February 9


No School on Monday – Enjoy the long weekend. Students first day back is Tuesday



 Dear Maple Grove Families,

I just wanted to acknowledge our wonderful PAC for all of their hard work in making Friday’s Lunar New Year’s event such an amazing success!  We have so many talented and wonderful parents who have many skills… it’s awesome to see them in action!  Thanks to everyone- from those who stayed behind to clean up, to those who worked tirelessly putting together donations.  Thank you to the Lunar New Year Committee members as well for all of their time, energy and effort!  It was a yummy event with so many highlights.  Special thanks to Paula Temrick for all of her efforts in organizing committee members.

On another note, from time to time, schools practice for emergency events (e.g., fire drills, earthquake drills and lock down drills).  Schools do this in an effort to prepare students so that if they’re faced with an unfortunate event actually happening, our staff and students are prepared.  In the fall, Maple Grove practiced for these events, like all schools in Vancouver.  We will continue to practice inside drills including shelter in place and/or secure and hold.  In the spring we will also be practicing our District wide earthquake drill.

Sometimes students can be anxious or apprehensive with these drills.  Maple Grove has a wonderful staff who are always supervising and looking out for your child’s best interests.  We encourage children to talk to their teacher if they are feeling anxious or apprehensive.  Sometimes, that’s all that’s needed.  If more support would be beneficial, we have our amazing school counselor.  Ms. Lyons is at Maple Grove Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays all day.  She is accessible to students on a drop-in basis.  She is usually outside with the children at recess and lunch along with Mr. Evans, Ms. Smith, our Supervision Aides and the SSA’s.  If parents need to contact Ms. Lyons, she can be reached by calling the school or by email.  Ms. Lyons actively works in classrooms with students as well as with small groups of children in her counselling office (located next to the library).  While we have previously mentioned these types of procedures in our school blog and Maple Grove Handbook (mapegroveschool.net), we will be adapting these documents over the coming weeks so that information is more readily available to everyone.  Thank you for helping to keep Maple Grove a safe place to learn.

What a way to finish this week.  Hip Hop dancing lessons were a blast!  Jarec was amazing and so too were our amazing MG Dancers!  Thank you to our awesome PAC for subsiding some of the costs; thank you to parents for helping to bring Boogaloo into the school; and huge thanks to staff and students for making all the necessary scheduling changes to accommodate this wonderful production.  We are super excited about Thursday afternoon class presentations.


Parent Information: Advocating for Students

Hi Maple Grove Families,

We would like to invite Maple Grove families, particularly families with exceptional children who may have an IEP to attend an information session next week.

The process of navigating the school system for parents of exceptional kids can be confusing, overwhelming, frustrating, lonely and sometimes impenetrable- especially if you are new to Canada or if English is your second language.  Becoming aware of the services, resources and supports that are available to children and families can be daunting and difficult to navigate.  In many ways, parents of exceptional children and vulnerable learners are required to navigate and advocate for their children and the services and supports available to them.

It is incredibly hard to do this alone.  Parents with children who have physical, social, emotional, behavioural or mental challenges are already taxed and tired from parenting and supporting their child.  To learn your child’s rights and to feel confident and emboldened to demand them is more than some parents can do by themselves.  It is my hope to bring parents together for some information sessions, support and community. The journey of a special needs parent can be isolating.  Even though research tells us that having special needs kids supported in classes actually increases the learning for ALL students in math, language and other academic outcomes, there can still be stigma and shame sometimes associated with having an exceptional child.

If you are interested in more information or would like to discuss this topic as a group, email me at themaplegrovepac@gmail.com. If you would like to attend a parent information session on this topic before the end of the school year, please let me know if a day or evening presentations works best for your family.

Wishing you all care and support as we walk this path together.

Galen Hutcheson
Parent Advisory Council (P.A.C) Co-Chair.


Exciting Things Around the School- HERE


Great things happening in Div 14.  Take a look

What’s going on in Ms. Hales room?


Foodie Kids Logo WHITE Updated

PAC FOOD DAYS – 41 Noodle & Rice Pot Day is Feb 23rd!

Our launch of 41 Noodle & Rice Pot day last month was a big hit!  Don’t miss out on another chance to have authentic Asian cuisine for lunch from 41 Noodle & Rice Pot House. Choose from:

  • BBQ Pork & Egg Fried Rice
  • Egg & Vegetable Fried Rice
  • Sweet Corn with Chicken on Steamed Rice
  • Stir Fried Pork with Rice Vermicelli
  • Stir Fried Beef with Flat Rice Noodle

Go to: www.munchalunch.com/schools/MapleGrove

Deadline to order is Thursday, Feb 15 @ 11:59pm.

Valentines arrives early to Maple Grove:
Students are gearing up for Valentines Day!

valentine sales


magee market fair 2018.png


Family Day Festival Poster





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upcoming event

February 12 – Family Day Holiday

February 19 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

February 23 – Ready, Set Learn

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