November 8 Update

Professional Development Day tomorrow – no school for students.


2018 Grad Legacy Gift Presentation

This week some of the folks from last year’s awesome Parent Grad Committee dropped by along with some our our 2018 grads to present the school with a legacy gift.  The beautiful plaque will hang in the school (somewhere near the office) for the next couple of years and then make the transition over to the new Maple Grove school building when we move in 2020-2021.  Thank you to the Committee for their wonderful support and efforts to make last year’s grad special.

2018 grad legacy gift

Maple Grove Website – School Blog

The Maple Grove School website is transitioning to the peoplesoft software that the VSB uses for remotely managing school information.
In an effort to help our school community adjust, we are running the two sites simultaneously for the remainder of this school year.  You may link to our old site from the VSB main page.  You may also know our old site as     We will continue to use the WordPress school blog feature on the old site as our community is used to this presentation style.  The new website is

We will manage the two for the remainder of the year and eventually migrate to one once we’ve given our community time to adjust.

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

Friday, November 9th – Professional Development Day – no school for students

Monday, November 12th – Remembrance Day Holiday.

Wednesday, November 21 – Immunization Day

December 14th – Open house for Interested Montessori Kindergarten Parents  11:00 am

December 21st – Last of school before the winter break

January 7th – First day of school after the winter break


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