About us

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Maple Grove is a public elementary school in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver. Our focus is student leadership, technology and academic success. We are the centre of a caring community led by our Parent Advisory Council – a community that “cares deeply, shares generously and helps willingly.”

We offer two different programs. One is the child-centered Montessori Program emphasizing responsibility for one’s own learning and independence. The other is the Traditional Program using a traditional teaching style emphasizing student engagement, academic excellence, hard work and effort while at the same time incorporating modern technology through the use of SmartBoards and Ipads. We have about 485 students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. We offer a full computer laboratory, a fine library, an excellent sports program and the opportunity to join the Maple Grove band. Students may also join a chess club, a math club or a creative crafts club. There are often after school opportunities such as Lego Robotics or baby sitting courses. Students leadership is encouraged through membership of the Global Citizenship Club and student representation on student council. Our students also serve the school in a number of ways as part of their contribution to our caring community.

Maple Grove Elementary is located at 6199 Cypress Street, near the heart of Kerrisdale in Vancouver, B.C.  It has two new playgrounds as well as sharing extensive playing fields and tennis courts with the adjacent high school, Magee Secondary. Built in 1924 originally, it has experienced many additions and renovations over the years. In 2003, Maple Grove underwent a full heating, ventilation and plumbing systems’ upgrade. In 2006, the undercover area was seismically upgraded.

Maple Grove  has approximately 485 students and 50 staff members, including classroom teachers, a librarian, resource teachers, supervision aides, district instructors, support workers, and office and engineering staff. There are twenty divisions of children in Kindergarten through Grade 7.

Students at Maple Grove are provided with a balanced curriculum focussing on basic skills, academic excellence, and social and physical well-being. The students are given opportunities to extend their knowledge by taking a number of school-related field trips. At the Grade 6 level, for example, they attend a yearly 3 or 4 day outdoor school experience which focusses on an understanding of the environment and the impact that we have on the health of our planet.

The school boundaries go from 41st Avenue on the north to 57th Avenue on the south.  The boundary also extends from Larch Street  on the west to Granville Street on the east.  Exact catchment area  determination, however, would need to be confirmed by calling the  school. The school  is located directly  adjacent to Magee Secondary.  The two schools share facilities such as the tennis courts, grass field and the Magee Auditorium.

The Admin Team is:
Ms. Jane Peters- Office Admin Assistant
Ms. Dawn Lincoln – Extra Clerical
Ms. Lindsay Thompson – Vice Principal
Mr. Peter Evans- Principal

Maple Grove Song

T’was built in nineteen twenty four, so brave and proud and strong. Where students and our athletes too are learning right from wrong.

It’s Maple Grove – the school where we all do our best

It’s Maple Grove – with red and black upon our crest  

In sports we challenge everyone and try right to the end

And even though we might not win, each rival is our friend

It’s Maple Grove – the school where we all do our best

It’s Maple Grove – with red and black upon our crest

We know that we’re all diff-er-ent in very many ways

At Maple Grove we also know that different is OK

It’s Maple Grove – the school where we all do our best

It’s Maple Grove – with red and black upon our crest


Our math and socials, science too are fun at MGS

And when we’re asked to help our school the answer’s always, “Yes”

It’s Maple Grove – the school where we all do our best

It’s Maple Grove – with red and black upon our crest

Oh we are loyal to our school and feel we all belong

At Maple Grove our favourite school, together we are strong.

Maple Grove’s Divisions and Teachers

Regular Program
Division 1      Mrs. Humeniuk
Division 2      Mr. Naipaul
Division 3     Ms Plavan
Division 4      Ms S. Wong
Division 5      Ms Garrod
Division 6      Ms Yeung
Division 7      Ms Chester/Ms Schober
Division 8      Ms Gill/Ms Chelak
Division 9      Ms Seebaran/Ms Tsang
Division 10   Ms W. Wong
Division 11    Ms Hales
Division 12    Ms Kimmick

Montessori Program
Division 13      Ms Burghall
Division 14      Ms Shideler
Division 15      Ms Griffiths
Division 16      Ms Bartlett                             
Division 17      Mrs. Boulanger
Division 18      Ms Lin
Division 19      Ms Belliveau/Ms Hart
Division 20      Ms Greyhurst

Resource Team
Mr Richard-Krafchek
Ms Watkins
Ms Serbic/Ms Ginther
Ms Mctavish               Counsellor
Ms Land                 Speech Language Pathologist
 Ms Goddard          Home Instruction
Prep Teachers
Ms Tsang
Ms Leroux
Mr. Richard-Krafchek
Mr Collins
Ms Ginther
Supervision Aides
Ms Emery
Ms Ma
Ms Szeto
School and Student Support Workers
Ms Oleksiew
Mr. Johnson
Ms Fiskilis
Ms Corbett
Ms Liew
Ms Forsberg
Ms Bevacqua – Hot Lunch Program
Mr Evans                                        Principal
Ms Thompson                               Vice Principal
Ms Peters                                        Administrative Assistant/Secretary
Ms Lincoln                                     Extra Clerical
Phone:  604-713-5356  Safe Arrival:  604 713 5792
Mailing Address:6199 Cypress Street, Vancouver, B.C.  V6M 3S3