January 28th Update

Good afternoon Maple Grove Parents and Guardians,

Yes indeed, I am pleased to be back at Maple Grove filling in for your Principal Peter Evans.  Mr. Evans will be returning after Spring Break.

For those of you who do not know me, I am a retired VSB Secondary Principal, and I had the pleasure of supporting Mr. Evans for most of spring last year.

I enjoy meeting and interacting with your children and have also met  many of you.

Maple Grove has a special place in my heart.  (My first VSB contract was at the OLD Maple Grove, many, many years ago!).

I have read many of the CSL Reports you will receive today.

Congratulations to the students and staff for a very successful first term!

Due to Covid, The Elementary Interschool Basketball League has been postponed until after Spring Break.

We will resume basketball in March, but for now we are spending some time teaching badminton skills.

All classes will have the opportunity to experience some badminton from February 1 – 15.

Starting February 1 we will be offering badminton in the morning before school, and during some lunch times.

This is open to any students in grades 4-7.

The plan would be for each grade to play on a different morning.

Each session would be from 8:15am to 8:55 am in our gym.

I will open the south gym door at 8:10, play should start at 8:15.

Rackets and shuttlecocks will be provided.

Students must sanitize their hands and change their outside footwear before playing.

To maintain safety protocol, I will take attendance so if students arrive after 8:20, they will not be permitted to enter the gym.

Students will be expected to wear a mask.

We will start with grade 7 students on Tuesday February 1.

Grade 6 on February 2, grade 5 February 3, and grade 4 February 4.

We will post the schedule for February 7-11, after determining the interest from our students.

This is strictly voluntary, and no consent forms are required.

Happy Friday,

Kevin Land

Interim Principal, Maple Grove

Make sure your child is dressed for the weather.

COVID guidelines mean that children must go outside for recess and lunch recess. Make sure your child has appropriate outerwear to protect them from the rain and cold. Coats, hats, scarves, gloves, boots.

Picking up your child during school hours

This is a reminder that if you are picking up your child during school hours, they must be dismissed from the office. Parents need to come to the library/YMCA door on the east side of the building so that we can take your child out to meet you.

See November 25th Update for more information.

Do you have a child born in 2017?

Kindergarten Registration started on November 1.

Please remember that you must fill in the online application form and get all your documents verified at your home school by January 31, 2022. Late applications will not be included in the draw for spaces in Montessori, or in Traditional Program.


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upcoming event

January 28th – Reports are sent home

January 31st – Hearing testing for Kindergarten students

February 1 – Happy Year of the Tiger

February 3rd – World Read Aloud Day

February 14th – Valentine’s Day

February 18th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

February 21st – Family Day Holiday

February 23rd – Pink Shirt Day

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