January 12 Update



 Dear Maple Grove Families,

It’s nice to have a weekend ahead of us!  These are busy times at Maple Grove.  We have several staff away or on leave.  Ms. Smith is away for the month of January.  Mr. Johnson has extended his leave until, at least, the middle of February, and Ms. Tseng has gone on maturity leave.  We wish all the best for our staff.

We have a TOC for Ms. Smith’s resource piece of her assignment, and that’s a good thing!  In terms of her VP assignment, I will be covering for her.

Human Resources has appointed Mr. David McDonough until further notice to replace Mr. Johnson.  This is welcome news as we’ve had several TOC’s in the class (Dec and Jan) and it will be nice to have consistency and continuity for the students.  Please welcome Mr. McDonough!  While the leave is officially until the middle of February, we are anticipating that it may possibly be extended beyond that.

Ms. Tseng’s assignment is being worked on currently and we hope that a TOC will pick up the assignment for Mondays and Tuesdays thus providing consistency and continuity for the class.  It’s our priority to ensure that all Maple Grove students receive an engaging and robust education

aaa report p.2Many staff are busy writing report cards this weekend.  Maple Grove is one of the 63 elementary schools participating in the district communicating student learning report card pilot project.  As such, we are on a slightly different timeline and structure for reporting.  We are publishing report cards on January 26th.  (unless you have a student in a class who’ve already handed out reports).  So stay tuned!   (I pause to note that Div 5 will not be receiving a report in January.  We will be working with the new teacher, Mr. McDonough, to find a future date for reporting.)



I would also like to apprise our school community that we are planning to practice with our policing partners a lock down drill on Tuesday next week.  It would be helpful if parents are not onsite or in the school at this time, as we will be focused on walking through our emergency procedures.  Many of our doors will be locked and there may be multiple officers on sites helping our School Liaison Officer check for locked doors, safe students and staff, and looking for ways to improve our safety.  This will require all of our attention and their attention as well.  We request that you afford us time from 10:00-11:00 to complete this process.  Thank you in advance for your assistance and support!

Kindergarten Registration for 2018 2019!


Do you have a child born in 2013?  It’s time to register for Kindergarten for 2018 2019!

In order to secure a spot in Maple Grove for 2018 2019 you should register before January 31, 2018.

All the info is on the VSB website – or click on the Registration/Admissions tab.

We are wondering about Montessori numbers – do you have a child born in 2013 who has a sibling in Grades K to 6 Montessori at Maple Grove?  Please call the school at 604 713 5356 to let Mrs. Peters know.


late for school

Whenever your child is going to be absent or late for school.  Please call the Safe Arrival Number  

(604)-713-5159 ext 48

Our teachers are now entering attendance on their laptops and are not able to enter a reason for absence.  Please make sure you advise Safe Arrival via the above number so our volunteers don’t have to interrupt classes, or make phone calls for absent children who have not been reported to Safe Arrival.

Please call 604 713 5159 ext 48 if your child will be late or absent.  Follow the prompts and leave your child’s name and division, and the date(s) they will be late or absent.

We will continue to ensure your child is safe at school each morning via parent volunteers.  If you do not wish our parent volunteers to conduct a follow up if your child is unaccounted for, please let the school know as soon as possible.





MG.YoungRembrandts Flyer.W2018


Lunch at Maple Grove

School Blog Post_Jan 12 2018 JPG

The next deadline to order a PAC Food Day lunch is Thursday Jan 18 @ 11:59pm. Get your order in by this day and you can provide your child with authentic Asian cuisine for lunch, from 41 Noodle & Rice Pot House. Choose from:

  • BBQ Pork & Egg Fried Rice
  • Egg & Vegetable Fried Rice
  • Sweet Corn with Chicken on Steamed Rice
  • Stir Fried Pork with Rice Vermicelli
  • Stir Fried Beef with Flat Rice Noodle

Go to: www.munchalunch.com/schools/MapleGrove

2017 MG Winter Flower Fundraiser –  $1,100.00 SUCCESS

intermediateIntermediate1Primary kindergarten 1Primary kindergarten

 A Very Festive ‘Thank-you’ to everyone who participated in our ‘Cloud Book For Classrooms’ Fundraiser’ – students and family member Sellers, our Customers and Parent Volunteers.

