From Us to You

May 04, 2020

Dear Maple Grove Students and Families,
While we are all staying safe by staying home, we also want you, our community, to know how much we love you and we miss you!

While many staff poured their hearts and souls into this video, I want to especially acknowledge the leadership of Ms. Hales.   Doing these types of projects is never easy and doing them remotely is just another potential layer and complication.  Thank you Ms. Hales for always thinking of the Maple Grove Community!

I also want to thank all the staff who, just like the video last week, got all excited and creative doing these amazingly creative, funny and passionate clips.  They sincerely miss each of you and desperately want to be with you.  We hope these little clips give you a glimpse into our homes.

This video was lovingly created just for you via email instructions to our staff, return emails, texts, and messages to one of our staff members who edited it together and posted it online, and it is shared here, for you, our students and families.
Please accept this virtual hug, our way of saying that we miss you and we are thinking of you.
Maple Grove’s Staff
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