June 19






Good Day Maple Grove,

We hope all of you are aware:

Report Card & Personal Belongings Pick Up:
Monday, June 22   9-12 is the K-5 Report Card + Personal Belongings Pick Up Day.  During this time, students in K-5 will come to the school and pick up their June Report Card and Personal belongings.  Please go in the closest door to your class.  Only one person per family in the school.  Limit your physical footprint.  Do not wander the school looking for friends.

Tuesday, June 23     Div 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, 17,18 pick up their Report Cards and Personal Belongings.

Students who have been attending on T+W or Th, may choose to pick up on their face to face teaching day in order to limit their trips to the school.

We have some goodbyes to make:  I’ve spoken previously about Ms. Smith and Mrs. Humeniuk.  But, I would like to add:

Ms. Debbie Lam
Ms. Isabelle Tang
Mr. Francois Richard
Ms. Sue Belliveau
Ms. Anjum Khan
Ms. Ali Gjernes
Ms. Zoe McNair
Ms. Natalie Vernaas
Ms. Katrina Leroux
Ms. Kimberly Stacey

Ms. Thow

Ms. Stacey Sharifirad

Miss Taylor Jeske

Please join me in thanking, and congratulating these wonderful staff members as they move on to new and exciting adventures in their teaching careers.

More to come in next weeks year end blog.
Thank you,
Maple Grove Admin Team



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