Happy Holidays from Maple Grove !

All the best for 2021

Dear Maple Grove Families, 

You might have already heard, but in case you haven’t I wanted to share some news with you – Mr. Evans has been on leave since December 9th and is planning on returning on January 4th. His Dad is ill, and he has taken the time to be with his family. Filling in for Mr. Evans is Mr. Kevin Land. Mr. Land is a retired Principal, with over 37 years with the VSB. He has been a Principal at many schools, both elementary and secondary – most recently at Churchill Secondary. He started as an Elementary teacher and loves being back at schools. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Land join us at Maple Grove. 

As always, thank you for your incredible support at Maple Grove. We hope everyone has a restful holiday and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

-Ms. Cuccurullo, Vice Principal

-Mr. Land, Acting Principal

-Mr. Evans, Principal


Lia Cuccurullo

Holiday Hampers

It may not look like much, – especially compared to previous years – but these ten gift bags contain greeting cards, chocolates, crayons and gift cards for the BuyLow store in the Kingsgate Mall. Many thanks to BuyLow for adding 10% to the funds that we raised. These ten families, from our sister school, Nightingale, are made up of 40 individuals and vary greatly in number and age, but they will now have a much more festive holiday thanks to your support.

Thank you to all the generous families who donated to purchase the gift cards.

Thank you to Student Council (Ms Kao) for crafting some lovely greeting cards. Thank you to Ms Yeung, Ms Garrod, Ms Vermaas, Ms Peters for shopping and organizing and to Ms Nancy and Ms Julie for delivering to Nightingale.

Kindergarten Registration for 2021 2022!


Do you have a child born in 2016?  Registration for Kindergarten for 2021 2022 has already started!

Registration Process

Step 1:   Complete the online registration process at vsbapplynow.vsb.bc.ca  Print out the completed registration form.

Step 2:   Call Maple Grove to make an appointment to bring the completed registration form along with the required documents.

Step 3: Bring in the required documents including proof of Canadian citizenship, or PR card for at least one parent.


This is not a “first come, first served” registration process.  However, you should have your child’s registration completed by January 31, 2020.

Visit the  Student Registration Page on the Vancouver School Board website for more information.

In order to secure a spot in Maple Grove for 2021 2022 you should register before January 31, 2020.  And if you are interested in a Choice Program, you registration must be completed by January 31, 2021 so that you can participate in the lottery.

All the info is on the VSB website – or click on the Registration/Admissions tab on this website.

Siblings have priority placement – only if registered before January 31 – Please complete the survey titled: Important – Do you have a child born in 2016? Emailed to all families this week. This will help with planning and ensure that your child will secure placement as an eligible sibling.

Here is the link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=WC6KCzB7CEq6t9dVWeDjpf7TBhqOECVKtFMlo1NQbR1UOFpWWjNQSVQxTVVFNkFJRE5NOEkxOVA5VC4u


Maple Grove usually enjoys a live performance from Mr Quan and his choir and orchestra. This year they created a concert video to share with our classes to continue this wonderful musical tradition.

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

December 18th – Last day of school before the winter holidays

January 4th -First day back from the winter holidays

January 18 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

January 19th – Reentry to in-class learning for Option 4 students

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