  • Volunteers
  • Our school volunteer coordinator, Gina gathered a team of 6 parents who braved a rainy, cold and damp day and evening to receive, sort and distribute over 143 plants.  Bookkeepers Lillian, Mona, Tingting and our PAC Treasurer, Mary Ma were indispensable.
  • Fundraiser Feedback
  • All products – holiday wreaths, our variety of poinsettias, holiday planters, amarylis and snow globes have received kudos of positive feedback.   Thank-you to DeVry and West Coast Greenhouses for their impressive product quality.

I sincerely hope your plants are thriving and growing  as gifts and gems of beauty in your home and office..  I have a gold amaryllis bulb sprouting a 12” tall stem that will soon ready to bloom all on its own and without watering.

  • Sales Report

Gross sales reached a total of $3,195.00.  After expenses – plants, prizes and photocopy our 2017 WFF raised $1,100.00, a 34% profit overall.

  • Walk by our Cloud Books for Classroom Thermometer in the hallway next to the office. You will see it has warmed up to $1,850.00.  We are well on the way to reaching our $10,000 campaign goal.
  • Prize Winners:

A special recognition to our Tim Horton and ITune Gift Card Prize Winners:  Kindergarten student, Marlie  and his Mom in Ms. Hales class and Montessori Intermediate student Natalie and her Mom in Ms. Adams class.  Together they sold a total of 30 plants.

Festive One Bite Brownies have now been eaten up by our top division sellers:

Primary – Div. 14 and Intermediate – Div. 18  

  • 2018 – Watch Our Campaign Grow!
  • in 2018 all students will be given the opportunity to voluntarily participate in coordinating our fundraisers with pizza, popcorn sales and, more.

  • Spring will sprout Orchid and Hanging Baskets for Mother’s Day and, the fall, a repeat of our Winter Flower Fundraiser.

  • More Parent and Student Volunteers Welcome!
  • we invite you to get on board, volunteer and contribute your ideas and help with our Cloud Books campaign. This purchase of 30 cloud books will greatly benefit our whole school community – teachers, students and parents

– Contact Gina: ginae@telus.net and myself, Paula: fundraising@perspectiveshr.com

Lost and Found. . .

Anything look familiar?

Lost & Found 2018


Parent Education Night: Montessori Fundamentals parts 2 & 3

Our first ‘Montessori Fundamentals’ Parent Education session, October 24th was a resounding success!  A ‘way more than expected’ total of 52 parents and 38 families attended, including 24 children who participated in our on-site childcare.  THANK-YOU to our primary Montessori teacher, MS. HART for ALL of your preparation, power point design, demonstration tables and delivery of this very informative and engaging education session.

Based on the ‘Parent Feedback Summaries’ received we are following up with Part 2-4 of this series in the upcoming Winter and Spring terms.  All sessions will be in Ms. Hart’s classroom from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

February 6, Tuesday- All about Math
April 17, Tuesday- Literacy in the classroom
TBA- Bridging the Montessori Experience (between home and school)

For more information, please contact Paula Temrick


Letter from parents: Staging for the new Maple Grove School design

Dear Maple Grove Parents,
We invite you to read the attached letter that Douglas Guest and myself, Paula Temrick have co-written.  This letter is in response to the issue of new seismic builds not including staging in the replacement school.  The letter was originally sent out to all MG Parents prior to the Winter Holiday break.  To date we are pleased to have received over 30 e-mails supporting this request.  To allow more time for parents to respond we have extended our original January 10 deadline.
PLEASE E-MAIL A REPLY TO OUR LETTER with your NAME and a BRIEF STATEMENT OF SUPPORT by no later than TUESDAY JANUARY 16, 2018.   Please send your e-mail to: paulatemrick@gmail.com.
Paula Temrick and Douglas Guest, Maple Grove Parents
17-12-19 Request for MG SCHOOL STAGE In Replacement School


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)


upcoming event

January 26 – Reports go home (except Div 1, 5 and 11)

January 29 – Professional Development Day – No school for students


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