May 20th 2022 – Victoria Day Long Weekend


We would like to wish all of the students and families a restful and sun filled long weekend ahead.

PAC SPONSORED – Gymnastics with Serghei – May/June.

Thank you to our very generous Maple Grove PAC for making this seasons Gymnastics program with Serghei possible. The children are really enjoying this special program in the gym.

Madame Morissette has joined our Administrative team with Mr. Land (will be working M, T+ alternating F); Ms. Morissette will work W, Th and alternating F. We are expecting Mr. Evans back for the last week of June. Madame Morissette is so thrilled to be here with our students and community to help wrap up the school year.

Message from the Office

We thank you for understanding our wish to offer every child a smooth and balanced start to the day in their class and their school. Gratitude to those families and students who arrive to school punctually everyday and who inform the teacher and the office if they foresee an upcoming appointment or if they will be arriving late.

We would like to remind families that the expectation is for all student’s to try their best to come to school on-time and to be picked up by guardians on-time.

As the weather warms up and after school becomes a social buzz on the playground we would like to reiterate that school only has limited staff supervision until 3:18pm each day, it is recommended parents try and come for the end of day bell and enjoy watching your children play while socializing with other parents.

With only 6 weeks left in the school year, we know we can make them as enjoyable as possible and put our best foot forward.

VCH Audiology Screening – Screening will be done at Maple Grove Elementary on May 25, 2022 @ 9:15am

This year, your child’s Grade 1 class will take part in the Hearing Screening Program at their school. This will be done by VCH public health staff as part of a province-wide screening program. We want to find and help children who may have possible problems which can affect their learning.

Request of Learning Situation

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Parent requests must be emailed to Madame Valerie Carriere by May 27th noon. Criteria for the requests were posted in last weeks blog – please read it carefully

send requests to:  

We cannot accept teacher requests

A written request does not guarantee that your request will be granted!

The objective of class placement is to create and organize classes so that each student is in a positive learning situation.  The school also wants to ensure that each teacher has a manageable teaching assignment that conforms to Ministry of Education standards and the teacher’s Collective Agreement.

Parents who feel that they have educational information that would help the decision-making process should convey that information in writing to the Vice Principal BEFORE MAY 27th.   
The VSB Microsoft Mail Server Clients is state-of-the-art and we do not accept late requests or “I sent it” as a reason.  We do not lose email.  Information will be used as one of the factors staff will consider when forming class lists.  Please do not request a specific teacher in your letter.  It may eliminate your letter from consideration.  Further, submitting a request is not a guarantee that your request will be granted.  Requests are not confirmed.  You will not receive an email confirming receipt of your request.

* Parents are reminded that they should speak with the current classroom teacher regarding placement of their child, as the current classroom teacher has a significant role in placing the student in next year’s class.

We respectfully ask that you do not directly talk to, or contact by phone or email, any teachers about your child’s class placement with teachers. Teachers are bound by their Professional Code of Ethics, and these conversations cannot occur without violating this code.

Parents are reminded that the final decision and authority for pupil placement remains with the Principal, as per the School Act.

Thank you so much for reading our weekly Blog!

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