January 11 Update

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Dear Maple Grove Families,
Welcome back!  We look forward to a wonderful term and remainder of the school year!  This week has been busy with SPED meetings, two Physical Health Education Parent information sessions (one on Tuesday and one this morning) as well as an Choice Program Montessori “K” and Gr 4 meeting for new families planning to attend in September.

Regarding seismic news, we have been told to anticipate fencing to be erected at the beginning of February.   The electrical transformer work with BC Hydro is now complete.

Please read the notice below… it will affect everyone on Tuesday morning.  We are asking that you have your children at school on time that day otherwise you may be profoundly inconvenienced due to a safety drill taking place at Magee and Maple Grove.


All Parents… please read this…

Maple Grove will be having a Secure + Hold drill

Tuesday, January 15 at 9:05 am.  It effects the whole school

The school exterior doors will be locked and nobody will be allowed in or out

This applies to ALL students, ALL parents, ALL staff, ALL visitors

From time to time, all schools practice drills for a variety of emergency situations.  Lockdowns (where there is an active threat) and Hold + Secures (where there may be a threat in the nearby community) are scenarios schools practice to ensure that if there was to be a situation outside our control, we will have some idea how to respond in a safe and secure manner.

A Secure + Hold Drill is when the school receives information that a potentially serious incident is taking place in our nearby community… and the police ask the school to lock our exterior doors only as a precaution.  Students may move within the building, but nobody is allowed in or out during the drill.  We anticipate the drill lasting approximately 20 minutes.

If you are in the school when the drill starts, we will be insisting that you remain in the school for the duration of the drill.

If you arrive late to drop your child off… and the drill has already started, you will be asked to remain outside for the duration of the drill and to seek shelter in your vehicle.

We do not expect parents to be knocking on the school doors during this drill as we will be busy with the police and communicating with our staff.

Two years ago, Maple Grove and Magee Admin Team with the VPD decided to utilize a communication app to communicate with one another when situations were taking place at either school.  This has been tested and used in several real situations at both schools.  The VPD and VSB want to observe the two schools using this process.  Rather than do it when nobody is around… in an effort to make this as real as possible… they’ve asked to conduct the drill at one of the busiest times of the day.  They would like to see how this works and what the two schools do.

On Tuesday morning at 9:05 am, Magee will Lockdown and Maple Grove will go into Hold + Secure.  We anticipate this drill lasting about 20 minutes.  It”s important for us to practice this drill so that in the event of a real situation, we can keep students as safe as possible.

Please don’t arrive after 9:00 am Tuesday.  Please don’t hang around on Tuesday morning unless you want to be locked in the school with us for 20 minutes.  Please don’t arrive late and stand at the doors knocking to come in.  Please don’t line up and wait outside the school until 9:30 (go back to your car and wait patiently)  Please don’t call the office or email the school as we will be busy with the police and communicating to our staff.  Please be on time Tuesday and let us practice the drill on our own.

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Maple Grove’s Exceptional Group.

For families with special needs (physically and neuro diverse) kids, navigating the school system can be complicated, stressful and lonely. Connections and information can help. Come join your community in this warm and friendly FREE 6-week parent led group for adults supporting special needs/physically and neuro diverse learners.


Join in parent-led conversation, advocacy, resource sharing, relationship building and more. To register or for more information email: inclusionandadvocacy@gmail.com

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January 25 – Pro D Day – No school for students

February 15 – Pro D Day – No school for students

February 18 – Family Day Holiday



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