June 29th Update

Have a Wonderful Summer Everyone!

So here we are, the weird and whacky 2020-2021 school year has come to a close for students!  (staff will all be here tomorrow too).  The year started just like it has since 1923, with staff and students attending the school at 6199 Cypress Street.  BUT there were some major differences,….. from all students lining up outside before the bell waiting to have their hands sanitized, to all adults wearing masks in the building, and NO parents permitted inside the school.  Students had to play outside in their cohorts, all extra curricular events like sports, field trips including grade 6 camp were cancelled.  COVID had made its mark on school life for the Maple Grove Community, and so did the new school.  Teachers were living out of boxes with their teaching materials because the move to the new building was imminent, only the truth is, it was not so imminent.  After a couple of “time to move”, “no not yet”, yes indeed Maple Grove staff and students moved into the new, beautiful building in late November.  As I mentioned to our Grade 7s this morning at our Grade 7 Grad Ceremony,  I came here in December of this school year for 2 weeks while Mr Evans attended to caring for his father who had contracted COVID. 

Mr Evans helped his dad recover, and I had so much fun meeting all of the students and staff, that he then asked me to return and cover his 2 week elective surgery medical leave in the middle of January.  I repeat, for 2 weeks 😊 And 5 ½  months later here I am, still here, and proud to be Maple Grove’s Interim Principal. 

Despite all of the trials and tribulations in this school year, our grade 7s have been resilient, stoic, respectful, strong achievers, and kind contributors.

They have missed out on so much, but we are extremely proud of who they collectively have become.  Our Ceremony this morning was made possible by the relentless efforts and work from the parent community.  Special thanks to the parent graduation committee.  At this time it is also very important for me to thank all parents for their efforts this year, including the respecting of the VSB COVID guidelines and for your overall support.  Our Maple Grove PAC, particularly your Executive has been especially helpful.  The Montessori PAC also were informative and supportive to Madame Val and myself.  Thank you to you parents!

So the MG staff and students have survived the COVID school year, with its occcasional outbreak and disruption.  Have smoothly moved into our new school, have politely shared the campus with Cavell, and NOW experience a first ever HEAT WAVE.  Quite the conclusion to a school year which was, well, weird and whacky!

In closing, I want to thank all of the staff, particularly Madame Val and Mrs. Jane Peters, our superstar in the office.  I am regularly in contact with Mr. Evans, and I am confident he will return to captain the good ship Maple Grove in September.

Take care and stay cool.

Kevin Land

Staff Changes for 2021-2022

We want to send a huge shout out and thank you to Mr. Kevin Land for stepping in this year as Acting Principal. We have been very lucky to have you on board and are very grateful for all that you have done here.

We wish to congratulate Ms. Caitlin Lucas, one of our grade 4-5-6 Montessori teachers on her new position at Renfrew Elementary. She will be missed, but we wish her lots of success in her new adventure. Her current position remains open and will be filled during the summer.

We are also sorry to see Mr. Scott Mullen leave our community. Mr. Mullen was our STEM teacher this year and he also stepped in to teach one day in Montessori primary for the last third of the school year. We wish him all the best success in his new adventure next year!

Ms. Natalie Vermaas is moving on to new challenges. She will be our neighbour at Cavell next year, teaching in a grade ½ position. We look forward to seeing her there and wish her a lot of success!

We want to acknowledge Ms. Janette Wee, our Option 4 teacher. As there will not be Option 4 next year, we wish her all the best in her next challenge.

Ms. Brittany Shoemaker will be back from maternity leave, teaching in a grade 2 position.

Ms. Sue Belliveau will be back on the Maple Grove Montessori team. She will be teaching 2 days in primary Montessori.

Three of our SSAs are moving on this year. Mr. Allan Johnson will not be returning to Maple Grove next year. Ms. Jessica Blackler is moving to Kelowna. Maria Fiskilis is also moving on to new challenges. Good luck to all of you; we wish you success in your new endeavours.

Valérie Carrière (she/her)

VP-Maple Grove Elementary

Grade 7 School Leaving Ceremony

Artona Studios took photos of our grade 7 students at their school leaving ceremony this morning. They will be sending us the portraits and we will forward them to each family in the next week. Families may order photos if they like.

Summer Immunization Campaign for Kindergarten, Grade 6 and Grade 9 students

Please read this important information from Vancouver Coastal Health

Maple Grove String Orchestra

Dear Families of current grade 5 and 6 students at Maple Grove:

The Maple Grove String Orchestra program will be starting up again for the 2021 2022  school year.  If you are interested for your child, please read the information attached.

Band Program at Magee for Grades 6 and 7 at Maple Grove

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

June 29 – Last Day of School for students 3:00 pm dismissal

September 8 – First day of 2021 2022 School Year – (One hour only) Students return to their homerooms that they had in June. Please watch for an email late in August with information on the school startup.

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