April 22, 2022

It’s nice to be back! It took a long time and several setbacks along the way, but I’m hopeful the worst is behind me. While I was away, a number of events happened at school and I would like to address them individually.

(1) Mr. Land: I would like to thank Mr. Kevin Land for filling in. What was suppose to be a two-week stint, turned into 14 months. Kevin was exactly the right person to fill in. He started his teaching career at Maple Grove 36 years ago and was happy to come back as a retiree and have fun everyday with the students and staff. Mr. Land is an avid basketball fan, and was happy to help our basketball teams get up and running given the two years of Covid. He also loves construction and was happy to deal with deficiencies and work with the VPO and contractors on improving the building. Finally, his experience and wisdom working with many staffs over the past 36 years was a huge benefit in my absence as he helped to keep things running at the school level. Thank you Mr. Land!

(2) Madame Val: Madame Val, as we affectionately call her, has been nothing short of amazing in my absence. She took on so many aspects of school leadership and made sure the school didn’t miss a step. She’s proved she’s a highly capable administrator and should be running a school. Thank you Madame Val! We are hoping Madame Val will be with us for all of next year!

(3) Ms. Michelle Griffiths: Ms Griffiths was an intermediate Montessori teacher who worked at Maple Grove for the past decade. She was loved by staff and students alike. Her sudden, and unexpected passing, came as a surprise to all of us. This past Saturday, April 16th, a number of us met in the park by the Fraser River and celebrated Ms. G and her legacy at Maple Grove. Please know the school and PAC are working with a representative of the family to work on some sort of memorial to recognize Ms. G and her work at Maple Grove. Many staff and students came to the park and paid tribute to her and the legacy she leaves at Maple Grove. She will be missed!

(4) Ms. Julie Szeto: Ms. Julie as the students affectionately call her has taken some extra courses with the VSB and has been promoted to the position of Office Support Worker. Meaning, she will be assigned to another school and work in the office supporting the Admin team. We are sad to lose her, but, we are happy for Ms. Julie as she works to support schools in Vancouver. Going from supervision aide to office clerical will be a good step for Ms. Julie. Congratulations!

(5) Ms. Peters: Nobody is going to miss Ms. Peters more than me. She has been with Maple Grove for over 15 years. She is a master with registrations and enrolment numbers. I’ve worked with many school secretaries (my mom was a school secretary as well) and I know good office admin staff when I see them. Ms. Peters is amazing! She was wonderful with students, visitors, staff and has kept Maple Grove in tiptop shape for 15 years. We said goodbye and congratulations on her retirement, on April 20, 2022. Please welcome Ms. Shervin Cacchioni as the new Office Admin for Maple Grove. Ms. Cacchioni has come to us from Sexsmith, and before that Brock.

Please know that we are working on our enrolment, and presently in conversations with the VSB on staffing. More to come on this issue in the weeks ahead.

We have no information on Cavell, and whether or not their seismic upgrade is on schedule. When we hear, we’ll share the information with our school community

We have three (3) basketball teams at Maple Grove
1) Senior Boys (gr 7) coach: Manu Bhalla (parent). Sponsor: Mr. Evans
2) Senior Girls (gr 7) coaches: Joel Reimer, Tom and Tammy Chang. Sponsor Ms. Yeung
3) Junior Boys (gr 6- with some gr 5’s) coach: Lisa Rapoport. Sponsor: Mr. Evans

We are busy planning all the year-end activities that need to be considered as the school year accelerates towards a conclusion. Please know that we will continue posting information in our school blog to reach out to our greater school community.

2022/23 PAC Executive Callout – The Kids Need You!

Whether you’ve been a parent at Maple Grove for 8 months or 5 years you’ve likely heard of PAC. As a parent of Maple Grove, you are automatically part of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) but you also have the opportunity to join the PAC Executive Team. Joining the PAC Executive is a GREAT way to be involved and participate in your child’s school life! 

Why should you care about joining the PAC Executive Team? The real question is, why wouldn’t you want to join the PAC Executive Team?

Before Covid, the PAC would be involved in organizing all those fun extracurricular school spirit activities that you likely remember from your days at school – Halloween parties, movie nights, school hot lunches to name just a few. These kinds of activities for kids and their parents really help shape the memories they take with them from elementary school. Covid has hindered most of these activities from happening but we see the light ahead where these activities can return, and we cannot do that without a PAC Executive. Every parent wants their child to have these wonderful school experiences and feel a part of their school community and the PAC is what helps that really come to life.

We sincerely hope you will consider joining the PAC Executive Team for next year. If you are interested, want to find out more or have any questions, please feel free to email us at themaplegrovepac@gmail.com!

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 25th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

May 10th – Early dismissal at 2:00 for parent conferences

May 12th – Early dismissal at 2:00 for parent conferences

May 13th – immunization clinic

May 23rd – Victoria Day Holiday

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