Hot Lunch

June 2017 Menu

May 2017 menu

Apr 2017 menu – If you’d like to pay for April to June, the amount is $297.  (Reminder that no refunds will be given.)

mar-2017-menu – If you’d like to pay for March to June, the amount is $361.35. (Reminder that no refunds will be given.)

feb-2017-menu – If you’d like to pay for February to June, the amount is $450.35.  (Reminder that no refunds will be given.)

jan-2017-menu – If you’d like to pay for January to June, the amount is $549.45. (Reminder that no refunds will be given.)

dec-2016-menu – If you’d like to pay for December to June, the amount is $603.90.  (Reminder that no refunds will be given.)

nov-2016-menu – If you’d like to pay for November to June, the amount is $697.95.  (Reminder that no refunds will be given.)

oct-2016-menu – If you’d like to pay for October to June, the amount is $796.95.  (Reminder that no refunds will be given.)

If you would like to pay for the whole year in advance.  Hot lunch will be $876.15 per child.  This covers 177 days @ $4.95.

sep-2016-menu – Hot lunch starts on Thursday Sept 8th.  Deadline for payment is Tuesday, September 13.


Hot Lunch Menus

You can now pay in advance for Hot Lunch – We have an “Annual Option”

There are 109 instructional days from January 4th until the end of June and the cost is $4.75 per day.  If you would like to pay in advance for the remainder of the school year, the total is $517.75 per student.  If you’ve already paid for January, you can pay $422.75 for February to the end of June.  You can choose to pay in advance at the start of any month.  We will keep the website updated to let you know what the cost will be, depending on your start date.  Please ask at the office for total amounts payable each month.

Please be aware that we cannot accept post-dated cheques, nor can we issue refunds, regardless of the reason.  If you choose our new “Annual Option”, please make sure your envelope is clearly labelled “Annual Option” so that we can update our records accordingly.

June 2016 Hot Lunch Menu

May 2016 menu

April 2016 menu

March 2016 menu

Feb 2016 Menu

Jan 2016 Hot Lunch Menu

Dec 2015 Hot Lunch Menu

November 2015 Hot Lunch Menu

Maple Grove Hot Lunch October 2015 – Please make sure your order is in to the office by October 2, 2015 – No late orders will be accepted.

Maple Grove Hot Lunch September 2015

Hot Lunch Menu

Hot Lunch Menu & Ordering

  • Menus are available online approximately 10 days prior to the 1st of the month
  • If you are not currently on the Hot Lunch Program, please download the hot lunch menu online and submit it with payment to the office to join the program for the following month (starting with November orders).
  • NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please ensure that payment and forms are completed and submitted to the office by the due date.

Support from Home

  • Encourage your child to eat the meal on their own and serve themselves.  For example, opening milk cartons or containers, finishing all the food on their plate, asking for second servings.  Children learn best when they practice hands on.
  • Encourage your child to enjoy a variety of foods.  There are no alternatives to the hot lunch menu.  What is scheduled to be served will be served that day.
  • If your child has any food allergies, please review the menu carefully and prepare alternatives for your child on those particular days. There are no refunds for food you consider unsuitable. It is parent’s choice to sign up for the hot lunch program and their responsibility to check the menu.


Lunch News

Lunchroom Etiquette

  • Children should bring their lunch to school in the morning.  Parents who are dropping off lunch should wait outside the classroom until students are dismissed for lunch at 12:10.  Please do NOT interrupt the class.
  • All students should walk to the lunchroom quietly.  Hot Lunch students should wait quietly in line.
  • Names of students on the Hot Lunch program will be posted on the bulletin in the lunchroom.
  • Hot Lunch students: return cutlery and trays to the cleaning station, juice boxes recycling.
  • Eating time for Kindergartens are 11:45-12:05
  • Eating time for all other students are 12:10-12:30
  • Dismissal begins at 12:25 to encourage students to go outside for some physical activity before returning to classrooms.