Dec. 12 Update




More good news at Maple Grove for January.  Ms. Smith and I are happy to say we will be adding another full time support worker to our team.  This is over, and above, the additional supports that have been added through term 1.  We want to acknowledge the advocacy of our parents, and staff for their time, energy and effort as they work to support all students.

We’ve received lots of positive feedback about our latest School Code of Conduct display.  Our school Code is about Respect Yourself, Respect Others and Respect this place.  This bulletin display was about showing kids that they’re responsible for their actions, etc.

If you haven’t seen our latest messaging to students, check out the bulletin board across.  We are all about creating teaching and learning opportunities for students to learn about being responsible for their grades, success, actions, words and choices.from the office.

This week we were very fortunate to share a morning with the Magee Chamber Choir under the direction of Mr. Greg Quan.  Mr. Quan is so creative that he always has amazing students who are wonderful artists and musicians.  I even got involved in a duet of sorts with the string ensemble who accompanied the choir.  A lovely time was had by all.

Parent Traffic/ Parking Patrol- Last Call

I want to thank the parents who have come forward to volunteer for the parent parking/ traffic control.  If you would like to be part of this awesome, super amazing group, please email me directly

We anticipate an occasional meeting… a few email exchanges… and maybe a shift or two outside in the morning or after school to help encourage traffic movement along Cypress St.

Please be reminded that student safety is our primary concern.  We have safety patrollers who patrol the crosswalk at 47th Ave and Cypress St.  We want to ensure everyone is safe and following the rules of the road.

Also, please do not use the staff parking lot as a drop-off area.  Staff do their best to get to work on time and blocking them from parking in a timely manner is inconsiderate.  The CoV has installed new 3 minute parking signs all around Maple Grove.  We encourage you to consider parking around the perimeter of the building if you’re running short on time in the morning and not able to walk the block or two to reduce traffic.


Park + Walk


Please consider trying something NEW.

Park a block or two away from the school and walk the final block… this is an ideal time to talk and chat with your child about their day, play, school work, or just some simple mom/dad time with them.  What a great way to start their day!!!!!

Dear Parents… the school continues to have concerns over the fascinating and often dangerous driving habits we witness on a daily basis in front of the school.  It’s clear that we need adults out there on a daily basis to remind drivers of safe driving habits and to ensure the safety and security of our children as they come and go in the morning and after school.



Winter Concert

Each family will be guaranteed two tickets and these tickets have been distributed to all the classrooms this past week.

If we have any extra tickets, they will be available at the school office starting on Monday, December 16th.

They will we given out on a first come, first serve basis.  Don’t forget that you may attend the dress rehearsal on December 18th at 1:15 if you are not able to attend on the 19th.

Magee Student Leaders Teaching


gym  gym-1

Maple Grove and Magee are continuing our amazing working relationship.  Presently we have an after school strings program being sponsored by Mr. Greg Quan.  There are numerous CS (Community Service) grade 12 students who work in Maple Grove daily in a number of classes volunteering and working with staff and students.  As well as our admin teams who meet often to discuss school business.  We have added Magee PE leaders to the mix as well as student coaches.  Students from Magee Secondary School under the guidance of their gym teacher, Ms. Jennifer Reyes have been teaching some PE classes to our MG students.  They have designed fun games and we very much enjoy our special classes with them.  Thank you, Ms. Reyes and students!

The Gift of Giving

Thank you to all the families that have sent in donations and contributed money to our Holiday Hampers for families at our sister school, Nightingale Elementary.

Hamper boxes


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

December 18 – Dress Rehearsal for Holiday Concert (no ticket required)

December 19 – Holiday Concert (Ticket required)
Matinee at 1:15 pm and Evening Performance 6:30 pm

December 20 – Last Day of Classes for Winter Break

January 6 – School Reopens


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