April 12th Update

Early Dismissal – April 15th+17th -Student Conferences.

Please be aware that school will be dismissed at 2:00 pm on April 15th and 17th.  This is a change from our usual Wednesday/Thursday early dismissal days.  Please be sure you have made arrangements to have your child picked up at 2:00 pm on those days.


Dear Parents,

An important notice regarding amendments to the Maple Grove Elementary PAC Constitution and Bylaws, has been posted to the PAC website. We ask and encourage everyone to please follow the link below for full details.


Our PAC website does offer a Google Translate function found on the right hand side of the webpage. The goal of Google Translate is to convey the general intent of message, but please note that we do not guarantee the quality or accuracy of the translation. We do also encourage parents to have any critical documentation translated so that you can make informed decisions.

Thank you,

Your PAC Executive


有关修订Maple Grove小学家长委员会(PAC)章程和条例的重要通知已经发布在PAC网站上。我们恳请每位家长点击以下链接了解详情。

https://themaplegrovepac.wordpress.com/2019/04/10/important-announcement /

学校PAC网站在网页的右侧提供了谷歌(Google)翻译功能。 Google翻译的目的是让您了解文书的大意,但是我们不保证翻译的品质和准确性。我们也提请各位家长安排翻译任何重要文书,以便您做出明智的决定。

PAC 执行委员会


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Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 15 – Early Dismissal at 2pm -Student Parent Conferences

April 17 – Early Dismissal at 2pm – Student Parent Conferences

April 19 – Good Friday Holiday

April 22 – Easter Monday Holiday

April 29 -Professional Development Day – no school for students

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