April 1, 2022 Update

Dear Maple Grove families,

We are happy to see our students back and refreshed after Spring Break! We hope that you all enjoyed some family time.

As you must know, the return from Spring Break saw some changes. As the mask mandate is no longer in effect in the K-12 sector, students, staff and visitors can now make the individual choice to wear a mask at Maple Grove or not.

We have had mini-assemblies on Tuesday, March 29 to discuss what being a mask-friendly school means. We have explained to our students that we all must be kind, respectful and patient with one another as we navigate this change. We also must acknowledge that we all have different comfort levels around masking. We have asked students to have conversations with their families about what YOUR expectations are around masking at school. We strongly recommend that you have this conversation with your children.

We also explained that although we no longer have to abide by very strict distancing rules, we must continue to create space, and be respectful and mindful of everyone’s personal space. We must also continue the good habit of washing and disinfecting our hands frequently.

During the mini assemblies, we also reminded students our school’s code of conduct:

I respect myself

I respect others

I respect this place

We discussed with students what the 3 Rs mean and what behaviours we expect from our students. It was certainly a good reminder for all.

Starting on Monday, April 4th, 2022, visitors on school business will be welcome. We will continue to ask for appointments to be made prior to visiting. Parents and caregivers are still going to be required to stay outside at drop-off and pick-up.

Field trips will be back! A few staff members are already hard at work booking and organizing outings.

I hope that you find this update useful.


Valérie Carrière


Looking ahead to September 2022

Although we have not received our official staffing or school organization for 2022-2023, we know we will have waitlisted students in every grade.

If your plans have changed for next September, please let the office know. Private school acceptances, cross boundary placements, moving house, etc, could all impact students’ school for next year.

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upcoming event

April 15th – Good Friday

April 18th – Easter Monday

April 25th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

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