January 8th

Exciting after school ROBOTICS class

Maple Grove is pleased to offer a unique tech experience to our students. Please refer to the posting below

Register by contacting:



School Blog Post_Jan 12 2018 JPG

The next deadline to order a PAC Food Day lunch is Thursday Jan 18 @ 11:59pm. Get your order in by this day and you can provide your child with authentic Asian cuisine for lunch, from 41 Noodle & Rice Pot House. Choose from:

  • BBQ Pork & Egg Fried Rice
  • Egg & Vegetable Fried Rice
  • Sweet Corn with Chicken on Steamed Rice
  • Stir Fried Pork with Rice Vermicelli
  • Stir Fried Beef with Flat Rice Noodle

Go to: www.munchalunch.com/schools/MapleGrove


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December 22nd Update



 Dear Maple Grove Families,

We made it!  Christmas holidays are here!  The Winter Break is upon us!  Enjoy this time away from school.  Enjoy friends, family and those whom you choose to be with.  Rest, recover and rejuvenate.  May the joys and delights of this holiday season shine upon you and your family.  We look forward to seeing you January 8th.

Merry Christmas!

On Tuesday, January 9th, a commercial will be shot in our lunchroom 9:00-3:00.  Students will eat lunch in their classrooms on Tuesday.  Thank you!

Thank you

A huge Thank You to all who helped with the Holiday Hampers.

This year Maple Grove put together hampers for 12 families from our sister school, Nightingale Elementary.  The hampers were stuffed with non perishable foods, treats and gifts.  Each family also received gift certificates from Buy-Low Foods – due to our toonie fundraising. The generosity of Maple Grove families and staff means that these 12 families will have a very merry Christmas season.   We received a big thank you from Nightingale when they came with a van to pick up the hampers.  They actually needed to take out the car seats to fit everything in!

Special Thank You’s to:

Dave Jordan, Store Manger at Buy-Low Foods

Patricia Lowe for organizing gift cards or gifts from:

Safeway – Jim McKay, Store Manager
IGA – John Gendron, Store Owner
London Drugs, Kerri McGonigle, Store Manager
Choices Market – Salim Mitha, Store Manager
Save-On-Foods – Adam Rondquist, Store Manager
Viju Eswaran – Purdy’s gifts
Shopper’s Drug Mart – Serena Lam, Store Owner/Pharmacist
McDonald’s Restaurant – Jacqueline Billings, Manager

Elsie Chan for shopping and delivering the hamper bins to the school.

Global Citizen Club for decorating boxes, making signs and announcements .

Kristie Ruf and all the Class Parents for making sure all the right things got in the hampers – and for encouraging each student to bring a toonie.

Mr. Naipaul’s class for doing the very hard work of carrying the boxes from classrooms to the first floor and then  to the Nightingale van.

And of course to the Holiday Hamper Team, Ms Adams, Ms Garrod, Ms Watkins and Ms Peters.

Holiday hamper team


Division 8

Division 8

Division 17 – Celebration of Learning



Dear Maple Grove Parents,

Thank-you in advance for your time to read this post during such a busy, holiday time.

Attached you will find a letter that as Maple Grove parents, Douglas Guest and myself Paula Temrick, have co-written.  

17-12-19 Request for MG SCHOOL STAGE In Replacement School

The letter advocates for a school stage to be designed and built into our new seismic replacement school building.  Currently in the schematic design, presented to our PAC by the architects and VSB project team in October, a school stage was eliminated from the new school building.

If you are in agreement with our letter that the VSB reconsider their decision to eliminate the school stage PLEASE REPLY TO THIS LETTER stating your NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS along with a BRIEF STATEMENT OF SUPPORT no later than WEDNESDAY JANUARY 10, 2018   Please to this e-mail address: paulatemrick@gmail.com.

In brief, both myself and Douglas have serious educational and school community concerns with the elimination of a school stage.

Our letter describes how having a stage alongside a large space (gym or multi-purpose room):

  • – supports and fosters Arts Education and Celebration – music, visual and the performing arts, all of which have been significantly cutback
  • – can be multi-functional and used for other classroom and meeting space needs
  • – creates a focal point for community engagement – inclusive of students, staff, parents and potentially the local neighbourhood
  • – supports larger scale school fundraising efforts e.g. our Lunar New Year Festival
  • – maintains a more formal environment for whole school assemblies throughout the school year (e.g. Remembrance Day, Winter Concert, Awards and Grade 7 Graduation Ceremonies)

We invite you to read the attached letter for more specific detail and information.  Also attached is a concept design created by another one of our parents as an example only of what could be a flexible and cost effective staging area.

