June 15 Update

principals-messagePRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

Dear Parents,

Another busy week has flown by.  Special thank you’s to all the parents who put their names forward to sit on the PAC Executive next year.  Congratulations to those individuals who were elected, and thank you to those who were courageous and accepted their names going forward.  I especially want to thank the current executive for running such a challenging and busy meeting.  Galen you are wonderful and very professional.  Karrie, thank you for taking us through the budget.  Thank you to all the parents who came out to participate in the process of an AGM meeting.  They are usually procedural and busy to say the least.

This morning Maple Grove had a seismic presentation to parents at the cookie time meeting… it was nice to see the update of the new school building.

We also welcomed and toured our New Gr 1-7 students. (We already did our Welcome to Kindergarten a few weeks ago).  Thank you to Ms. Tornroos for opening the library to our meetings and to our gr. 6 tour guides.  It was an informative session and we look forward to seeing our new Maple Grove students in the fall.


School Organization

Below is a TENTATIVE DRAFT organization of the school.  Our numbers or very unstable and we are prepared to reorganize in September, if need be.  However, at the moment, we are looking at staffing/organization such as this:


NAME                                DIV.    GRADE     ROOM 
Mrs. Marianna Humeniuk              1       7         301 
Ms. Chris Plavan                    2      6/7        303 
Ms. Christina Karakanta             3       6         302 
POST                                4       5         309 
Mat Leave(M,T)/Ms. Dora Tsang(W-F)  5      4/5        311 
POST(M-T)/Ms Alix MacNiel(W-F)      6      3/4        304 
Ms. Kiara Yeung                     7      3/4        206 
POST                                8      2/3        208 
Ms. Amber Garrod                    9      1/2        213 
Ms. Brittany Shoemaker              10     1/2        211 
Ms. Seebaran(MTW)/Ms Tang(Th,F)     11      1         104 
Ms. Wendy Wong                      12      1         207 
Ms. Debbie Lam                      13      K         205 
Ms. Sharon Hales                    14      K         203 
Ms. Megan Burghall                  15      7 M       305 
Ms. Michelle Griffiths              16     4/5/6 M    313 
Ms. Gretchen Bartlett               17     4/5/6 M    307 
Ms. Sarah Adams                     18     4/5/6 M    310 
Ms. Chantelle Boulanger             19     1/2/3 M    108 
Ms. Eva Lin                         20     1/2/3 M    109 
Ms. Lize Hart(M-Th)/Ms Belliveau(F) 21     1/2/3 M    106 
Ms. Chloe Kao                       22        K  M    201 
Ms. Denise Watkins                  Resource 306 
Ms. Sonya Serbic                    Resource 308 
POST .5999 (T, W, Th)               Resource 
Mr. Francois Richard (M,F)          Resource 
Mr. Francois Richard(T-Th)          Prep 319 
Ms. Peggy Griesdale (T-Th)          Prep 319 
Mr Steve Collins (Wam;Thpm)         Prep B.Basement 
Mrs Linda Tornroos                  TL Library 
Ms. Celia Lyons (M,W,F)- 2438       Counsellor 212A 
Ms Meredith Land                    SLP 317 
Ms Harj Johal Nurse 
Ms Susanna Song MCLW (Chinese) 
Ms Elisabeth Chan Settlement Worker 
Ms. Anita Goddard Home Instructor 318 
Ms Gina Oleksiew SSA 
Mr. Allan Johnson (M,T,F) Ms Andrea Corbett (WTh) SSA 
Ms Lindsay Forsberg SSA 
Ms Jessica Blackler SSA 
Ms. Maria Fiskillis SSA 
Ms. Sophia Politis SSA 
Mrs Jane Peters Admin. Asst. 
Ms Dawn Lincoln (Th/Fri) Clerk Typist 
Mrs Nancy Emery Supervision Aide 
Mrs Julie Szeto Supervision Aide 
POST Supervision Aide 
Ms. Angela Liu Supervision Aide 
Mr Alfred Malimban Building Engineer 
Mr Zandro Mozambique Asst. Engineer 
Mr Domingo Guzman Night Engineer 
Mr Ben Wong-Moon S.L.O 
Ms. Mariette Smith Vice Principal 214E 
Mr. Peter Evans Principal 214D

Ultimate Team wins Pool F, but loses in Semi-Finals

a1 a4  a3  a2



“Sports Day is a week away!  Sports Day is on Friday, June 22.  On June 22, students need to be in their classrooms at 8:30. Don’t be late! On June 22, students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Students are asked to dress in their team colours (your child’s teacher will tell them what team they are on) and to wear running shoes and appropriate clothing.  The long term forecast is calling for sun on Sports Day so please remember to put on sunscreen and to wear a hat. Parents and guardians are welcome to join us to cheer on the teams.

We would like to extend a special thank-you to all of the high school students from Magee and Point Grey who are coming to help us out.  At last count, 40 high school students have volunteered.  Thank-you, too, to the PAC for providing freezies to the students.”




Leaving school early for summer vacation?

The school will be happy to mail your child’s report card if you provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Otherwise you may give your teacher a note to allow another person to collect the report card.  Any reports cards that are not collected on June 28th will be kept in the office until September.

Lost and Found

Please encourage your child to check the Lost and Found for missing items.  We’ll have to donate and/or dispose of all the items in the next couple of weeks.

Summer Camp at Kerrisdale Community Centre

See link below:

Kerrisdale CC Summer Camp


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

June 20 – Grade 7 Trip

June 22 – Sports Day – Students arrive at 8:30 and are dismissed at 1:30

June 25 – Grade 7 Grad

June 27 – Primary Picnic (Note – change from June 26th)

June 27 – Service Assembly

June 28 – Awards Assembly – Last Day of School for Students – Reports go home

June 29 – Admin Day

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