Please complete the Program Choice Form that was emailed to parents for each of your children


Dear Maple Grove Parents,

This morning Maple Grove Student Records sent parents an email asking parents to indicate whether they would be coming back to school for “face-to-face” learning or Transitional Remote learning.

We graciously request that we receive a response for each child in attendance at Maple Grove. Otherwise, we will have to spend valuable time tracking down families for a response.

The Deadline to complete the Form is Thursday, Sept 3rd at 8 PM

We will collate responses after that time. The results will help shape some of the features of the features of the Maple Grove Restart Plan. It is our hope to get DRAFT details of that plan to you this weekend. And then finalize the plan early next week.

For now, please know:

  • Schools remain closed to the public. Only authorized personnel and student are allowed into the building. This is to reduce adult contacts. This applies to parents as well. In other words, parents are not allowed in the building. If you need access to the school, please make an appointment with the office 604-713-5356.
  • Adults must wear a mask in common areas (office, hallways, library, etc) or if they cannot physically distance.
  • Adults must sanitize their hands prior to entering the building.
  • Gr. 6/7 students must wear a mask in common areas of the school, or when they can not physically distance. K-5 students may wear a mask if they like, but it is not required.
  • Students must wash their hands upon entering the school and leaving the school in the morning, at recess, at lunch, and at the end of the day
  • School closes at 3 pm for disinfecting and cleaning.
  • School will have assigned am and pm meeting areas for students to gather and specific entrances and exits to use. This is to limit physical contacts.
  • School will have a staggered Recess and staggered Lunch with Primary students eating first, while intermediates play, and then primaries playing while intermediate students eat lunch. Students will eat lunch in their classrooms. Supervision Aides and SSA’s will provide supervision.
  • Cohorts are basically the class or division. While some classes may informally have a cohort of up to 60, we want our classes and exposures to minimize contacts.
  • Classes will be outside as much as possible… this may mean visits to Maple Grove Park, the Greenway, neighbourhood walks, etc. Fresh air is a good thing before the winter months set in.


Sept 8
No School for students
Staff meeting and planning
Staff H+S orientations

Sept 9
No School for students
Staff meeting and planning
Teachers contact returning families and share teacher info and meeting locations

Sept 10
School in session 9:00 to 11:30 am only (H+S orientation for students)
Students with the LAST NAME A to L attend only
Students bring a snack

Sept 11
School in session 9:00 to 11:30 am only (H+S orientation for students)
Students with the LAST NAME M to Z attend only
Students bring a snack

Sept 14
First day of classes for gr 1-7
K Gradual entry starts

Sept 21
Transitional Learning Option starts

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are working on getting our Maple Grove September Restart Plan to you as soon as possible. We are receiving information updates from the MoE and district as we speak. In addition, we are awaiting our survey information to help with school planning and to determine who will be in attendance for face-to-face instruction and who will be working remotely for the first little while.

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