September 15

Principal Remarks

Welcome new, and returning families to the NEW Maple Grove. This will be our first full year in the new building. There’s lots going on and we are busy getting down to work. Our staff love to work collaboratively with parents. Please know that if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call.

It’s that time of the year when we all need to think about rain boots, raincoats, and umbrellas. Please send your children to school with weather appropriate clothing. All students go outside on rainy days to get fresh air and to maximize outdoor time.

Class Casting/ Student Placement and Parental Requests

Maple Grove likes to work with our parent community and as such, we like to confer about placements of students for September. Our staff works hard to decide on the perfect placement for every child- they consider a number of factors (please refer to the May 7, 2021 School Blog for details of criteria teachers consider).

Students are settling nicely into their new classes and we are happy with the distribution. Generally, after a couple of days/ weeks students settle nicely into the rhythm of the new school year/ grade/ teacher. The beginning of the school year can be emotionally difficult for some students due to the many changes: different classmates, different teachers, different school, different everything! Disappointments can be magnified. With your support, and ours, most students adapt to their new class and routines quickly. During this time, please reflect on, rather than react to, your child’s placement. It is extremely important to remain supportive and positive about your child’s placement and to trust last year’s teacher for making the recommendation. Teacher recommendations are made after hours of discussion and debate among teachers. Decisions are not made lightly. We trust your children to be able to adjust to new learning situations and to make new friends – these are normal life challenges.

We have found in the past that with your support, children are able to adapt to and benefit from a variety of experiences. Your help with this process is crucial. Please help your child by encouraging them and normalizing change, making new friends and meeting new challenges. As well, work to develop a positive relationship with your child’s teacher. Our goals are the same as yours – we are striving for your child, and all children, to be successful.

Please refer to our May 7, 2021 blog post for all the criteria and procedures around Class Placement. You can find the info here LINK.

Are You Doing Your Daily Health Check?

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Are You Doing Your Daily Health Check

Fair Notice

Student Threat Risk Assessment Protocol… Notice to our students/ parents and Caregivers that we are committed to having safe, caring and inclusive schools. In the event that a student makes a threat of violence or harm to other students, staff or the school community, the school will initiate the VSB student risk threat assessment process.

Here is more information: LINK

Virtual Book Fair at Maple Grove

September 20 to the 24. By Scholastic.

Online shopping here:

More Info here:

Photo Day – October 1, 2021

October 1, 2021

Parent Reminders

Daily Health Check

Don’t send sick kids to school – anytime

Parent Access- Call the school (604)713-5356 for appointment

Hygiene Etiquette (coughing into elbow; handwashing)

Primaries should have a change of clothes kept in the classroom in case of accidents – or slipping and falling into puddles.

Please make sure your child has a water bottle, recess snack AND lunch in the morning. Deliveries during the day are not helpful.

Try to make appointments outside of school time, or in the am, so students don’t need to be withdrawn in the middle of the day.

Dress for the weather.

Use of student personal phones. Parents and students should not communicate during school hours using student phones. However, since we are a BYOD school, phones can be used for research/resource. Please call the office for any messages or dismissal requests. Students may also call parents from the office.

Thank you to 465 out of over 500 students who have signed up for online payments. If you haven’t signed up yet, please register here: We no longer accept cash or cheque payments, however, our cashonline system does accept echecks, credit cards, etc. and it is an easy and safe way to pay for fees, planners, contribute to Terry Fox Foundation, Grad hoodies and other items/events that come up throughout the school year.

Terry Fox Run at Maple Grove

Thank you Mr. Mullen for organizing the Terry Fox Run for our school. Donations are much appreciated and can be paid online via your account at

The run will be on Tuesday after lunch recess.
Mr Mullen made a 1 km course that your students can run or walk.
Div 2 will be course Marshals.
There is a map attached below. 
We will start by going south from MG.
Div 2 Marshals will be stationed at Cypress and 47th (the first cross), on 49th and Laburnum (the second cross), as well as other places along the route. This way students are on the sidewalk the entire time and are not in traffic, besides the two crosses.

We can start at 1:20, sending two classes from each pod at a time (see below). This will hopefully keep us spread out.

It should take about 40 minutes to watch the video, get to the start, around the loop, and back up to class.
A 11-min video that you can watch with your class before the run – Terry Fox, Anything’s Possible Maple Heat

Peter, Val, and Jane at 1:15

Cedar Heat

  • 1:20 (all three classes together?)

Cherry Blossom Heat:

  • Cao and Wong 1:30
  • Garrod and Shoemaker 1:35

Birch Heat:

  • Chan and Wong 1:45
  • Lee and Tsang 1:50

Douglas Fir Heat:

  • Archambault and Griffiths 2:00
  • Bartlett and Clarke 2:05

Willow Heat:

  • Karakanta and New: 2:15
  • Mullen & Plavan: 2:20  

Let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions! Thanks,  

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

September 21 – Terry Fox Run

September 20 – 24 – Virtual Book Fair by Scholastic

September 24 – Professional Development Day – No school for Students

September 29 – Orange Shirt Day

September 30 – Truth and Reconciliation Day – No School

October 1 – Photo Day

October 11 – Thanksgiving Day Holiday – No School

October 22 – Professional Day – No School for students

October 27 – Photo Retake Day

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