April 29, 2022

Grad Parent Committee


Parent Volunteers Needed (specifically gr 6+7 but any gr welcome)
Parents we find ourselves in the position being able to offer more traditional school experiences as Covid restriction ease provincially and nationally. Each year end we celebrate our gr 7 grads. Past practise had been that gr 6 parents volunteer at the event, and that way gr 7 parents can partake and enjoy the event. Then, the following year, the new set of gr 6 parents volunteer, so the new set of gr 7 parents can have their turn enjoying the event. It’s a kinda, Pay It Forward operation.

This year’s Grad Parent Committee still have openings and need your help (decorating, supervising food, bouncers for the dance afterwards, etc). It’s really fun and a great way to get to know more parents and kids. We need gr 7 parents will be needed for the decoration and set up, and gr 6 (or other gr) parents needed for serving food and supervising the event.

If you’re interested (even just a little) reach out to Kristie Ruff at kristieruf@gmail.com 

Earthquake Drill at Maple Grove (May 5)

On Thursday, May 5th at approximately 1:00 pm we will have a practise earthquake drill at Maple Grove.

Periodically throughout the year, schools write about emergency procedures either as general knowledge for the school community; to bring awareness to a particular type of procedure; to share information about goings-on about the school, or familiarize the school community with a procedure practised at the school; or to inform our school community of a procedure that is new for the school as we are still working through processes, building deficiencies, familiarity with the new school, and learning about our practise and whether or not it still applies the same for the new school verses how we did things in the old school.

This is simply a heads up that:

1. We will be participating with all other Vancouver School District schools in a drill on May 5th.

2. The drill will take place around 1 pm. The extent of our participation in the drill is weather dependent and we reserve the right to postpone our school response to a weather appropriate day.

3. It is our intention to learn from this drill and understand the nuances of 3 schools evacuating on a site, and, more importantly, our process for evacuation from the new school to our emergency mustering area (Magee grass field)

4. It is our intention to exercise our staff-based emergency roles to see how they perform and to garner a sense of some of the difficulties they may experience.

5. This will include, but is not limited to, our our First Aid Team, our CERT Team, our SERT Team, our Student Release Team, our Traffic Control Team, and .

6. We will be announcing early next week details of our desire to try an Extended Release. An “Extended Release” is when it is anticipated that we will not be allowed back in the building due to safety concerns, and we intend to be the field in the emergency mustering area for up to a couple of days. (Our portion to test is allowing some parents to come before 3:00 pm and sign out their child. (This also applies to anyone who is listed as an emergency contact).

7. We don’t want the whole school showing up to sign their child out early, but we will randomly contact a number of families to see if they would be willing to help us with this part of the drill.

8. The point of a drill is to make/ discover mistakes and weaknesses, so that we can endeavour to implement better procedures next time.

We will share more information next week with LINKS to our Plan, Site Map, etc. Enjoy your weekend.

Basketball Season Ending

There were 3 teams at Maple Grove this year and one inter-mural group (gr 4 and 5). Our basketball season is ending this week. All the teams did very well and enjoyed playing in the new facilities. We received tons of positive feedback our school community, and from other schools and their parents as well.

Junior Boys: Thank you Lisa Rapoport for coaching. Lisa had a super enthusiastic group to work with and the team was one of the fastest teams in the junior division. Coach Lisa even had some gr 5’s playing so they could get their feet wet for next year.

Our inter-murals basketball ran 4-3 times and was dependent on Admin schedules. It was designed to provide gr 4-5 students with an opportunity to develop their skills for next year.

Senior Boys: Thank you Coach Manu. Probably one of the most competitive divisions, the Senior boys learned a lot this year. Coach Manu was really patient and good with the kids and taught them great skills that will put them in good standing for high school ball. I’m sure he won’t miss all the early morning practises! lol. I want to send out a special thanks to Angela Barrington-Foote for running all the parent communication re schedules and practises! Thank you!

Senior Girls: Thank you Coach Joel, Tom, Tammy for all your time with this enthusiastic group. Our Sr girls are super talented and really jelled as a team. Coach Joel already coached volleyball this year and continued with basketball. Coach Tammy wears more hats than anyone. She organized the team, coached, rescheduled games and made sure Maple Grove was well looked after. Thanks Tammy!

Sponsors: Thank you Principal Evans for organizing and to Principal Land (ret) for filling in so much. Also thanks to Ms Yeung who singled-handedly took on the Sr Boys and Girls sponsor schedule. Thank you to Mr. McDonough, Ms. Chan, Ms Hales, Ms. Wong, and Madame Val filling in when we were stuck for coverage.

Scorekeepers: Thank you to the gr 7 scorekeepers! They had the most difficult job- Scorekeepers had to watch all the games and keep data on all the plays including fouls, points and baskets. Thank you Lucas, Tyler, Jenny, Joanne, Ariel, Lianne and Autumn.

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