April 5, Update





Welcome back from Spring Break!  My words prior to the Spring Break were, “You’ve probably noticed the wood + orange plastic fencing/ tree protection barriers going up around the trees on 45th Ave and Cypress St.  That means it’s probably not long before we’ll start seeing the beginnings of site envelope fencing, etc.  I’m quite certain you can expect to see the metal perimeter fencing going up sometime after Spring Break”.  Well, what a surprise!

The contractor, Chandos Construction, has been very busy and things are moving quickly.  They are very safety conscious, and so, have insisted on high fencing to ensure a safe worksite.  There are lots of plans coming for murals on the fencing and information sessions/ teachable moments for the students.  Stay tuned.

It is our recommendation that in order for parents to avoid traffic frustration, please do not drop off on Cypress St.  Park a block away and walk to school with your child.  There will be a significant number of heavy trucks and loaders using Cypress St over the next year.  Sometimes its just less aggravating to avoid the area rather than contribute to the congestion.

We’ve had a lot of student and staff sickness at Maple Grove prior to the break.  We encourage families to adhere to the following recommendations:

1) Do not send sick children to school – they don’t feel well or function well- and they infect other kids and spread their viruses.  They can afford to miss a day or two of school if they’re really sick.

2) If your child has just been sick… make sure they’re truly feeling up to being back at school. Rationale: if your child has a compromised immune system, your child is more susceptible to being reinfected and getting sick- again!

3) That’s why it’s important for sick children to stay at home.. When children have compromised immune systems and they are exposed to other children who are sick… they get sick again.  It’s a vicious circle.

Early Dismissal – April 15th+17th -Student Conferences.

Please be aware that school will be dismissed at 2:00 pm on April 15th and 17th.  This is a change from our usual Wednesday/Thursday early dismissal days.  Please be sure you have made arrangements to have your child picked up at 2:00 pm on those days.

Ultimate Frisbee is coming to Maple Grove!

Three lessons per class. April 30 to May 13.

Ultimate frisbee is fast-paced, non-contact, and fun. The curriculum has been designed by co-founders Danie Proby (a physical education teacher in the Burnaby school district) and Ari Nitikman, who have a combined 20 years of top-level playing experience including time on Team Canada.

Ultimate for Primaries too?! Yes! They have softer discs and have designed age-appropriate frisbee games where every student (K-7) can learn, find success, and have fun. We are excited to be hosting a program in which students of all ages can participate and we view bringing in expert coaches as a valuable way to enhance our PE program.

Fee is $11.50 per child.  Watch for an email with more information.  Please pay online at https://vsb.schoolcashonline.com.



MG ANI 19.jpg

Student Achievement

Congratulations to Thailey Roberge.  Thailey has been cast as the lead in the upcoming Arts Club production of Matilda.  Thailey will be sharing the role with another girl, with alternating performances that begin mid-May through July.  Thailey has had several performing arts experiences and we wish her all the best with her latest endeavour!  Bravo!!Thailey


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upcoming event

April 15 – Early Dismissal at 2pm -Student Parent Conferences

April 17 – Early Dismissal at 2pm – Student Parent Conferences

April 19 – Good Friday Holiday

April 22 – Easter Monday Holiday

April 29 -Professional Development Day – no school for students

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