Friday May 27, 2022

Celebrating our students.

As we enter the last month of this school year we want to say thank you to the families for the effort in supporting their children’s academic progress and social emotional well-being – while continuing to navigate through the second year of the pandemic. We encourage all families to take some time this weekend to acknowledge all of the their children’s accomplishments. Our Maple Grove students have shown tremendous resilience and determination, we have really enjoyed watching them flourish.


A BIG thank you Mr. McDonough as the teacher sponsor for our Ultimate Frisbee Team.

Maple Grove’s Grade 7 Ultimate Frisbee team, headed by Grade 6/7 teacher Mr. McDonough, is well into their season and finding their stride! The team plays games at Carnarvon Park on Thursdays joined by Kitchener, Jules Quesnel, Carnarvon, Norma Rose Point, and Hudson Elementary, and Maple Grove is quickly becoming one of the teams to beat! The team has received outstanding coaching and skill development from Maple Grove Alumni Nina Tsai and Sidney Che, who have experience in the sport through Elevate Ultimate and the Vancouver Ultimate League, respectively, as well as their own high school teams. Look out for more from the team later in the season. Go Wildcats!”

We are so pleased to announce the return of the Scholastic Book Fair: Monday, June 6th. Please click on the link to see the notice from our lovely Teacher Librarian – Ms Linda Tornroos.


On Friday June 3 – from 10:30 until noon, Mr. Land, Mme Natalie, and Mme Valerie, along with Maple Grove’s Kindergarten Teachers, are excited to welcome our new Kindergarten students and their families to Maple Grove. 

If your child is starting Kindergarten in September, then at the beginning of May, you received an email inviting you to our event.  If you have not yet RSVP’d, please call the school office at 604-713-5356 and we will make sure you receive all the details you need.

Message from Admin

The last few weeks we have noticed an increased amount of litter on our school grounds, and while our grounds clean up student’s do their best to help keep this under control, we would ask parents to remind their children, that we show love and care and respect for our school by doing various things, including putting our own waste in the appropriate bins.

After 8a.m. Monday to Friday, dogs/pets are NOT permitted on school property. If parents witness anyone with their pets on the school grounds, to please report it to the school office. We will make our best efforts to screen for it.

We appreciate your attention to these small yet important matters.

Last but not least, we wanted to take a moment and show our gratitude – thank YOU, our amazing PAC, for the wonderful Staff Appreciation luncheon which you hosted for the staff at Maple Grove today. It was beautifully presented, and extremely delicious.

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