Once support has been collected we will forward the letter, concept design example and your replies onto the appropriate parties.

With Well Wishes To All For The Holiday Season Ahead,

Paula Temrick

PAC Member

School Planning Council Representative

Douglas Guest

PAC Member



Maple Grove Pac Website


upcoming event



December 22 – Last day of classes before winter break

January 8 – First day back to school



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December 15th Update



 Dear Families,

There will be lots of scrolling in today’s blog post.  Take a look at all the beautiful Raffle Baskets and the intriguing themes.  So much to buy!  And all for a good cause.  Thank you to all the classes, parents and organizers for their delicious effort and dedication to our school community.

As I sit here late in the day thinking of each of your families, joys, troubles, and challenges, I’m warmed by the opportunities that exist for each of us every day at Maple Grove.  I think back on what’s been another fascinating week at Maple Grove.  With the Christmas Holidays just around the corner- I’m all too aware that these times can be emotionally charged and challenging for many individuals and families.  So, I’d like to offer some friendly advice from someone who’s been around the block a few times:

Be calm; listen to31c62fb1111268442881391f649a9b34--peace-of-mind-in-my-life others; acknowledge what others say; thank them for their input; speak your truth with compassion and understanding.  Remember:  Peace.  It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

So, my wish for you is that you find peace in your heart, so that you can relax and enjoy being- just being.  And so, may the joys and delights of this holiday season shine upon you and your family.

Peace Always,
Principal Evans

holiday concert

Winter Concert Reminder

I have been asked to remind parents that it would be very much appreciated if you would stay for the concert in its entirety.  Last year, I too, saw parents leaving after their child performed.  All the children and staff put a great deal of time, energy and effort into the presentation and it would be lovely if you could share in the experience with us.  Thank you for your time and support.  There are three viewings this year:

Wednesday at 1:00 pm = Whole school viewing as we perform in front of one another
Thursday at 1:15 pm = Afternoon matinee
Thursday at 6:30pm = Evening concert

Students need to arrive in their classrooms on Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m.

Your tickets that you have ordered will be sent home on Monday.

(Extra tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis from the office)

Students need to arrive in their classrooms on Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. 

Holiday Hampers

What a wonderful response from everyone!  Staff, students, parents and community members.  Watch for thank yous and final summary in next week’s blog.



To the parents and students who participated in PAC Subway Day today – today’s Subway lunch order was incorrect.  As a result, several students did not receive their ordered sandwich.  We apologize for this error!  To ensure no students went without a lunch, those students without a sandwich received fresh, hot pizza instead.  Deepest apologies and thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Sincerely – PAC Food Days Team

Maple Grove ES-Winter Term Chess Program


Hello everyone!  PAC hopes that the holiday season has been warm and wonderful so far!

You and your Class Parents have once again done an amazing job putting together some great raffle baskets!  They are all on display in the library so please go and have a look!

Please have a look through the following catalogue to pick your winner!  Check back, there may be even more!




  1.  Tickets will be for sale AFTER SCHOOL next Monday and Tuesday in the undercover area.  CASH ONLY!

  2.  Click the link, print the form and drop off form and CASH in a well marked, sealed envelope by MONDAY, DEC 18TH 3PM into the PAC mailbox in the office.


  3. Tickets will be available to purchase at both winter concerts.  


All winners will be announced at our 7pm Winter concert.  


1 for $3

3 for $5

7 for $10

15 for $20







BASKET #2 – Artist’s Delight

IMG_2309 2.JPG


IMG_2310 2.JPG



BASKET #3 – Laura Secord Creations





BASKET #4 – Leggo of my LEGO!!!! 




BASKET #5 – West Coast Gourmet






BASKET #6 – Movie Night At Home






BASKET #7 – Yummy Treats! 



BASKET #8 – Lucky Money Tree

BASKET 8.jpeg

CONTENTS INCLUDE:  $140 of lucky money and gold coins


BASKET #9 – Daddy Loves Socks!  




BASKET #11 – Mario Madness!!!




 BASKET #12 – Pokemon!  



  • Pokemon Mega Construx set
  • Pokemon book
  • Pokemon puzzle

BASKET # 13 – Tech & Treats!




BASKET #14 – Wellness and Photography




BASKET #15 – Holiday Cheer!  



