October 15 Update

For Grade 7 Families

Please see flyers re Grade 7 Parent Info Night

PAC has kicked off a Direct Donation Campaign! Please see this link for more information: https://themaplegrovepac.wordpress.com/direct-donation-campaign/

Covid Update

The VSB is moving in a direction of including Covid Guidelines and information under the Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. I suppose it has to do with Covid dragging on and moving towards being more of an endemic in the future.

Let’s start with basic definitions:

  • AN EPIDEMIC is a disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population, or region.
  • A PANDEMIC is an epidemic that’s spread over multiple countries or continents.
  • ENDEMIC is something that belongs to a particular people or country.
  • AN OUTBREAK is a greater-than-anticipated increase in the number of endemic cases. It can also be a single case in a new area. If it’s not quickly controlled, an outbreak can become an epidemic.

cit: website

The latest VSB Covid guidelines are included here. You’ll have to look hard for them as they start on page 12. Basically it now includes the K-3 provincial mandate for schools and other related matters.

VSB Ed Plan 2026

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

October 22 – Professional Day – No School for students

October 25 AND 27 – Goal Setting Conferences – Students Dismissed at 2:00 pm

October 27 – Photo Retake Day

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