is behind me. While I was away, a number of events happened at school and I would like to address them individually.

(1) Mr. Land: I would like to thank Mr. Kevin Land for filling in. What was suppose to be a two-week stint, turned into 14 months. Kevin was exactly the right person to fill in. He started his teaching career at Maple Grove 36 years ago and was happy to come back as a retiree and have fun everyday with the students and staff. Mr. Land is an avid basketball fan, and was happy to help our basketball teams get up and running given the two years of Covid. He also loves construction and was happy to deal with deficiencies and work with the VPO and contractors on improving the building. Finally, his experience and wisdom working with many staffs over the past 36 years was a huge benefit in my absence as he helped to keep things running at the school level. Thank you Mr. Land!

(2) Madame Val: Madame Val, as we affectionately call her, has been nothing short of amazing in my absence. She took on so many aspects of school leadership and made sure the school didn’t miss a step. She’s proved she’s a highly capable administrator and should be running a school. Thank you Madame Val! We are hoping Madame Val will be with us for all of next year!

(3) Ms. Michelle Griffiths: Ms Griffiths was an intermediate Montessori teacher who worked at Maple Grove for the past decade. She was loved by staff and students alike. Her sudden, and unexpected passing, came as a surprise to all of us. This past Saturday, April 16th, a number of us met in the park by the Fraser River and celebrated Ms. G and her legacy at Maple Grove. Please know the school and PAC are working with a representative of the family to work on some sort of memorial to recognize Ms. G and her work at Maple Grove. Many staff and students came to the park and paid tribute to her and the legacy she leaves at Maple Grove. She will be missed!

(4) Ms. Julie Szeto: Ms. Julie as the students affectionately call her has taken some extra courses with the VSB and has been promoted to the position of Office Support Worker. Meaning, she will be assigned to another school and work in the office supporting the Admin team. We are sad to lose her, but, we are happy for Ms. Julie as she works to support schools in Vancouver. Going from supervision aide to office clerical will be a good step for Ms. Julie. Congratulations!

(5) Ms. Peters: Nobody is going to miss Ms. Peters more than me. She has been with Maple Grove for over 15 years. She is a master with registrations and enrolment numbers. I’ve worked with many school secretaries (my mom was a school secretary as well) and I know good office admin staff when I see them. Ms. Peters is amazing! She was wonderful with students, visitors, staff and has kept Maple Grove in tiptop shape for 15 years. We said goodbye and congratulations on her retirement, on April 20, 2022. Please welcome Ms. Shervin Cacchioni as the new Office Admin for Maple Grove. Ms. Cacchioni has come to us from Sexsmith, and before that Brock.

Please know that we are working on our enrolment, and presently in conversations with the VSB on staffing. More to come on this issue in the weeks ahead.

We have no information on Cavell, and whether or not their seismic upgrade is on schedule. When we hear, we’ll share the information with our school community

We have three (3) basketball teams at Maple Grove
1) Senior Boys (gr 7) coach: Manu Bhalla (parent). Sponsor: Mr. Evans
2) Senior Girls (gr 7) coaches: Joel Reimer, Tom and Tammy Chang. Sponsor Ms. Yeung
3) Junior Boys (gr 6- with some gr 5’s) coach: Lisa Rapoport. Sponsor: Mr. Evans

We are busy planning all the year-end activities that need to be considered as the school year accelerates towards a conclusion. Please know that we will continue posting information in our school blog to reach out to our greater school community.

2022/23 PAC Executive Callout – The Kids Need You!

Whether you’ve been a parent at Maple Grove for 8 months or 5 years you’ve likely heard of PAC. As a parent of Maple Grove, you are automatically part of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) but you also have the opportunity to join the PAC Executive Team. Joining the PAC Executive is a GREAT way to be involved and participate in your child’s school life! 

Why should you care about joining the PAC Executive Team? The real question is, why wouldn’t you want to join the PAC Executive Team?

Before Covid, the PAC would be involved in organizing all those fun extracurricular school spirit activities that you likely remember from your days at school – Halloween parties, movie nights, school hot lunches to name just a few. These kinds of activities for kids and their parents really help shape the memories they take with them from elementary school. Covid has hindered most of these activities from happening but we see the light ahead where these activities can return, and we cannot do that without a PAC Executive. Every parent wants their child to have these wonderful school experiences and feel a part of their school community and the PAC is what helps that really come to life.

