August 22, 2020 School Update



Greetings Maple Grove Families,

We are looking forward to welcoming new and returning families back to Maple Grove for the 2020-2021 school year. School will look different for those families who have not been in attendance since March 13, 2020. Under the Provincial Health Authority and Ministry of Education guidelines for Covid-19, school districts developed restart plans back in June and revised restart plans presently. By now you should have received a letter from the Vancouver School Board that outlines the district restart plan. More details will be emailed and posted soon.

We have a lot of information to consider for restarting Maple Grove and we are working hard to ensure that it will be a safe restart for all persons in attendance. Additionally, as move from generalities to specifics for school restart and what that will look like at Maple Grove, we will share the information with you in a timely manner.

Suzanne Hoffman, Superintendent of Schools, emailed all parents of students attending Vancouver schools a copy of the proposed district restart plan on August 19th. If you have not seen a copy of the letter CLICK HERE.

In addition to the letter, the VSB has released a series of videos that explain in greater detail the reopening of schools and the health and safety guidelines. Click here to watch the videos: Videos from VSB

You will be receiving more information in the coming weeks regarding school reopening and what it may look like for our students, staff and families.

On that note, on Wednesday, August 19th Maple Grove and Cavell school communities received an email letter (see below) drafted by district staff and sent by school admin to the two parent communities. The essence of the email/ letter was to share with our communities that, while the contractors are close to finishing the new school, the plan will be to finish up/ tidy up/ prepare the school for occupancy and continue with the typical deficiency checks so that our move into the new school is not rushed or unsafe.

Personally, your admin team likes this plan as it may buy time for the school to slowly and thoughtfully move into the new building, while being mindful of distancing and spatial constraints. We like to proceed in purposeful and planned ways and we are working closely with the DMT, VPO, and VSB Material Services to ensure that our transition is smooth and safe.

Let me assure you that the province, district and school are working to ensure that Maple Grove has a safe and secure reopening plan and process in place that will, not only be applicable for September, but will be robust enough to carry into the fall/winter term and then throughout the school year. The letter states that the move will take place in the fall 2020.

Thank you for your patience. We will be in touch shortly.


Peter Evans, Principal
Lia Cuccurullo, Vice Principal

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