April 26th Update

Professional Development Day – Monday April 29th

No School for Students.




2019 Emergency Procedures- during NEW school build

DRILLS: Fire Drills, Earthquake Drills

  1. Classes will follow the usual procedures regarding exiting the building
  2. Our Emergency Mustering Area has changed due to construction. Instead of gathering on the North Gravel field, we will gather on the Primary Gravel field.
  3. Classes will line up in order Div 1 to 22, per the painted numbers on the wall.
  4. Follow our usual procedures re: sending a runner to Ms. Peters to report your class is safely out of the building


Big One at 2 PM May 2nd – Earthquake Drill:

  1. Students drop, cover and hold.
  2. After the last aftershock… students count to 60.  If another aftershock occurs, students start count over again.
  3. If 60 seconds passes and no aftershock… students get their jackets and backpacks and line up…. No talking. Listen to teacher for instructions.
  4. Teacher grabs their earthquake backpack.
  5. Teacher puts “ALL CLEAR” on doorknobs if all clear
  6. Teacher leads students out nearest safe exit.
  7. Gather on Primary gravel field per fire drill.
  8. Classes line up in order.
  9. Teacher takes attendance.
  10. Teacher gets student to hold up YELLOW division sign
  11. Teacher sends completed RED 1/2 sheet “Earthquake Emergency Status Report” up to Ms. Peters.
  12. School sets up for student release… use extended stay map procedures.



“Extended Release” replicates a situation in which staff, students and parents may be on school grounds after an earthquake for several hours/ days.   For the purposes of the drill, student release will start at 2 PM.  Release is totally optional.  Only if parents can make it, do we expect to practice releasing kids early.  No pressure!
(It’s changed from last year.  we will be in the South Staff Parking lot)

Parents enter MAPLE GROVE SITE off of 47th AVE
Parents line up according to student’s LAST name.
Only the persons on the Emergency Contact List can sign out a student
Parents and emergency contacts MUST have photo I.D.
Last year, lineups were long, we will have more staff at this station


  1. All Entrances to the school will be guarded. Access only off 47th AVE
  2. Maple Grove Greeter will be on 47th Ave
  3. Gate 1 Check-in. Provide instructions for parents.  Basically proceed to Gate 2 Student Release
  4. Gate 2 Student Release. Basically parents line up.  Get name checked. Runners go find kids on the field/division.  Runners bring students to the Student Release table and then parents and student exit the site via 47th (South side).  Through staff parking lot.
  5. Parents have the option to participate.
  6. Not all students will be picked up
  7. School is in session per usual
  8. At 2:45 pm we will end the drill… return to classes… prepare for dismissal as usual.
  9. Parents are expected to pick up at 3:00 pm like any other day.
  10. Students who were picked up early and released will be gone for the day.  They are not to be penalized in any way for not being in school at 3:00 pm.


Parent Volunteers:

In a real emergency, we may actively recruit parents to assist in whatever capacity they can.  It’s possible that we may have staff and students injured or trapped.  Recruiting parents will be done once parents have gone through Gate 1 check-in so we know who is on site.

Volunteers may be asked to help with:

Supervision, tracking, crowd control, translations, assisting students.


Volunteer Tea Garden Single Notice Blog


          THE POWER OF ART


The Art of Maple Grove Elementary 

Art show 1Art show 2Art show 3Art show 4Art show 5Art show 6

Some of our Maple Grove artists have their art currently on display at the new VSB Art Gallery at the School Board. We had our Art Show Opening on the 25 April and we were welcomed by Superintendent, Suzanne Hoffman, Associate Superintendent, Jody Langlois and Peggy Bochun, District Arts Coordinator.

We had a lovely field trip to the gallery. The students enjoyed seeing their art on display and had the opportunity to see the Reconciliation Pole that are being carved on the VSB site.

Thank you to all the students who created excellent art for the show and a special thank you to Ms. Garrod, Ms. Adams, Ms. Seebaran, Ms. Lam, Ms. Kao, Ms. Shoemaker, Ms. MacNiel and Ms. Smith for facilitating the art making and to Mr. Evans for accompanying us on our field trip.

This exhibition gives just a small taste of what will be on display at this year’s ARTelicious – Maple Grove Art Show on Thursday, 12 June. Mark this date in your calendars!! All MG students will have art on display at our own Art Show. The amazing Maple Grove teachers are facilitating wonderful art making in their classrooms.

Enjoy the photo collages of our special day!

Blueberry Bonanza Fundraiser
Wednesday May 1, 2019

The YMCA of Greater Vancouver’s Strong Kids Campaign is focused on raising much needed resources to support proven YMCA programs that give kids the opportunities they need to live healthier, happier lives now, but also to grow into productive adults. All proceeds raised will go to the Strong Kids Campaign and directly support children and families in the community.

Elevate Ultimate

For the next two weeks, Elevate Ultimate will be teaching Ultimate Frisbee to all the classes here at Maple Grove! They focus on teaching values such as sportspersonship and conflict resolution, all while improving athletes’ technical skills through small-sided and fun games.

If you want to see what the program looks like for yourself, Elevate is hosting a free demo on May 5th nearby at Granville Park. You can find all the information here.

Thank you for your support of our program. We are looking forward to “our portion” of the Magee fields being covered with kids & frisbees!!!

The future is Ultimate (36) (1)


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 29 -Professional Development Day – no school for students

May 2 – “Big One” at  2:00pm

May 3 – Volunteer Tea – 10:15 to 11:00am in the Library

May 17 – Pro D – No school for Students

May 20 – Victoria Day Holiday

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