Murchies basket of Holiday cheer
A 40 tea bag tin of Christmas Blend Tea: rich black teas blended with the essence of oranges, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla.
A 340g bag of Christmas Blend Filter Grind Coffee: a family favourite for generations – perfect for holiday mornings.
A Christmas Cake: our unique Christmas Cake, filled with festive fruit, almonds, lemon peel and orange is generously laced with brandy and milk chocolate. Topped with our own marzipan, decorated to perfection and packaged in a festive tin.
A 10 piece package of Shortbread: rich, buttery and light, made from scratch in Murchie’s kitchen.
A 500g tin of Hot Chocolate
A 4oz package of Chocolate Covered Ginger: a Murchie’s holiday tradition – Fijian ginger covered in dark chocolate.
A 6oz package of our irresistible Decadent Pecans: an amazing treat, only available during the holidays.
A 3oz package of our Mulling Spice Blend: all the flavours of the holidays in a wonderfully aromatic blend of spices.
A package of festive decorative napkins
A Murchie’s coffee scoop


BASKET #16 – Rainy Day In






BASKET #17 – Basket O’ Beanie Boo’s



20 of the cutest Beanie Boo’s known to mankind



BASKET #18 – Movie Night!

DIV 18_MovieNight_0.jpg


4 Adult Cineplex Movie Passes includes Admission + Regular Soft Drink + Regular Popcorn
4 Child Cineplex Movie Passes includes Admission + Mini Combo (drink, popcorn, treat)
$110.00 worth of passes
44 packets of microwave popcorn
18 full size candy bars
1 grey faux fur throw blankets
1 box of crispy biscuit roll cookies
50 packets of Carnation hot chocolate mix
2 extra large bags of Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop popcorn
Santa Belly Basket



BASKET #19 – Toy Box!

raffle.jpeg copy.jpg


Project MC2 Crayon Make Up science kit
Gel a Peel glow in the cark accessories kit
Ever After High Dexter charming doll
Ever After High Goldie Lockes Doll
Simon Swipe Electronic Game
Rubik’s speed cube
Nano Blocks – Motorcycle
Lol Surprise x2
Num Noms x2
Retail Value: $227


BASKET #20 –  Indulgence!






BASKET #21 – Joke’s On You!





BASKET #22 – Noel Nebulizer



Saje AromaOm Nebulizer

Nordic Mug with Infuser and lid





Minions Trouble
Kings of Tokyo
Disney 1000 piece puzzle
Rat-a-tat Cat
Go Nuts
Hot Chocolate
Popcorn (three types!)
Card holder
Phase 10


Maple Grove Pac Website

upcoming event

December 21 – Winter Concert – Matinee (1:15 pm) and Evening (6:30) performances – your tickets will be sent home on Monday.

December 22 – Last day of classes before winter break

January 8 – First day back to school

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December 8th Update



Hello.  It’s been a busy week back at Maple Grove.  MDI surveys starting for our grade 7’s and Hour of Code taking place all week, and numerous classes out of the school daily on fieldtrips- it’s just be busy.  Our KM Club had a huge celebration on Thursday at lunch and numerous parents donated food and volunteered.  Thank you to all who were able to help out.  Kim, thank you for all your organizing efforts!

As a reminder, almost the entire Maple Grove staff opted to participate in the VSB district Communicating Student Learning Pilot Project.  Of the 87 elementary schools, over 60 are participating.  This is a pilot project in anticipation of the new provincial reporting guidelines which are anticipated to take place in September 2018.  It is completely optional for teachers as to whether or not they would like to participate in the project.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, apart from the physical differences in the new report cards; and the philosophical differences as well; there is a structural difference in the timeline and composition of the reporting process.

The historical reporting practice was:  three formal reports (Dec, Mar,Jun) and two informal reports (Oct goal setting confs and Spring Student-led confs)

The new process being piloted is: two formal reports (Jan and Jun; letter grades available upon request) and three informal reports (that may include at least three of the following; Oct goal setting, Dec-Feb classroom celebration of learning, student-led conferences; electronic portfolios (FreshGRade), phone conversations with the teacher about your child’s progress, year-end celebration of learning, interim reports)

We will keep you posted as to how this materializes at Maple Grove.  We have already had goal setting conferences and some classes are preparing for December informal sessions.  Other classes are waiting until January.  Definately more to come on this matter.

Please enjoy these early morning quick pics



I also want to extend my appreciation to our new Vice Principal, Ms. Smith and all of the Maple Grove staff for working so diligently to ensure our students have an amazing education and school experience.  The staff at Maple Grove always pick up extra bits and pieces, often not even saying a word, and just run with it.  Thank you staff for being amazing.  And thank you to all the students and parents who volunteer at the school.  You bring so many unique and wonderful skill sets to our community.  Bravo Everyone!

