March 8th Update



Good Afternoon Maple Grove families.  You’ve probably noticed the wood + orange plastic fencing/ tree protection barriers going up around the trees on 45th Ave and Cypress St.  That means it’s probably not long before we’ll start seeing the beginnings of site envelope fencing, etc.  I’m quite certain you can expect to see the metal perimeter fencing going up sometime after Spring Break.

Congratulations to the Senior Boys and Girls Basketball teams.  While the Sr Boys ran into very strong teams throughout the season, they played well, learned a lot, developed skills and tried hard.  The Sr. Girls team had an excellent season winning all but one of their games.  They made it into the City Tournament, but lost to the City Champs in a hard fought, fast-paced, game this week 44-34.  Thank you to Mr. McDonough and Mr. Evans for coaching both teams.

We’ve had a lot of student and staff sickness at Maple Grove over the past two weeks. Parents please adhere to the following recommendations:
1) Do not send sick children to school – they don’t feel well or function well- and they infect other kids and spread their viruses.
2) Keep sick kids at home- they can afford to miss a day or two of school if they’re really sick.
3) If your child has just been sick… make sure they’re truly feeling up to being back at school. Rationale: if your child has a compromised immune system, your child is more susceptible to being reinfected and getting sick- again!
4) That’s why it’s important for sick children to stay at home.. When children have compromised immune systems and they are exposed to other children who are sick… they get sick again.
It’s a vicious circle.


Please don’t send your kids to school if they are not well!

There is a nasty stomach bug that is going around.  Many of our students have contracted this and are coming back to school before they are completely well. There is no immunity against this  bug and people can get sick more than once.  Please read the guidelines below from Public Health on when to send your child back to school after being sick.whentosendchildtoschool

Further info on the recent measles outbreak:

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