June 13th PAC AGM Reminder


Maple Grove小学家委会(PAC)年会将于6月13日晚上7点在学校图书馆召开。我们热诚欢迎您的参加。会议提供照顾小朋友的服务,您可以带孩子来。同时,我们也安排中文翻译,请您不要有语言障碍的顾虑。


我们如何使用家长们捐赠的款项?我们如何支持学生们的课上及课外活动?怎样替学生们营造更好的学习环境?如何保证孩子们的健康快乐成长?我们家委会怎样帮助和支持老师和学校?这些问题的答案都藏在预算案无声的数字里。预算案的草案已经公布在家委会的网上,您可以上网先读一下预算(MG PAC Treasury 2018-2019_20180601)。参加会议的时候您也可以提出自己的意见和建议。


Maple Grove小学家委会



Dear Parents,

Please come and join us Wednesday June 13 at 7 pm for the PAC AGM.

AGM is an important meeting, Our proposed budget will be presented & voted on, is available for your review here MG PAC Treasury 2018-2019_20180601

Also, we will vote for the executive officers for coming school year.

How can we best support our children? How can we make Maple Grove a wonderful school? What can PAC do to support our teachers and the school? (For example, money for art education, music and performances.)  Please come and discuss the budget to give your opinion.

We need parents to participate various volunteer activities, we also need executive officers to lead and organize activities. We need you come and vote on executive officers for next school year. You will make the difference!

The Maple Gove PAC

June 8, 2018

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