September 7th Update

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Greetings Maple Grove Families,

Good Morning!  We’re writing to advise you that we’re anticipating construction of the NEW Maple Grove Elementary School to start in January 2019.   What that looks like and what type of work will be taking place remains to be seen.  However, at a planning meeting this week, Ms. Smith and I were advised that it is the intent of the VPO (Vancouver Project Office) to begin work in January.  That may consist of site prep or other things.  Stay tuned for more details.

A new underground raceway has been installed over the summer from Maple St to the Stockroom inside Maple Grove.  This was necessary work as the existing lines for electrical and hydro run where the new school will be constructed.  In other words, contractors have changed new utility services between the two schools (near the grass field and our earthquake container and our adventure playground).  This phase of the project has been completed, but the reseeding and new grass needs to be completed.  The fencing that runs East-West will  stay up past the reseeding phase to allow the newly planted grass a chance to take.  This blocks westward access to Magee and its field.

IMG_2693In addition to the Magee envelope upgrade there has been  some site prep taking place in anticipation of the new Maple Grove Elementary School seismic project and the appropriate upgrades to city connections that are necessary under present day building code.

In summary, while much of the work has been completed over the summer there are some residual effects from the work- and some finishing work that needs to take place.

park and walkWe are defaulting to our historical recommendations to families… if you can walk to school, please do so.  We apologize to our families to the west as they will have to walk to Cypress street (about 100m past the opening in the fence they usually use) and access the north end of the school near our gym.  We further recommend to families that if you drive, park a block or two to the east of the school and walk along 45th or 47th to the the school.  Please use our south, north entrance or west entrance.  Please do not use the front entrance as there is NO WALKWAY for your child.  Delivery trucks use our “C” driveway all day and they are not expecting children to be walking on the driveway.

Also, please do not use the staff parking lot as a drop-off area.  Staff do their best to get to work on time and blocking them from parking in a timely manner is inconsiderate.  The COV has installed new 3 minute parking signs all around Maple Grove.  We encourage you to consider parking around the perimeter of the building if you’re running short on time in the morning and not able to walk the block or two to reduce traffic.


We appreciate that this was a lot of information and not an ideal way to have our year start.  However, all of this is being done to ensure Magee and Maple Grove students have safe new schools in the coming years.  We view this as short pain, for long term gain!  We will all work together and come out the other side happy to be in a dry, safe amazing new school.  Please refer to this blog for regular updates.

Happy Schooling,
The Maple Grove Staff

Information re: Fees and Forms

We are gradually sending home envelopes containing information on fees and forms for parents to sign.  Hopefully all students will receive their packages by Friday, September 14th.  You will  notice that there is no Student Accident Insurance information in the package – although it is listed on the cover letter.  Due to a late change in policy – sign up is available on line only.


Thank you for your support of the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance program. It has been a long and rewarding partnership and is truly appreciated. Over the years, Kids Plus™ has helped many families, providing much needed reimbursements for out-of-pocket costs. We appreciate your support and we are truly grateful for the part you have played.

We have big news: the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance school distribution program is moving online!

All partner school boards can now access for information about Kids Plus™ which they can use on their respective websites, e-newsletters and social media. The main website at will continue to be available for parents to purchase coverage, access claims forms and full plan information online. Additionally, for 2018 we’ve decided to take our mission to be green one step further by discontinuing distribution of all Kids Plus™ Notices (Brochures) to reduce our overall paper use. These changes are part of our ongoing commitment to continuously provide superior and meaningful service to our partners and clients while reducing our impact on the environment.”

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our new promotional landing page, our Kids Plus™ Client Service Specialists would be happy to assist you. You may contact us toll-free at 1-800-556-7411 or email


Ed Bender

National Vice-President, Special Market Solutions


Meet our Vancouver Police Officer

Ben Wong-Moon our School Liaison Officer (SLO) is riding in the Cops for Cancer ride for Children’s Hospital.  Ben has been a super supporter of Maple Grove and is an all round wonderful person.  If you’re interested in supporting Ben, please visit the Cops for Cancer website.

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upcoming event

September 14th – Terry Fox walk to Maple Grove Park

September 17 to 20 – Book Fair

September  21 – District Wide Pro Day – No school for students

September 27 – Meet the Teacher 3:15 pm in the Gym

September 28 – School-wide Orange Shirt Day



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