We sincerely hope you will consider joining the PAC Executive Team for next year. If you are interested, want to find out more or have any questions, please feel free to email us at!

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 25th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

May 10th – Early dismissal at 2:00 for parent conferences

May 12th – Early dismissal at 2:00 for parent conferences

May 13th – immunization clinic

May 23rd – Victoria Day Holiday

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April 8th Update

Celebration of Life in Honour of Ms. Griffiths

Ms. Griffiths’ family and friends have planned a celebration of life. All members of the Maple Grove community are invited. Please feel free to let past MG families who may want to attend know of the details. RSVPs are not necessary.

When: Saturday, April 16, 1-3 pm

Where: Fraser River Park

For more details and information, please check out

Many staff members will also be in attendance.

Valérie Carrière (she/her)

Vice Principal – Maple Grove Elementary

Miss Julie’s last day was today!

Julie Szeto has been a supervision aide at Maple Grove for nine years and today was her last day. She will be missed by all the students and staff. Julie has been involved in so many different ways at the school and has always done a most excellent job! We are sad to see her go, but very happy for her. She is moving on and becoming an office support person for the school board. Good for you Julie! The schools will be fighting over you once they find out how helpful and efficient you are.

Here’s a photo of our Supervision Aides taken today

Ms Andrea, Ms Angela, Ms Julie and Ms Nancy

Photos of exterior of the building being taken on Monday, April 11

To Maple Grove and Cavell Communities,

I wanted to inform you that Shape Architecture, the architect firm who designed the new Maple Grove building, will be on the Maple Grove site on Monday April 11, 2022 (weather dependent) to take photos of the exterior of the new Maple Grove building and school grounds.  Shape Architecture has confirmed that all photos will be approved by the District to ensure students cannot be recognized if they are captured in the photos. 

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Michael Rossi (he/him)
District Principal of Educational Planning
Vancouver School District
1580 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V6J 5K8

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 15th – Good Friday

April 18th – Easter Monday

April 25th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

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April 1, 2022 Update

Dear Maple Grove families,

We are happy to see our students back and refreshed after Spring Break! We hope that you all enjoyed some family time.

As you must know, the return from Spring Break saw some changes. As the mask mandate is no longer in effect in the K-12 sector, students, staff and visitors can now make the individual choice to wear a mask at Maple Grove or not.

We have had mini-assemblies on Tuesday, March 29 to discuss what being a mask-friendly school means. We have explained to our students that we all must be kind, respectful and patient with one another as we navigate this change. We also must acknowledge that we all have different comfort levels around masking. We have asked students to have conversations with their families about what YOUR expectations are around masking at school. We strongly recommend that you have this conversation with your children.

We also explained that although we no longer have to abide by very strict distancing rules, we must continue to create space, and be respectful and mindful of everyone’s personal space. We must also continue the good habit of washing and disinfecting our hands frequently.

During the mini assemblies, we also reminded students our school’s code of conduct:

I respect myself

I respect others

I respect this place

We discussed with students what the 3 Rs mean and what behaviours we expect from our students. It was certainly a good reminder for all.

Starting on Monday, April 4th, 2022, visitors on school business will be welcome. We will continue to ask for appointments to be made prior to visiting. Parents and caregivers are still going to be required to stay outside at drop-off and pick-up.

Field trips will be back! A few staff members are already hard at work booking and organizing outings.

I hope that you find this update useful.


Valérie Carrière


Looking ahead to September 2022

Although we have not received our official staffing or school organization for 2022-2023, we know we will have waitlisted students in every grade.

If your plans have changed for next September, please let the office know. Private school acceptances, cross boundary placements, moving house, etc, could all impact students’ school for next year.

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 15th – Good Friday

April 18th – Easter Monday

April 25th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

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March 11th Update

Have a safe and happy break!
See you back at Maple Grove on March 28th

Update on Division 16

We want to thank the Maple Grove community for their support during these last weeks, as we are all slowly healing from the loss of Ms. Michelle Griffiths. Thank you for your patience and kindness during these difficult times. Our staff and students continue to be well-supported at school. We want to express our sincere gratitude to VSB as they have guided and supported us through this process.

