November 26th Update

A word of thanks and recognition


Dear Maple Grove Parents,

I would like to pause for a moment and recognize the legacy of Maple Grove school; its staff (past and present); its students from 1924 to present; and the parents who’ve brought their children to school for almost 100 years.

There is a profound sense of being a part of a multigenerational community story.  Families, children, parents, teachers, administrators- some no longer with us- taught and learned in this great building for the past century.  Children and young adults were mentored as they “earned their way” into, and up, through the grades and life to adulthood.  Each generation being more successful than the previous. Succeeding generations were also very intentional about passing on a sense of community, purpose and values.  The students at Maple Grove go on to a variety of careers and professions- each with a unique and profound sense of purpose.  We have been blessed and privileged to experience this time together in this building that has survived so long.  It is indeed a building that has done much, for many.  But we can’t forget it’s the people who make the school great.  As libraries are the heart of a school; schools are the heart of the community.

Generations of staff, students and parents have experienced the mission, vision and values of our school.  And while they’ve changed and morphed over time, we have time to thank, for being a constant companion on this journey and legacy.  While we are a new school, or school community for many, we are a multigenerational legacy for many more.  Globalization and the mobilized economy tend to scatter family members all over the world. Even in cities with an abundance of career opportunities, it’s hard for families to stay together.  Multi-generational legacies are the result of a family story trickling down through several generations.  When families break up, the “story of us” can come to an abrupt end.  Often, however, it can gain much momentum. If families can stay together, they can be powerful fortresses of support and community for family members.  Our hope is, that however much time you’ve had att Maple Grove, you have come through our community as a kind, caring, intelligent, thoughtful productive member of society with a desire to make the world a better place through courage, conviction and compassion. 

Our Maple Grove community is a community that spans generations.  Where, as individuals, in time and place, our collective presence through the decades connects us.  I must admit, we don’t think about our past enough.  Our past shapes us- despite best intentions.  We are products of, not only heredity and environment, but also our schooling.  And an even less commonly asked question is: “What is the purpose and mission of my education?”  Certainly a question worth thinking about from time to time.

And so, on the eve of our last day in this school, that has done so much, for so many, for so long, I implore you to “give”.  Give.  Give of yourself.  Give, of your time.  Give in service to others. Give friendship.  Reach out to others and be the best you can be.  The power to change the world simply begs for a declaration of purpose for giving. 

We Look forward to being in the new Maple Grove with you.

As always,

Mr. Evans

Moving Day

Moving has already begun. Students first day in the NEW Maple Grove is Monday, November 30, 2020.

Here are the entrance points for each divison

What’s Happening with Option 4?

Dear Parents,

As the VSB is contemplating what’s going to happen with Option 4 in the future; and as Covid numbers seem to be spiking or in a 2nd wave; we want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what will happen after winter break if you move your child(ren) FROM  Option 1   TO    Option 4.

Currently, we anticipate that Option 1 will continue.  We are also anticipating an extension of Option 4 in some format lasting to Spring Break or beyond.  We will announce details when they become available.

Recently we have been getting a number of families asking about moving their child(ren) from Option 1 to Option 4.  It is important to know the following

We have about 400 students in Option 1 (attending school daily)
We have about 100 students  in Option 4.

In the past few weeks as Covid numbers are increasing we are getting families asking to move to Option 4.  Please know Option 4 is a At Home Transition to Schooling option, it is NOT a online learning program. 

Students who signed up for the program in September have received 90 minutes of social/emotional/academic check-ins from Ms. Wee.  Students who roll into Option 4 in Oct and Nov have total access to class videos, projects and assignments BUT not to the check-ins.  We simply do NOT have the staffing to add to the check-in teacher’s workload.

In summary, you can roll into Option 4 at any time, and you can have TEAMS access to assignments and class work, but you can NOT have 90 minute weekly check-ins with Ms. Wee.  At this point we are not able to definitively say if Check-ins will continue in January.  It’s extremely taxing on the staffing.  When we receive notice, we will let you know as well.

MG Admin Team

No School

November 27th is a Professional Development Day – No School for Students

Holiday Hampers


Maple Grove Elementary is continuing our school’s tradition with our Holiday Hamper Drive. This is to help families in need at our sister school, Nightingale Elementary. COVID means a very different version of the “Holiday Hamper”. We cannot accept any donations of food or other gift items, nor can we package up colourful and fun hampers for the families.

However, we can accept monetary donations through We are all aware of the difficulties and hardships that many people are facing with the global pandemic. Some people are more harshly affected than others. Gift cards will be a safe way to provide some extra holiday cheer to these needy families.

The collection period is short and has already started! November 25th to December 9th. Some families have already donated and we’d like to give a big THANK YOU to them. Please watch for an email from SchoolCashOnline and give generously.

Maple Grove PAC Holiday Gift Cards!!

gift cards

With the many restrictions due to COVID-19, fundraising for our kids’ school is severely impacted. Will you please consider supporting Maple Grove by doing some of your shopping and holiday gifting via the wide array of gift cards available in our fundraiser? The Maple Grove PAC campaign can be found here:

To honour COVID safety guidelines, all payment is online and gift cards are shipped directly to the address of your choice. Free lettermail shipping is available for a limited time for orders with no more than 4 gift cards and total value between $200-500 (you can make unlimited 4-card orders to fill your gift card needs). Electronic gift cards also ship free to your email box. In order for cards to arrive in time for the holidays, please order by December 10th.  If you have any questions, please email with subject line – “MG Fundraiser”. Thank you!

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