Friday, April 10

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MG Engineering Staff and School Admin wishing everyone good health + safety

Dear Maple Grove Students and Families,
Thank you very much for your patience during these unprecedented times.  I’ve said before that this is a defining moment of our generation and how we conduct ourselves during this time will be remembered in history.

The Vancouver Board of Education and Maple Grove Elementary are trying to ensure students have access to learning, and at the moment, the extension of the classroom includes the use of technology.  If your child does not have access to a device or your internet is inadequate to the point it would impede accessing Microsoft Office365 (laptop computer, desktop computer or tablet), please email Ms. Smith before Monday, April 13th, and we will try to arrange for a device to be assigned to your child. 

The home use of a school computer is limited to households where there is no access to a laptop or tablet, and this information will be kept confidential.  We are working on a plan to support families with limited internet.

Superintendent of Schools, Suzanne Hoffman, has provided more information about what continuous learning will look like in upcoming weeks.  Please read her letter and other information regarding the learning opportunities to expect on the Continuity of Learning page.

Students will be conversing with teachers using Microsoft Teams, not their (or your) personal email.  Encourage your children to get in the habit of checking their VSB 0ffice 365 Outlook email, as Teams will be the main platform used to support learning. 

Please be reminded that all families and students have signed an Acceptable Use Policy Agreement form.  The (AUP) can be found here.  Students are expected to use Teams as they would in a regular classroom environment, and appropriate conduct (language, memes, usernames, etc.) must be appropriate.

While this pandemic presents many challenges and unknowns for most of us, we hope you are able to find some silver lining amongst the clouds.   We hope too that you are finding ways to make the most of this time with your families.  What a wonderful opportunity to connect and build closer bonds in these difficult times.  Staying at home and being apart from the usual hum of society when it’s not a choice is taxing for all, but many of you have shared that this time has also afforded your family experiences that will always be treasured.  The human spirit shall prevail!

We wish to acknowledge how challenging and difficult this situation is.  Many families have lost work, jobs and family during these times.  Our vulnerable learners, our special education learners, and our typical learners are all challenged as are all parents in supporting their children as we move to an online platform to support the health and educational directives required at this time.  The Continuity of Learning (CoL) model that we are currently supporting is limited, it is not what we had anticipated as educators or parents at this point in the school year, and it is not a duplication of the curriculum in its entirety.

Classes are proceeding in various ways as teachers adjust their routines.  Teachers have bravely ventured into online learning through Microsoft TEAMS, YouTube channels,  and various other platforms.  We know you will join us in applauding the creativity, energy and determination of our teachers and support staff as they strive to adjust to the present teaching reality and meet the needs of your children in the best way possible. Maple Grove teachers are right on schedule with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the District’s (VSB) recommended plan of action for CoL.

Teachers will be writing report cards… they will encompass prior to spring break AND progress made by students after spring break.  More information will be coming about this… but, essentially, it’s business as usual.  There are a number of resources for parents and educators.
Please know that your child’s teacher is your first point of contact if you have any questions or concerns.   That said, can reach our to Ms. Smith or myself if you require more information or support for your child(ren).

To recap, the district recommendation that all teachers are following is:

  • K-grade 3 Teachers will focus on literacy and numeracy through the core competencies. Teachers will assign work for five hours a week (about an hour a day) and will work with families to deliver these materials digitally or in paper packages as needed.
  • Grades 4-7 Teachers will continue to focus on literacy and numeracy through the core competencies. Teachers will assign work for 5-7 hours a week and will work with families to deliver these materials digitally or in paper packages as needed.

TOGETHER we can do HARD things!  We are very grateful and proud to be a part of the Maple Grove community.  We are a kind and caring community.  Stay safe.  We look forward to being together again!


Ms. Smith & Mr. Evans


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