Should you wish to write a condolence note or card for Ms. G.’s family, a purple box has been set up in the main entrance for students. Maple Grove admin will be happy to mail/deliver all our community’s notes later. We do not yet have confirmation on a time/place for a ceremony of life, but we will keep you informed if/when the community is invited. We continue to remain respectful of the family’s privacy.

Update on Division 19

We are happy to announce that Ms. Kathy Tsakumis will be teaching in Div. 19 on Fridays for the rest of the school year, starting April 1, 2022. Please join us in welcoming her to Maple Grove.

Maple Grove’s Admin Team – Update

We are happy to report that Mr. Evans will be back to Maple Grove after the Spring Break. As this will be a gradual return to work, Mr. Land will also be back for a few days during the first two weeks after the Spring Break. Yay!

Happy Friday to our wonderful Maple Grove Community!

I have enjoyed returning to this school community and these past 8 weeks have flown by.  Principal Evans is almost ready to resume his position here as School Principal, so this is my last week as fulltime Interim Principal.  I will return March 28 for a number of days during the first 3 weeks after the Break as Mr. Evans gradually returns to fulltime.  We have had some highs and lows during the start of 2022.  Experiencing the loss of Ms. Griffiths has been especially challenging.  The love and care for your children by our marvelous staff is really incredible.  The energy, devotion, compassion and resiliency of our students is admirable.  Maple Grove is truly a special place to learn and grow.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share time with you, your children, and this staff!

Have an amazing Holiday!


Kevin Land

VSB Administrator on call

Attn: Grade 7 Families:

Little Grads Images are Now Online!

Please visit Artona’s website to View and Order for your images using the secure online code they provided at photo day. All orders placed before March 16, 2022 will receive free shipping to the school. All orders placed after March 16th will be mailed to home and subject to shipping fees.

To read more about the Little Grads program, please visit the Artona blog.

If you have any questions or need help with ordering, please live chat with Artona’s online support team. 

Please review this letter regarding face mask mandates:

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

March 14th – First Day of Spring Break

March 28th – First day back to school after Spring Break

April 15th – Good Friday

April 18th – Easter Monday

April 25th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

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February 25th Update

Grade 4 & 7 Parent Surveys

Every year, parents/guardians of students in grades 4 and 7 are encouraged to answer the Ministry’s Parent Survey. Answers are anonymous and provide some data to schools about family’s opinions of their child’s school experience. If your child is currently in grade 4 or 7, you can complete by going to: . The survey is available in English and 17 other languages. It takes less than 15 minutes to fill.

Lost and Found

We will be donating unclaimed items at the beginning of March Break. Please check to see for the missing lunch box, water bottle, jackets, shoes, etc., etc., ask your child take a look.

Grade 7 Pictures

Grade 7 students will be having special pictures taken to commemorate their last year at Maple Grove. Artona photographers will be on site at Maple Grove on Wednesday, March 9, in the morning. For more information, we encourage our grade 7 families to visit 

Basketball Season

We are very pleased that basketball season is taking off! The leagues will start after Spring Break and practices at Maple Grove start next week. Grade 7 Boys on Tuesday, March 1 at 8:00 am. Students should listen carefully to the morning announcements for updates on practice times. We are still finalizing the schedule with our terrific volunteer coaches. We still need a coach for the Grade 6 Girls. Please contact Mr. Land if you are available. (Could be before or after school times depending on coach’s preference.)

Maple Grove did a great job fundraising this year!

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

March 9 (morning) – Grade 7 Grad photos

March 14th – First Day of Spring Break

March 28th – First day back to school after Spring Break

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February 11th Update

New Sign-In Procedure for Late Students

Late Slips

We have noticed an increase in student tardiness at Maple Grove. Being late for school, even if it is only by a few minutes, presents the following challenges:

  • Teachers need to stop their instructions to welcome their late student; this impacts instructional time for other students;
  • Late students miss out on important instruction and routines in the morning;
  • Causes disruptions with office staff.

