December 3rd Update

Winter holidays outside of British Columbia?

As we have now entered December, we realize that some of our families will be travelling internationally during the winter break. As rules and regulations regarding travelers coming back to Canada can change at a moment’s notice, we are encouraging you to keep up to date using the following hyperlink:

Please note that, at this moment, unvaccinated and not fully vaccinated children are not supposed to attend school for 14 days following their arrival to Canada (see section: Children and dependents).

Vancouver Coastal Health Letter regarding vaccines for children aged 5 – 11.

If you have questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children, please read info from BC Centre for Disease Control and VCH

Earthquake Fundraiser Reminder:

We’ve had an amazing response from parents recognizing the necessity to donate to the redeveloping of our earthquake supplies. Tax receipts are issued immediately for donations above $25.00. Sincere thank you to those families who have already donated.

All donations can be made via your child’s SchoolCashOnline account, and tax receipts will be issued immediately. Here are the step-by-step instructions: Sign into your SchoolCashOnline account. You will see a dark button labelled “Make a Donation” at the top right. Click on that button then select the amount you would like to donate. Choose “E-Maple Grove” from the drop down menu labelled “Fund Destination”. Please indicate Earthquake Relief Fund in the notes section to ensure your donation goes to the correct fund. Finally “Add to Cart” and complete the payment section. Thank you!


Huge thank you to the Sr and Jr Volleyball Coaches
Lisa Rapoport
Manu Bhalla
Joel Reimer
Ms Kao

Stay tuned for the Staff/Student game to raise food for the food bank, and the player year end party.

Huge thanks to the gr 4/5 Jr Coaches. They worked with gr 4/5 students on skill development on Tues + Thurs at lunchtime. Our season ended with a huge Pizza Party celebrating all that we learned.

Angela Barrington-Foote
Monica Antonio
Lisa Mullen
Jeannie Chau

Extra thanks to staff Sponsors
Mr. McDonough, Ms. Hales, Ms. Yeung, Ms. Chan, Ms. Wong

Thanks to Mr Evans for organizing all the teams and helping out.


We have had an overwhelming response from students interested in playing basketball at Maple Grove. We currently have:

Gr 7 Boys- Manu Bhalla, coach; Mr. Evans, Manager

Gr 7 Girls- Joel Reimer, Tom Chang, Tammy Chang coaches; MS. Yeung Manager

Gr 6 Boys- Lisa Rapoport, coach; Mr. Evans, Manager

Gr 6 Girls- _____, coach; Mr. Evans, Manager

Gr 4/5 Boys/Girls- lunch time skills camp
Angela Barrington-Foote
Monica Antonio
Lisa Mullen
Jeannie Chau
Mr. Evans

Emergency Procedures- Revised

DRILLS: Fire Drills, Earthquake Drills

  1. Classes will follow the usual procedures regarding exiting the building (closest exit)
  2. Our Emergency Mustering Area has changed due to construction finishing and Cavell sharing our site. Instead of gathering on the North Gravel field, we will gather on the North End of the Magee Field.
  3. Classes will line up in order Div 1 to 22- with teh exception of our K classes being the north most classes
  4. Classes follow a specific check-in process for roll call

Big Earthquake Drills

  1. We participate in the provincial Shakedown Drill (Oct) and a district-wide schools drill (May)
  2. Students drop, cover and hold.
  3. After the last aftershock… students count to 60.  If another aftershock occurs, students start count over again.
  4. If 60 seconds passes and no aftershock… students get their jackets and backpacks and line up…. No talking. Listen to teacher for instructions.
  5. Teacher grabs their earthquake backpack.
  6. Teacher puts “ALL CLEAR” on doorknobs if all clear
  7. Teacher leads students out nearest safe exit.
  8. Gather on the Magee grass field.
  9. Classes line up in order.
  10. Teacher takes attendance.
  11. Teacher gets student to hold up YELLOW division sign
  12. Teacher sends completed RED 1/2 sheet “Earthquake Emergency Status Report” up to Ms. Peters.
  13. School sets up for student release… use extended stay map procedures.


“Extended Release” replicates a situation in which staff, students and parents may be on school grounds after an earthquake for several hours/ days.   Our extended release process has changed due to our new mustering station at the north end of the Magee Secondary School grass field. Therefore, when parents come to pick up students they are to line up along 45th Ave. facing west starting at the front entrance of the school by the kindergarten under-covered area. There will be details about this in coming posts.

Parent Volunteers during an Earthquake:

In a real emergency, we may actively recruit parents to assist in whatever capacity they can.  It’s possible that we may have staff and students injured or trapped.  Recruiting parents will be done once parents have gone through Gate 1 check-in so we know who is on site.

Volunteers may be asked to help with:

Supervision, tracking, crowd control, translations, assisting students.

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

December 15 – Winter Showcase – more details to follow

Last day of classes before Winter Break – December 17, 2021.

First day back after Winter Break – January 4, 2022

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