Good Morning Maple Grove

Please enjoy these “episodes” of Good Morning Maple Grove, our school talk show, hosted by our wonderful Acting Principal Mr. Land and assisted by his top-notch production team made up of our Kindergarten teachers (Ms. Hales, Ms. Kao, and Mrs. Phelps).  Each Friday, Mr. Land introduces a different learning pod and each pod takes us on a tour of their space.  Then two teachers from that pod join Mr. Land for an “in-depth” interview. We also have special guests from our school community join us as well.

We love everyone’s enthusiasm for participating in our talk show. This is a wonderful way to build connection and community within our school and is something we have begun to look forward to each week. In fact, one of our Kindergarten students who was absent on a Friday came back on Monday wondering which pod she missed watching and is very excited for the day when her pod will be featured.

Cherry Blossom Pod

Willow Pod

Birch Pod

Cedar Pod

Douglas Fir Pod