January 14th Update

Pro D Day on Monday, January 17th –

No school for students.

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are not allowed at school.

Students are being asked not to bring Pokemon cards to school anymore for the following reasons:

  • They have become a distraction to several students’ learning;
  • They can be quite expensive or valuable and we want to avoid any loss;
  • It is difficult for students to distance properly when playing with the cards;
  • They have caused many conflicts between students;
  • They prevent students from being active at recess.  

If staff notices students with Pokemon cards, we will ask that they put back in their backpacks.

We appreciate your support in this matter.

Picking up your child during school hours

This is a reminder that if you are picking up your child during school hours, they must be dismissed from the office. Parents need to come to the library/YMCA door on the east side of the building so that we can take your child out to meet you.

Food Bank Thank you letter

I thought I would let you know how much you raised through your food drive 😊 My apologies in getting this so late to you; our busy Christmas season hit us fast and now I am finally playing catch-up from that.  

Thank you so much for raising 697 pounds of food donations! Food Banks Canada values food donations at $2.62/lb. So, including the $705 you raised through the Virtual Food Drive, you provided $2,531.14 in support of your community. 

That is an incredible amount of support and we are so appreciative of the commitment, time, and energy that has gone into making that happen. 

We really believe in our mission to provide healthy food to those in need and are proud of the many ways we have worked hard to achieve it. Some of that work includes: 

  • Working with local farmers to buy fresh produce 
  • Creating multiple nutritional programs specifically for children 
  • Increasing the amount of average food given per person 

We love to see many of our members begin to thrive and gain new confidence through the programs we deliver. You are helping us to accomplish all of this and more! 

Thank you to everyone at Maple Grove Elementary once again for supporting our work! 

Carly Lum – Community Events Coordinator.
The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Do you have a child born in 2017?

Kindergarten Registration started on November 1.

Please remember that you must fill in the online application form and get all your documents verified at your home school by January 31, 2022. Late applications will not be included in the draw for spaces in Montessori, or in Traditional Program.


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

January 17th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

January 27th – Family Literacy Day

January 28th – Reports are sent home

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