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Good Morning Maple Grove (MG) families.  Happy Friday to all!  It was another busy week at Maple Grove.  Thank you to our amazing parents for volunteering for the Hot Lunch program.  It’s an amazing program that helps to feed students and support so many wonderful school-wide activities and events at Maple Grove.  Thank you also to the PAC Exec for organizing the awesome Meet the Teacher event yesterday after school.  Also, thank you to the staff who were able to join us for the event and laugh at the Know your Teacher trivia game.

I want to extend a big thanks to our PAC for the new fundraising initiative for Spirit Wear.  The t-shirts and hoodies are amazing and we love the Maple Grove Centennial Celebration logo on the back of the garments.  All proceeds go towards the new Maple Grove School.

We will be experiencing some staff changes at Maple Grove over the coming months.  First off… Congratulations to Ms. Brewster.  Laura will be going on Mat leave next week and we wish her and her family all the best during this special time.  We hope to see Laura back next year.  In the meantime, we have hired Alison Gjernes to replace Ms. Brewster.

Also, congratulations are in order for Ms. Shew.  Elizabeth is also expecting and she will likely be with us until January before heading off on leave.  We will fill Elizabeth’s position in the coming months.

For those parents who follow Foundation Skills Assessment testing… the FSA testing period this year is from October 1 to November 8.  We have already sent home a message from the Superintendent of Schools to grades 4 and 7 students outlining some general information.  FSA testing is the provincial government’s standardized measure to take a snapshot of student learning at a given point in time.  It is valuable data for schools- although I pause to note that none of the testing goes towards a students report card.  The testing is only for students in grade 4 and in grade 7.  Students may be excused from writing the test based on philosophical beliefs of the parents, educational concerns, academic concerns or similarly by the school for a variety of reasons.  Parents may write to the school asking for their child to be excused, or the school may write to the parent indicating that they feel they’d like to excuse the child.  Generally speaking, schools like all students to participate… but adhere to the discretion of the family.  The testing looks at Mathematics and Literacy and has a written and online computer component.  It takes about 6 hours to complete the test.  Testing is completed over several weeks.


Bring a smile on photo day!


Picture Day is Friday, October 4th.

Cold + Flu Season

SickGirlParents, please do NOT send your child to school if they’re sick.  They spread their germs to others.  Then, when your child is feeling better, their original sickness can come back to them when their immune system is already compromised.  Keep sick kids at home!  Children are more than able to catch up on any missed work… and no child will have missing or late work held against them if they were absent due to illness.  Thank you for your understanding.

Construction Matters

orange and black tractor next to piles of rocks

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Maple Grove is on schedule and the new building is moving along nicely.  If you haven’t checked out the build… have a look from the 3rd floor.  It’s quite amazing!




Dough Raiser Program

Do you shop at the COBS Bread in Kerrisdale? PAC has started a new fundraiser partnership with our local neighbourhood COBS Bread called the Dough Raiser Program. Just mention “Maple Grove Elementary” the next time you shop there, and COBS will generously donate 5% of your purchase to the Maple Grove PAC. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy…nothing extra is needed from you except uttering the magic phrase: Maple Grove Elementary!!!


Maple Grove Spirit Wear – Ignite the Wildcat within you!

Pre-order your Maple Grove Limited Edition Spirit Wear now! Go to the PAC Website ( and click the “Click Here To Order Your Spirit Wear!” button.  Great to wear at school events, sporting events, team events, field trips, or simply just because. All funds raised will go towards outfitting the New School. Deadline to purchase is next Friday, October 4th. All spirit wear is made-to-order and will be distributed to your child’s classroom in late October. Sample sizes will be available for viewing on Wednesday, October 2nd before (8:45am – 9:00am) and after school (3:00pm – 3:20pm) in the hallway outside the office. You can also check out sizing charts on the Spirit Wear Page on the PAC Website (



Young Rembrandts


Fall ROBOTICS Programs

Map G WD1 double



Brick Animation




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