Oct 9, 2020


Dear Maple Grove Parents,

This Fall has been full of CONSTRUCTION:

1) We are ready and packed to move into the NEW Maple Grove School AND are awaiting a green light. We are hopeful that it may be before Nov. At this point, as a lot of outside work has to be completed- it’s kind of a weather dependent thing.

2) Not only are we preparing to move into our beautiful new Maple Grove School, but our website/blog has been under CONSTRUCTION as we update it to reflect Covid-19 times. Please be patient with us as we update the site and share a revised Parent Handbook; Code of Conduct and other reference material for you.

NO SCHOOL- Monday, Oct 12

Monday October 12th is Thanksgiving. There is no school. Students first day back will be Tuesday October 13th.

Please know that there are 45 returning Option 4 students who will be meeting Ms. Cuccurullo and Mr. Evans in the gym for a Health + Safety Orientation before going to class.

Goal Setting Conferences (early dismissal at 2 pm)

Please be advised that our school Goal Setting Conferences take place on:

Oct 26th AND Oct 28th starting at 2:00 pm both days.

Early dismissal on both days at 2:00 pm. There is no supervision provided. You must be at the school early on both days to pick up your child.

There was a minor typo/ mis-print in our School Calendar which we apologize for. Please know that Goal Setting Conferences will be on Oct 26 + 28.

Photo Day

No Photo Day this week… it was moved to January by the photography company due to Covid guidelines being approved.

Class Reviews

In case you were wondering, it is very common for schools in Vancouver to have students in session for a number of weeks (usually 4-6) while the teacher and resource teachers do literacy and numeracy assessments. Teachers also spend this time reading student files and acquainting themselves with their new students.

After this initial “getting acquainted time”, the school staff sit down with your admin team and the resource staff and discuss success planning for all the students in the school. This year, the process was delayed due to the delayed school start; the Option 1-4 choices for parents and Covid-19 in general. The school will be doing our student success planning meetings during the week of October 19th.

In addition to student success planning, classroom teachers and resource teachers will be starting the IEP review process. Individualized Educational Plans (IEP’s) are a formalized, personalized plan with strategic goals to help students achieve a successful, positive, engaging, educational experience. Only students with Ministry of Education Designations receive an IEP.

Safe, Caring, Orderly Schools– FYI item

The staff at the district and at the school always have the safety and security of all students at the forefront of our minds. With a commitment to ensuring schools are safe, caring and inclusive, the Vancouver School District has updated the Student Threat Risk Assessment Protocol. This is information that all Vancouver Schools are familiar with and follow when necessary.

Maple Grove Pac Website
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upcoming event

October 12, 2020 – Thanksgiving Day Holiday

October 13, 2020 – First day for Option 4 students to change to Option 1 – In school attendance.

October 23 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

October 26 AND October 28 – Early Dismissal at 2:00 pm – Goal Setting Conferences.

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