May 3 Update

Planning for 2019-2020 School Year

This week HR is locking all school projections and working on entitlements for next year.  All schools in Vancouver are planning for September.  We’re working with numbers (graduating students, Kindergarten intakes, transfer ins and transfer outs).  We are also working with staff to determine what their plans are for next year.  Once we have more information from HR as to whether or not they agree with our projections and organization, we will provide that information to you.  We are just letting the dust settle and will be publishing a DRAFT school organization in the coming weeks.

Class Placement Requests:  We do not accept teacher requests.  We have criteria that we publish annually.  Class placement requests must be made in writing and are sent directly to the Principal and must adhere to the criteria.  A written request does not guarantee that your request will be granted!


The objective of class placement is to create and organize classes so that each student is in a positive learning situation.  The school also wants to ensure that each teacher has a manageable teaching assignment that conforms to Ministry of Education standards and the teacher’s Collective Agreement.

A. Instructional Criteria:

  1. Ability Distribution: there should be a range
  2. Work Habits: there should be a range
  3. Teaching/Learning Styles: should be considered.

B. Positive Social Grouping:

  1. Friendships
  2. Peer conflict
  3. Boy/ Girl ratio
  4. Positive leaders

C.  Other Criteria:

  1. Previous Experience: Previous class assignment of teachers & students is considered.
  2. Teacher Recommendations
  3. Parental Input
  4. Resource Team Input

D.  Attention to Each Child:

  1. Each child’s academic needs
  2. Each child’s social needs
  3. Class group dynamics
  4. Gender balance
  5. Equitable distribution of students

Parent requests must be delivered to the office and addressed to Mr. Evans and are due by May 27th

April 29th Professional Development Day

Pro D April 2019

Maple Grove staff working through the some communication exercises with our VP, Ms. Smith.  Richmond School District Superintendent- Ret, Bruce Beairsto joined us for the morning as MG has a team participating in the SFU deliberate conversations symposium series.  Four schools out of 93 applied and were selected to participate in the workshops this year and next.   We see significant value in constructive communication and collaboration- and moving into the new school is a great opportunity to put these skills into practice.

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

May 17 – Pro D – No school for Students

May 20 – Victoria Day Holiday

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