Looking for a witness: Did You See?!

We are asking if you saw an altercation or incident on Tuesday morning involving a adult throwing something at one of our parents and their child as they made their way to school to please contact the office and ask for either Ms. Smith or Mr. Evans.  You may reach us at 604-713-5356.

Holiday Hampers – Toonies Needed


Have you sent a toonie with your child for our Holiday Hamper drive?  This money is used for purchasing gift cards from a grocery store in our sister school’s neighbourhood.  The gift cards allow families to purchase perishable items to supplement the holiday hampers.  If we raise $1,000.00 we will get a bonus gift card from the grocery store and to do that – all we need is one toonie from each of Maple Grove’s students.

holiday concert

Holiday Concert

This notice was sent home last week.  Here are the important dates:

December 8th – Deadline to turn in your ticket request to your child’s teacher ( youngest or only child at Maple Grove)

December 13th – Tickets that have not been distributed will be available at the school office on a first come, first served basis.

December 20th – 1:00 pm Dress Rehearsal for those who cannot attend on the 21st.

December 21st – 1:15 pm – Matinee Performance

December 21st – 6:30 pm – Evening Performance.


Hour of Coding

IMG_0558  IMG_0570

What a wonderful week at Maple Grove.  Division 1 and 2 students hosted coding session for all the students in the school.  Classes signed up for times with Div 1+2 students and they used classrooms, hallways and the library to work with younger students on programming and coding.  This was very exciting.  Expect more in the future.

Maple Grove Pac Website

upcoming event

December 1 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

December 6 – Twin Day – Sponsored by Student Council

December 13 – Christmas Craft Day for Primary Students

December 21 – Winter Concert – Matinee (1:30 pm) and Evening performances – watch for your ticket order form.

December 22 – Last day of classes before winter break

January 8 – First day back to school

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November 30th Update



Hello Maple Grove.  It’s nice to be back at work.  I’ve missed all the staff, students and parents for the past three weeks.  Thursday was my first day back and there was lots to catch up on.  I want to acknowledge the office staff for picking up lots of pieces and helping to ensure the school ran smoothly.  Thank you Ms. Peters and Ms. Lincoln.
I also want to extend my appreciation to our new Vice Principal, Ms. Smith.  Ms. Smith did an amazing job running the school and maintained her usual teaching load to boot.  She worked late into the evening and often on weekends!  Thank you Ms. Smith for being so dedicated and really stepping up to take on the leadership role.
I would also like to thank the staff who always pick up extra bits and pieces, often not even saying a word, and just running with it.
Finally, I would like to thank all the students and parents who volunteer at the school.  You bring so many unique and wonderful skill sets to our community.  The variety is awesome and only adds to make our school fantastic!  Bravo Everyone!


Throughout British Columbia, all school districts are working on revising and changing the way they assess, report and communicate student learning.  Vancouver is no different.  In the November 3 blog I wrote about some of the changes and gave examples of what the new report card (Report Card Day is January 26th) would look like.

Maple Grove School is currently part of a pilot project with 63 other schools in Vancouver in which we are looking at a revised process of communicating student learning as it relates to the new curriculum.  The district is planning on changing and implementing its reporting process as of September, 2018, and Maple Grove wants to position itself so that we are in a good place to be up to speed with how our province and district want reporting to take place.  Having said that, there are a few teachers who have opted to continue with a traditional report card for this last year.  Those reports will be sent out in December.

We appreciate your support and patience while the school works through this re-designed reporting process.  We are revising how we communicate student learning and are seeking a reasonable format to use.

Essentially, you will notice two significant differences:

  1. Our conventional reporting process involved three formal report cards and two informal reports .  This will switch to two formal reports and three informal ways of connecting over student learning .
  2. The other significant difference you will notice is that in conventional report cards we gave out letter grades and work habit classifications.  As part of the pilot, the new communicating student learning report will not have letter grades (these are available upon request from the parent). The new reports will continue with a classification for student work habits and achievement.

It is important to recognize that with a new/ re-designed provincial curriculum that is focused on 21st-century teaching and learning, we truly needed to update and upgrade our conventional reporting process and format.  We have been informed that our district will be mandating a new format in September, 2018, so many of our staff see advantages for working through the pilot this year to become familiar and acquainted with the new communicating student learning formats.  Thank you for your understanding.

