September 18th Update


Dear Maple Grove Parents,

Today ends another busy week at Maple Grove. Classes have settled and we’re anxiously awaiting news regarding a move to the new building. While we wait, we are managing moth infestations, murder hornets, wildfire smoke, living in boxes, and a global pandemic. But as our former vice Principal use to say, “We got this!”

Earlier this month, the district asked all schools to survey families regarding their preference for how they would like their child’s schooling delivered. Thank you to our amazing Maple Grove families for being courageous and choosing either Options 1, 2, 3, or 4. The Transition from Home (Option 4) check ins start the week of September 21. We respect and value the choice of all families and recognize that you have made choices that are in the best interests of your family.

To review, the choices were:
o Option 1 – Return to in-person instruction in September
o Option 2 – Home Schooling
o Option 3 – Vancouver Learning Network (Elementary Program)
o Option 4 – Temporary Transition Support (Learn from Home Transition option)

Summary information was previously communicated in the August 24-27 survey and again in a September 1st letter. Options 1,2 and 3 have begun for most students.

The Option 4 – Learn from Home Transition Option (listed as Temporary Transition Support in the August 24 survey) that starts next week is an option being provided as a temporary transition for families who are able to support their child’s learning at home, until they are ready to return to in-person instruction.

Students in the transition option will be assigned to an in-person classroom in the school where they are currently enrolled to facilitate their eventual return to school. This space will be held for the duration of the transition period.

In December the District will re-assess this option prior to January to determine if it will continue in the new year. It stands to reason that if Covid-19 numbers continue to rise, and clusters or outbreaks occur in schools that the province may move the district to a different stage of response (we are currently at stage 2).

  1. Families who choose this option will need to provide regular educational support to their child at home.
  2. The success of a child’s learning during the transition period will rely on parents/guardians to ensure their child is engaging with learning and completing assignments.
  3. When considering the transition option parents/guardians should consider the learning needs of their child, their level of independence as a learner and their own availability to provide support.
  4. The amount of support and timing of support for students in the transition option will vary from school to school depending on the number of families that choose this option.
  5. All students in the transition option will be provided with assignments and weekly check-ins by a teacher to support their learning and monitor their progress.
  6. In a typical week, families should anticipate about 1.5 to 2 hours of check-in time with a teacher. This teacher may not be the enrolling teacher of the class to which the student is assigned to eventually attend in-person.
  7. It is important that families understand this is not an on-line learning program, but rather a support and transition option. Check-ins by a teacher with students who begin this school year in the transition option will begin the week of September 21, 2020.

Students with learning designations will continue to have an individualized education plan (IEP) and will receive support from resource teachers and SSA support staff located at their school. School-based resource staff will connect directly with families to discuss needs and support for these learners.

School Supply Fees

Thank you to families who have already paid their fees!

Each year families are asked to pay a small fee to cover all the supplies that are provided to our students. The amount is $35.00. This is a standard fee charged to all students. It is intented is to cover basic supplies that teachers distribute to students. $3.50 per month and this year the fee will be prorated depending on when the child begins attending school in person.

Families who have children currently attending school have already been asked to make this payment on our VSB online payment system: SchoolCashOnline. When signing up for SchoolCashOnline, please do not include the student number and use the child’s usual (preferred) name if they have one.

The instructions are here if you missed the email:

The deadline to submit payment is September 24th.

It, by no means, covers the supplies that students use throughout a school year. Schools often do a direct drive campaign to fundraise to purchase specialized materials and resources for students. There will be more information about this later.

Forgotten Lunch?

If you child forgot their lunch, lunch utensils, water bottle, jacket, etc. You may bring the item(s) to the front steps of the school and place in a blue bin. Make sure you have your child’s name on it!

Health Plans for students with severe allergies or other health conditions.

Care Plans need to be updated annually.

The relevant care plan for medical conditions such as asthma, diabeties, severe allergies etc, should be completed and signed by a child’s parent and physician annually. Care plans should be kept in a safe and accessible place, and staff who work with a student should be familiar with their care plan.  This year we ask that the parents be extra vigilant in completing the care plans and reviewing them with their primary care providers. Please be sure to contact the office if you have not informed us of a serious health concern, and if the school should have an epi-pen in an accessible spot for your child and school staff.

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upcoming event

September 25, 2020 – Pro D Day – No school for Students.

October 12, 2020 – Thanksgiving Day Holiday

October 13, 2020First day for Option 4 students to change to Option 1 – In school attendance.

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