October 13, 2017 Update

principals-messagePRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

Happy Weekend to everyone!  As mentioned in the PAC meeting earlier today, we are very excited about some of the sketches and designs that the architects presented regarding the new Maple Grove school.  I am awaiting electronic copies of some of the drawings and I will share those with the broader school community in next week’s blog.

I also want to share with parents who were not able to attend the PAC meeting this morning that many teachers at Maple Grove will be piloting a new report card and reporting process for the school district this school year.  I will share details in subsequent blog entries regarding some of the similarities and differences between our old reporting process and our pilot process for communicating student learning.  Essentially, you will notice two significant differences:

  1. Our conventional reporting process involved three formal report cards and two informal reports .  This will switch to two formal reports and three informal ways of connecting over student learning .
  2. The other significant difference you will notice is that in conventional report cards we gave out letter grades and work habit classifications.  As part of the pilot, the new communicating student learning report will not have letter grades (these are available upon request from the parent). The new reports will continue with a classification for student work habits and achievement.

It is important to recognize that with a new/ re-designed provincial curriculum that is focused on 21st-century teaching and learning, that we truly needed to update and upgrade our conventional reporting process and format.  We have been informed that our district will be mandating a new format in September, 2018, so many of our staff see advantages for working through the pilot this year to become familiar and acquainted with the new communicating student learning formats.

There will undoubtably be some growing pains attached to this new process, but we are excited about the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback that is personalized and individual in nature for all of our learners.  We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while our school team works through this process.
I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge the VSB grounds department who worked tirelessly with the CoV to ensure that the Gateway at 45th was opened up and completed in a timely manner.  And while we will have to wait for the grass seed to take root in the area between the Magee Field and Maple Grove, it will be a, “wait worthwhile” as we will have a new green way for the spring.

traffic issues

REGARDING TRAFFIC–  We are continuing to witness some intense traffic on Cypress St in the morning and after school.  We’ve asked our policing partners for their assistance with distracted drivers and unconventional driving habits.  They’ve agreed to attend and monitor the situation.  Thank you to all the concerned students and parents who have come forward to express their concerns.  The safety and security of your children is a priority for us and we want you to know that we take this seriously.

Also, please reframe from walking in the driveway and staff parking lots.  Commercial vehicles and staff use both those areas to park – and they are simply not expecting to see children walking in those areas in the early morning hours.

We encourage all parents to park your cars away from the school and walk the one or two blocks with your child – enjoy the time in the morning for good conversation and shaping the rest of the day with your child.

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend our first PAC meeting.  It was wonderful to see so many new, and returning faces.  It was great to see so many parents at the ELL Thursday morning class and at the Friday morning coffee social.  Also thank you to all the parents who have been supporting the school with their time, money and volunteerism.  We appreciate working with such great advocates of public education.  Thank you everyone!


Fresh To You Fundraiser

There is one more week left to place your orders! We are selling a $25 veggie bundle and an $18 apple bundle. Last week your child was sent home with an order form. Along with your order, please encourage your child to sell to other family members and friends. Our school receives 40% of the total sold. This is a great way to contribute to our school as well as encourage healthy eating habits.

Order forms are due back on or before Thursday October 19th, to your teacher or the school office. Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Please make cheque out to Maple Grove PAC. Bundles will be delivered to the classrooms at the end of November.

Your support in this fundraiser is much appreciated.

Gina McGill (Fresh To You Coordinator)





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upcoming event

October 17th – Immunization for students – Please return consents to the office by Monday, October 16th.

October 20th – Professional Development Day – No school for students

October 24th –  Montessori Fundamentals – 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

November 3rd – 9:00 am Photo retakes

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