October 16th Update


Dear Maple Grove Parents,


Exciting times at Maple Grove! Construction is progressing nicely. Lots of concrete is being poured as the contractors turn their attention to the outside of the school. When we have details about moves/ timelines we will share with you.


Traffic Concerns/ Change in zoning/ Tickets

I would like to CAUTION all parents. The City of Vancouver (CoV) just put NO STOPPING signs along Cypress St (in front of the school). You can NOT STOP in front of the school. It is reserved for school buses only. (It doesn’t matter if a bus is there, or not). Do NOT stop or park your car at the front of the school. There are stopping zones to the North of the school and to the South of the school on Cypress St.

DO NOT STOP in front of the school or you will be ticketed. The CoV has advised us they will be placing enforcement patrols on Cypress looking for people who stop in the bus zone.

As always, we encourage drivers to (a) follow the rules of the road and (b) park a block or two from the school and walk in with your child. We have been advocating this for years in an effort to help reduce morning and afterschool congestion on Cypress St. We would love to see parents parking a block away and walking to/from school with their child. It makes for a wonderful transition and start/ end to their day.


NO SCHOOL- Friday, Oct 23

Friday, October 23rd is a Provincial Pro D Day for the Provincial Specialists Association (PSA). Students will resume school on Monday, October 26th.


Goal Setting Conferences (early dismissal at 2 pm)

Please be advised that our school Goal Setting Conferences take place on:

Oct 26th AND Oct 28th starting at 2:00 pm both days.

Early dismissal on both days at 2:00 pm.

There is no supervision provided. You must be at the school early on both days to pick up your child.

There was a minor typo/ mis-print in our School Calendar which we apologize for. Please know that Goal Setting Conferences will be on Oct 26 + 28.


Photo Day

No Photo Day this week… it was moved to January by the photography company due to Covid guidelines being approved.


Safe, Caring, Orderly Schools– FYI item

The staff at the district and at the school always have the safety and security of all students at the forefront of our minds. With a commitment to ensuring schools are safe, caring and inclusive, the Vancouver School District has updated the Fair Notice document and asked all schools to share it with their school communities.


School Fees are due now.

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The school supply fee covers the cost of basic school supplies (e.g. paper, writing tools, rulers, scissors, erasers, paint and exercise books. Some of the advantages include convenience, cost savings, and standardization of materials used in classrooms.
Pro rated at $3.50 per Month. 10 months = $35.00.  8 months (Nov 2020– June 2021) x $3.50 = $28

Please check your account at vsb.schoolcashonline.com to access your invoice.

Please note: The VBE will not deny a child access to school supplies because of financial hardship. If you would like to request either to postpone payment of fees or the waiver of fees, please contact the school Principal, Peter Evans, directly, preferably in writing


Maple Grove Pac Website
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upcoming event

October 23 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

October 26 AND October 28 – Early Dismissal at 2:00 pm – Goal Setting Conferences.

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