Professional Development Day Friday – December 1 – no school for students.

Important Safety Concern for Students

The school day at Maple Grove School finishes at 3:00pm.  Please be reminded that to ensure the safety and security of your children the school only has the ability to provide supervision from 8:40 am to 3:20 pm.  We request that Parents/Guardians be at the school by 3:00 pm.  Any playdates on the school grounds should be supervised by Parents or guardians.

It is common practice for our primary teachers to send children whose parents do not pick them up at the door by 3:10 pm up to the office for the office staff to call home.  It will be good practice to have a designated pick up spot and time arranged with your child.  We also suggest having your child memorize your current telephone number. Please ensure that the contact numbers the school has in the office are kept current.

We have had several incidents this year where children were left unattended on our school grounds until 5:30 and 6:15.  Please be aware that the exterior building doors are to get locked around 3:30 pm, with the exception of the front door which is locked at 4:00 pm.  This is a health and safety issue for staff working in the school after hours.

If you have an emergency and you are unable to pick up your child at 3:00 pm you MUST call the school at 604-713-5356 to advise us.  You should be able to make arrangements with a friend or relative to pick up your child.

Thank you.


们学校每天下午3点放学。请注意,为了确保孩子的安全,学校只有在早上840分到下午320分提供监督。  学校的规定是父母/监护人负责下午3点到学校接孩子。 除此之外的任何时间,都必须由父母或监护人来监督。


们非常担心今年发生了几起事件,孩子们在学校的操场上无人看管,直到5点半或615分。们想再次提醒所有家长,学校下午3点放学,外面的3点半就会被锁上, 只有前门到4点才会被锁上。





holiday wreath

Holiday Hamper Drive

Ms. Garrod, Ms. Watkins, Global Citizenship Club members and Class Parents have been organizing behind the scenes to prepare this year’s Holiday Hampers. Please watch for the notice sent home this week.




KM Club Update

Our Winter Pizza Party happens at lunchtime on Thurs Dec 7th

Congratulations to all the KM Club runners who have participated since September. Those who ran at least 15km will be receiving a party  invitation next week.

On Thursday please remember to bring your invitation and a $2 donation to the gym. And don’t forget your water bottles!

Please note that Pick up date for the winter flowers has changed from December 1 to Monday, December 4th.

PAC flower fundraiser


The Lost and Found is Overflowing Again

We now have three racks in the girls basement with jackets, hoodies, sweaters, boots, shoes, hats, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.  Please ask your children to check and see if they recognize any items.


Maple Grove Pac Website


upcoming event

December 1 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

December 6 – Twin Day – Sponsored by Student Council

December 13 – Christmas Craft Day for Primary Students

December 21 – Winter Concert – Matinee (1:30 pm) and Evening performances – watch for your ticket order form.

December 22 – Last day of classes before winter break

January 8 – First day back to school

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November 24th Update

Professional Development Day Next Friday – December 1 – no school for students.


Please note that Pick up date for the winter flowers has changed from December 1 to December 4th

PAC flower fundraiser

 Dear Families:   Please watch for this notice – you should get it next week.

holiday wreathHoliday Hamper Drive

Please be generous.

Collection Period:  December 4th to December 15th.

We will be sponsoring families from our sister school, Nightingale Elementary, during our Holiday Hamper Drive. Each family will be given a hamper of non-perishable food, household items, small gifts and a gift card to purchase groceries. We need your help to make this annual tradition a huge success. This year we are asking for specific donations that your child will offer to donate based on a signup sheet posted in their classroom. Please ask your child what they have offered to donate. We are also asking for a $2.00 donation from each student to be put towards the grocery store gift cards.  Class parents will be helping and will be available to help if you have any questions.  Thank you to everyone – you will give some very deserving people a wonderful, happy holiday season that would otherwise be very challenging.


