November 30th Update



Hello Maple Grove.  It’s nice to be back at work.  I’ve missed all the staff, students and parents for the past three weeks.  Thursday was my first day back and there was lots to catch up on.  I want to acknowledge the office staff for picking up lots of pieces and helping to ensure the school ran smoothly.  Thank you Ms. Peters and Ms. Lincoln.
I also want to extend my appreciation to our new Vice Principal, Ms. Smith.  Ms. Smith did an amazing job running the school and maintained her usual teaching load to boot.  She worked late into the evening and often on weekends!  Thank you Ms. Smith for being so dedicated and really stepping up to take on the leadership role.
I would also like to thank the staff who always pick up extra bits and pieces, often not even saying a word, and just running with it.
Finally, I would like to thank all the students and parents who volunteer at the school.  You bring so many unique and wonderful skill sets to our community.  The variety is awesome and only adds to make our school fantastic!  Bravo Everyone!


Throughout British Columbia, all school districts are working on revising and changing the way they assess, report and communicate student learning.  Vancouver is no different.  In the November 3 blog I wrote about some of the changes and gave examples of what the new report card (Report Card Day is January 26th) would look like.

Maple Grove School is currently part of a pilot project with 63 other schools in Vancouver in which we are looking at a revised process of communicating student learning as it relates to the new curriculum.  The district is planning on changing and implementing its reporting process as of September, 2018, and Maple Grove wants to position itself so that we are in a good place to be up to speed with how our province and district want reporting to take place.  Having said that, there are a few teachers who have opted to continue with a traditional report card for this last year.  Those reports will be sent out in December.

We appreciate your support and patience while the school works through this re-designed reporting process.  We are revising how we communicate student learning and are seeking a reasonable format to use.

Essentially, you will notice two significant differences:

  1. Our conventional reporting process involved three formal report cards and two informal reports .  This will switch to two formal reports and three informal ways of connecting over student learning .
  2. The other significant difference you will notice is that in conventional report cards we gave out letter grades and work habit classifications.  As part of the pilot, the new communicating student learning report will not have letter grades (these are available upon request from the parent). The new reports will continue with a classification for student work habits and achievement.

It is important to recognize that with a new/ re-designed provincial curriculum that is focused on 21st-century teaching and learning, we truly needed to update and upgrade our conventional reporting process and format.  We have been informed that our district will be mandating a new format in September, 2018, so many of our staff see advantages for working through the pilot this year to become familiar and acquainted with the new communicating student learning formats.  Thank you for your understanding.

Professional Development Day Friday – December 1 – no school for students.

Important Safety Concern for Students

The school day at Maple Grove School finishes at 3:00pm.  Please be reminded that to ensure the safety and security of your children the school only has the ability to provide supervision from 8:40 am to 3:20 pm.  We request that Parents/Guardians be at the school by 3:00 pm.  Any playdates on the school grounds should be supervised by Parents or guardians.

It is common practice for our primary teachers to send children whose parents do not pick them up at the door by 3:10 pm up to the office for the office staff to call home.  It will be good practice to have a designated pick up spot and time arranged with your child.  We also suggest having your child memorize your current telephone number. Please ensure that the contact numbers the school has in the office are kept current.

We have had several incidents this year where children were left unattended on our school grounds until 5:30 and 6:15.  Please be aware that the exterior building doors are to get locked around 3:30 pm, with the exception of the front door which is locked at 4:00 pm.  This is a health and safety issue for staff working in the school after hours.

If you have an emergency and you are unable to pick up your child at 3:00 pm you MUST call the school at 604-713-5356 to advise us.  You should be able to make arrangements with a friend or relative to pick up your child.

Thank you.


们学校每天下午3点放学。请注意,为了确保孩子的安全,学校只有在早上840分到下午320分提供监督。  学校的规定是父母/监护人负责下午3点到学校接孩子。 除此之外的任何时间,都必须由父母或监护人来监督。


们非常担心今年发生了几起事件,孩子们在学校的操场上无人看管,直到5点半或615分。们想再次提醒所有家长,学校下午3点放学,外面的3点半就会被锁上, 只有前门到4点才会被锁上。





holiday wreath

Holiday Hamper Drive

Ms. Garrod, Ms. Watkins, Global Citizenship Club members and Class Parents have been organizing behind the scenes to prepare this year’s Holiday Hampers. Please watch for the notice sent home this week.




KM Club Update

Our Winter Pizza Party happens at lunchtime on Thurs Dec 7th

Congratulations to all the KM Club runners who have participated since September. Those who ran at least 15km will be receiving a party  invitation next week.

On Thursday please remember to bring your invitation and a $2 donation to the gym. And don’t forget your water bottles!

Please note that Pick up date for the winter flowers has changed from December 1 to Monday, December 4th.

PAC flower fundraiser


The Lost and Found is Overflowing Again

We now have three racks in the girls basement with jackets, hoodies, sweaters, boots, shoes, hats, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.  Please ask your children to check and see if they recognize any items.


Maple Grove Pac Website


upcoming event

December 1 – Professional Development Day – No school for students

December 6 – Twin Day – Sponsored by Student Council

December 13 – Christmas Craft Day for Primary Students

December 21 – Winter Concert – Matinee (1:30 pm) and Evening performances – watch for your ticket order form.

December 22 – Last day of classes before winter break

January 8 – First day back to school

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