Greetings Maple Grove Families,

That was some year!!!! I’ve never experienced anything like it in my lifetime. I would like to thank the students, parents, staff and district staff for all their support for our school. During these unprecedented times, we really did need to be safe, calm and kind (Thank you Dr. Henry). Maple Grove was very cautious and purposeful in our approach to following provincial Orders from both the Provincial Health Officer (PHO, Dr. Bonnie Henry) and the Minister of Education (Rob Fleming). In addition, our DMT and SMT staff truly assisted all schools in understanding and approaching March – June with a clear, purposeful, safe and robust plan for delivering online and face-to-face (F2F) teaching and learning.

Of the approximately 500 students attending Maple Grove, we had about 10% of the students return for F2F instruction. The remainder of students participated in online learning.

I can’t help but feel that a lot of things were left undone. The absence of students was strange and uncomfortable… after all, most of us go into this business because we enjoy working with youth and look forward to the opportunities to engage with our students. However, this one is in the books. Like it, or not; and we turn our sights to a restful and relaxing summer- and eventually what September will bring (meaning Covid and where our province and district stand regarding their phases or stages for restart).

When we, at the school level, know what’s happening, we will share that information with you. Right now, we know nothing. It’s simply too early to predict where our province will be by the middle/end of August. Please know that our first day back will be September 8th. We’re presently scheduled to be in the new building, but there’s still work to do over the summer to get us into the new building. The movers have been in all week and the existing Maple Grove looks like a construction zone.

Please know that we will be reaching out to you around the 3rd week of August with information on the September start up. Please also know that due to the moving, personnel in the building, and covid regulations, our office is closed for the summer and we will not be answering messages until late August.

Please have a restful, safe and enjoyable summer. Relax, recharge and rejuvenate in beautiful BC as we enjoy local holidays this year as we honour physical distancing and limiting our travel circles.

Thank you everyone for all of your patience and understanding throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you in September (online or F2F) as long as we get to see you.

Your Maple Grove Admin Team

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