November 24, 2017

Dear VSB parents and guardians,

As your newly elected VSB trustees, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and let you know that we are excited to work together for the success of every one of our students.
Vancouver is a complex and diverse school district. With many issues to address over the coming year, we know that we have to be strategic in our approach. One of our first actions was to hire Suzanne Hoffman as our new superintendent effective January 8, 2018. Suzanne is an excellent educator and collaborative administrator and brings great experience and expertise to build on our district’s successes.
One of our priorities is to continue the VSB’s commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Other priorities include ensuring the seismic program is moving ahead, supporting our district in the recruitment and retention of teachers and support staff and establishing improved governance practices in the district.
We are mindful of the need to have a respectful workplace with good communication between all parties at VSB, including staff, parents, students and stakeholders. This, to us, is essential in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students.
We recognize that parents and guardians are our students’ first teachers and we value your partnership in education, your engagement and input. Each school has recently been assigned a liaison trustee and we look forward to visiting our schools and meeting parents and guardians, students, and staff. We also invite you to attend our board and committee meetings, and you can learn more about trustees and our work at http://www.vsb.bc.ca/board-committees.
Our district’s vision is “We inspire student success by providing an innovative, caring and responsive learning environment.” It is the cornerstone of our five-year strategic plan, which was developed in consultation with our partners and sets out a clear and shared direction for the future of public education at the VSB. As trustees, we are committed to this vision and to working with you to achieve student success.
Janet Fraser – Chairperson
Joy Alexander – Vice-Chairperson
Fraser Ballantyne, Carrie Bercic, Ken Clement
Lisa Dominato, Estrellita Gonzalez
Allan Wong, Judy Zaichkowsky


MG.YoungRembrandts Flyer.W2018

The Lost and Found is Overflowing Again

We now have three racks in the girls basement with jackets, hoodies, sweaters, boots, shoes, hats, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.  Please ask your children to check and see if they recognize any items.

lost and found 2

Maple Grove Pac Website


upcoming event

December 1 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

December 6 – Twin Day – Sponsored by Student Council

December 13 – Christmas Craft Day for Primary Students

December 21 – Winter Concert – Matinee (1:30 pm) and Evening performances – watch for your ticket order form.

December 22 – Last day of classes before winter break

January 8 – First day back to school


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November 9th Update




It’s been a busy week at Maple Grove.  Thank you to all the students, parents, staff and community members who helped ensure our Remembrance Day Assembly was a success.  All of the staff worked so hard to make sure the children had a wonderful and positive experience.  Special thanks to Ms. Smith for all of her organizational work.  Thank you also to Mr. Naipaul for working on the process and set up.  Special thanks to Ms. Tornroos for helping pull together the program and ensure we had artwork throughout the school.  Also thank you to all the staff for making accommodations and adjustments for the past three weeks as we pulled this event together.  Thank you also the parents for being so supportive with the process.

Parents, please remember that there is no school on Friday and Monday.  Enjoy your extra long weekend!


In addition to the moving presentations that students shared at the Remembrance Day Assembly, classes have been working on inspired art work. This piece was completed by Divisions 16, 17 & 18 with Ms. Adams.

Student Council/ Spirit Leaders

Thursday, Nov 8, 2017, Student Council/Spirit Leaders decided to hold a Random Acts of Kindness Day.  They surprised the whole school by plastering teacher’s doors over the lunch hour with post-its and hearts with messages acknowledging the work we do.  Thank you leaders!  You truly make a difference!

Remembrance at Maple Grove



Div 17 – Immigrant Tea

The Immigrant Experience: On Wednesday, students from Division 17 hosted parents and grandparents for an Immigrant Tea. Their dramatic, funny, and sometimes sad stories complimented the class’ study of the experience of immigrants before, during and after their arrival to Canada. The class is grateful for the time they shared.



We Scare Hunger

Our We Scare Hunger campaign for the Vancouver Food Bank was a success thanks to the hard work of Global Citizenship members, Ms. Watkins and Ms. Garrod. Thank you to all the Maple Grove families for your generous donations.



PAC flower fundraiser


Choose from a selection of poinsettias, holiday wreaths and plants for the holiday season.

ORDER DEADLINE – Monday Nov. 20th.

This campaign POSTER, ORDER FORMS and FUNDRAISING INSTRUCTIONS have been e-mailed to all families via your Classroom Representative this week.  Also look for the Poster and Order Form your child(ren) will be bringing home.

Please submit your order and payment in a sealed envelope into the PAC MAILBOX in the school office


Our school community has 12 days to fundraise

This campaign is the second of our Flower Fundraisers supporting:

                                                                                                                                                         CLOUD BOOKS FOR CLASSROOMS

                                                                                                                                                                            Target: $10,000 

$10,000 will purchase 1 cart of laptop computers for student and school use. 


To watch our campaign grow visit our Campaign Poster in the hallway next to the office.  Our Spring Flower Fundraiser raised almost $700 with $9,300 remaining to reach our $10,000 target.


? Questions? – Please e-mail ‘paula@perspectiveshr.com


Maple Grove Pac Website


upcoming event

December 1 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

December 21 – Winter Concert

December 22 – Last day of classes before winter break

January 8 – First day back to school


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