April 23 Update

Message from Kevin Land, Acting Principal

Good afternoon Maple Grove families.

Sadly, our terrific Principal Mr. Peter Evans has continued to experience some setbacks in his recovery from his January surgery and has been advised not to return to work this school year.  We wish him well and our school is extremely hopeful that he will be permitted to return as School Principal when school resumes after summer holidays in September.  I have informed Mr. Evans and Director Zerbe that I am honoured to remain as Principal for the remainder of this school year.

Earlier this month we submitted our student population projection for 2021-22, and we will likely receive our school staffing entitlement for next year by the first week of May.  We are busy wrapping up week 30 of this school year, meaning we have reached the 75% point.  So while finishing the final 10 weeks we will also be planning for 2021-22.

The weather has been exceptional recently, so please ensure your student always has a water bottle and a hat while at school as we are spending much more time outside.

As part of our COVID protocol, we have students line up outside, and enter the school through their assigned entrances with their teacher who sanitizes their hands.  Please be sure to have your child present at school by 8:55 so that the class can enter as a complete group at 9:00am.  Late arrivals present many challenges and your cooperation is appreciated.  And finally, please be sure to keep vigilant with the daily health checks, and keep your child at home if they are unwell.

I would like to remind parents to physically distance in the morning and after school while interacting with other adults and children.

Unfortunately, some of our students have tested positive recently for Covid 19.  Each time a VSB student or staff tests positive, VCH contacts our VSB District Health and Safety Team, who then contact the affected school administration.  Madame Valerie and I then start the 6 step COVID response.  As part of the 6 steps, affected classes, staff, and the school community are notified of the exposure.  District Operations staff are also notified to attend the school and proceed with Deep Cleaning of affected areas before school resumes the next morning.

And a final note on safety, please be sure to NOT use the staff parking lot for pickup or drop-off OR use it as a pathway to and from school.  There is a sidewalk immediately east of the staff parking lot, on the other side of the fence.

Kind regards, Kevin Land

No School for students on Monday, April 26th – Professional Development day for Staff

Photo Day – April 28th

Note: Option 4 (Learning from Home) Students may come to have their photos taken at 10:30 am. Please meet at the 1924 45th Ave W entrance.

There will not be time to do retakes, so there is only a single photo day. Due to COVID protocols, short turnaround times and photographers available, we will not be able to take class photos, but will provide the students with a class composite. Due to our policy of not mixing cohorts, we will not be taking a panorama, staff group or club and team photos.


Please ask your child to check for lost water bottles, lunch bags, jackets, etc., etc.,

Anything look familiar?

Important Reminders for Parents

Do not send your children to school if they are sick. To be safe, even those with very mild cold-like symptoms should stay home.

Make sure your child has their own water bottle, sun hat and sun screen. Classes are participating in more outdoor activities now that the weather is fine.

School starts at 9:00 am. Please have your child here on time with their lunch, water bottle and snack. We try to reduce contacts by making sure all students are ready for school without interruption for the full day.

Attention Grade 4 and 7 Parents

FSA student reports will be sent home by Friday, April 23rd.

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upcoming event

April 26 – Professional Development Day – No school for Students.

April 28 – Photo Day (morning)

May 9 – Mother’s Day

May 24 – Victoria Day Holiday

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