A few parting words from Ms. Peters

Dear Maple Grove Families:

It has taken me a long time to decide to retire, but this is the time.  April 22 is my last day at Maple Grove.  I would like to say a big, huge THANK YOU, to the students and their families, and to all the staff I have worked with at Maple Grove.  You have made work fun for me, never boring.  Every day was different.

I have worked in many schools in Toronto and only a few in Vancouver.  The last 15 years I have been at Maple Grove.  I’ve never been seriously tempted to move to a different school because Maple Grove has the nicest kids and the best staff.  The last few years included working on a construction site, moving from one building to another and accommodating the constraints of COVID.  There were sad times too.  Despite these challenges, the Maple Grove community continued to make sure the students received an exceptional educational experience in a safe and caring environment.  I am very proud to have been a part of that.

I was given a wonderful party at the school last Wednesday.  It made me very happy to see so many people there.  Sharon, Linda and Kiara, Amber and Nancy E. went above and beyond with their amazing decorating and organizing skills.  Cliff made sushi and a delicious and beautiful cheesecake.  Tammy made cookies that tasted delicious and looked like works of art.  And so many lovely gifts including a bird bath that I am very excited to install in my garden.

I would also like to say thank you to Maple Grove’s PAC.  They work hard and do amazing things for all the students.  Thank you, PAC, for the lovely retirement gift. 

I will miss everyone.  Take care.  

Mrs Peters. 

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