Week of Sept 21 for Option 4: Learning from Home Transition Support

Dear parents,

I am writing this evening to connect with families who have indicated that they are not yet not ready to have their children return to school for in-person as per our Ministry of Health Stage 2 BC K-12 Education Restart Plan.   

I want to assure families that we value all parents who chose options that work best for their families.  Option 4 students are part of the district’s Learning from Home Transition Support.  They will receive check-ins from a staff member and assignments starting this coming week.  Although some assignments and work will be provided by the teacher, the Learning from Home Transition program is not an on-line teaching and learning program.  Parents will need to provide regular educational support and supervision for their children.  Teachers will offer some opportunities for students to join in-person activities to prepare students for their return to in-person learning.  Check-ins will start the week of September 21st.

The temporary transition option was created with the following tenets: 

  1. This is a temporary transition option intended to support students in returning to in-person instruction on October 13, November 9, or January 5. 
  2. Schools will contact families prior to the above dates to check in advance if a family will be sending their child to return to face to face instruction. 
  3. Although some assignments and work will be provided by the school for Option 4 students, the Learning from Home Transition Support is not an on-line teaching and learning program. 
  4. Parents selecting this option will need to provide regular educational support and supervision for their children.  
  5. Schools will offer some opportunities for students to join in-person activities to prepare students for their return to in-person learning.  
  6. students will receive approximately 90 minutes of ‘check-ins’ per week. The purpose of the check-ins is for children to maintain and create a connection to the school and their class.
  7. The Learning from Home transition option will start in the week of September 21.

Students who are Learning from Home will be provided with check-ins from a staff member. The goal of the check-in is to create a connection between the student and school and to encourage transition back to in-person instruction. It is not intended as virtual or distance instruction.

Students may also be provided with the opportunity to come into the school to interact with their class or Learning Group. The goal of these opportunities is to increase the family’s comfort level in having their child return to school for in-person instruction.  Details will vary depending on the individual classroom.

Please note that check-ins can be a combination of virtual or in-person opportunities. If your child misses a check-in, teachers and/or staff will not be able to make up the time. Check-ins will be during the instructional day, between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please do not request a check-in for your child outside of these hours.

We understand that at times, parents will have questions about the assignments and how to complete them. If you are not able to support your child in their learning from home, we encourage you to send your child back to in-person instruction at the next re-entry date. Teachers are not able to conduct individual student check-ins at Maple Grove due to the large percentage of students who have opted for the Learning from Home option.

Teachers may offer opportunities to make connections to classmates who are participating in face to face learning.  Please watch for individual classroom teacher communications regarding this matter.  It is our collective goal that each student feels comfortable returning in person, and that they have a strong sense of their class community from the onset.

If you have any questions about the Learning at Home Transition support option, please consult the VSB website for details. We thank you for your patience as we prepare the check-in and in-person opportunities which will start this week. We want them to be meaningful and productive for everybody.

I want to assure you that the health and safety of all students, staff and parents is the top priority for our school and District. At Maple Grove we are adhering to the requirements of the COVID-19 Public Health Office’s Guidance for K-12 School Settings.   

I hope that you find this information helpful. We look forward to having you back with us soon.

Maple Grove Admin Team

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