We have decided to try a new procedure for late students to sign-in. We have piloted this new procedure this week, and it has proved successful. Therefore, any student who is arriving at school past 9:00 will now need to do the following:

1) Enter through the Library doors

2) Sign-In on the form at the Servery counter (we have staff available to help those who can’t quite write yet)

3) Grab a bright orange slip from the Servery counter

4) Hand in the slip to their teacher when they arrive in class

We appreciate your support and collaboration in ensuring that our students are at school and ready to learn at 9:00 every morning.

Div 15 Sewing Skills

Div. 15 has been learning sewing skills through the winter. They learned how to sew 8 different embroidery stitches and then used them to make stuffies that they designed themselves. We are so proud of all the hard work the students put into designing challenging 3-D shapes and all the artistry they put into their decoration. The stuffies look spectacular!

Maple Grove Spirit Wear NOW Available!

Show your Maple Grove pride and support our school with the 2022 spirit wear collection! We are excited to bring back some old favorites while also introducing our brand new pod wear items and new Maple Grove logo items. There is something for everyone!

All funds raised through Spirit Wear sales will be put towards supporting the curricular and extra-curricular needs of our students and school.

Click here to visit the online Spirit Wear Store and start shopping! It will only be open until February 18! You don’t want to miss out!

Not sure what size to pick and wondering how the clothes will fit? Check out the Spirit Wear page on our PAC website to see some examples.

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

February 14th – Valentine’s Day

February 18th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

February 21st – Family Day Holiday

February 23rd – Pink Shirt Day

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January 28th Update

Good afternoon Maple Grove Parents and Guardians,

Yes indeed, I am pleased to be back at Maple Grove filling in for your Principal Peter Evans.  Mr. Evans will be returning after Spring Break.

For those of you who do not know me, I am a retired VSB Secondary Principal, and I had the pleasure of supporting Mr. Evans for most of spring last year.

I enjoy meeting and interacting with your children and have also met  many of you.

Maple Grove has a special place in my heart.  (My first VSB contract was at the OLD Maple Grove, many, many years ago!).

I have read many of the CSL Reports you will receive today.

Congratulations to the students and staff for a very successful first term!

Due to Covid, The Elementary Interschool Basketball League has been postponed until after Spring Break.

We will resume basketball in March, but for now we are spending some time teaching badminton skills.

All classes will have the opportunity to experience some badminton from February 1 – 15.

Starting February 1 we will be offering badminton in the morning before school, and during some lunch times.

This is open to any students in grades 4-7.

The plan would be for each grade to play on a different morning.

Each session would be from 8:15am to 8:55 am in our gym.

I will open the south gym door at 8:10, play should start at 8:15.

Rackets and shuttlecocks will be provided.

Students must sanitize their hands and change their outside footwear before playing.

To maintain safety protocol, I will take attendance so if students arrive after 8:20, they will not be permitted to enter the gym.

Students will be expected to wear a mask.

We will start with grade 7 students on Tuesday February 1.

Grade 6 on February 2, grade 5 February 3, and grade 4 February 4.

We will post the schedule for February 7-11, after determining the interest from our students.

This is strictly voluntary, and no consent forms are required.

Happy Friday,

Kevin Land

Interim Principal, Maple Grove

Make sure your child is dressed for the weather.

COVID guidelines mean that children must go outside for recess and lunch recess. Make sure your child has appropriate outerwear to protect them from the rain and cold. Coats, hats, scarves, gloves, boots.

Picking up your child during school hours

This is a reminder that if you are picking up your child during school hours, they must be dismissed from the office. Parents need to come to the library/YMCA door on the east side of the building so that we can take your child out to meet you.

See November 25th Update for more information.

Do you have a child born in 2017?

Kindergarten Registration started on November 1.

Please remember that you must fill in the online application form and get all your documents verified at your home school by January 31, 2022. Late applications will not be included in the draw for spaces in Montessori, or in Traditional Program.

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

January 28th – Reports are sent home

January 31st – Hearing testing for Kindergarten students

February 1 – Happy Year of the Tiger

February 3rd – World Read Aloud Day

February 14th – Valentine’s Day

February 18th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

February 21st – Family Day Holiday

February 23rd – Pink Shirt Day

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