Sept 8

principals-messagePRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

I would like to thank our engineering staff for an amazing job ensuring that our school is ready to go Tuesday morning.  It’s been quite a challenge with all the construction going on around us.  Thank you also to our neighbours for being patient with all the trucks, construction and congestion.  I’d also like to thank Ms. Smith and Ms. Peters for all of their extra hours getting the school organized and actually functioning.  I want to also thank Ms. Hales for all of her extra work organizing 3 kindergarten classes while we were/are in the process of hiring new staff.  I also want to acknowledge her for sitting on the hiring committee in the spring/summer and fall.  It was a huge commitment and she is a advocate of teachers and public education.  I also want to acknowledge Mrs. Tornroos for single-handedly getting our library up and running; pulled together a staff calendar for each staff member (there’s 55) and gave of her time in the spring and summer consulting with other school libraries (also for hosting several events in the library this week).  I’d also like to acknowledge our Supervision Aides who helped out around the school is so many different capacities this week.  They were always willing to lend a helping hand.  Further to this, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to all the staff who came in and spent extra hours in the summer and these past few weeks helping to ensure the school was ready.  We are truly lucky to have such dedicated staff.  I would also like to thank all the parents who have offered help and support to get many activities and events up and running.  We simply could not do the work we do without your wonderful volunteerism and passion for education.  Thank you for helping to make Maple Grove an engaging and wonderful school environment for learning.

Welcome back joint letter from John Lewis, Interim Superintendent and Dianne Turner, Official Trustee

Welcome Back


Letter from Dianne Turner, Official Trustee

17Sept08_L_to parents, guardians, and staff


When you pick up your child during the school day, please ensure that you sign them out at the school office. If you do not sign out your child, they will be unaccounted for, and the school will identify your child as a ‘missing’ student and will commence a search of school grounds. If the school staff do not locate the child, and are unable to reach a parent promptly, the school will call the Vancouver Police Department. Therefore, clear communication is essential for ensuring the safety of your child and to prevent unnecessary searches.

Thank you for helping us keep your children safe!


While we are experiencing a lot of staffing uncertainty at the moment, and we are working to ensure we achieve a full compliment of staff at the school, we thought that you may appreciate knowing who is presently assigned to the school and which positions we are still trying to fill.

Mrs. Humeniuk 1 6/7 301
Ms. Plavan 2 6/7 303
Ms. Karakanta 3 6 302
Mr. Naipaul 4 5/6 208
Mr. Johnson 5 4/5 309
Ms. Tseng (M,T) / Ms. Tsang (W-F) 6 4 311
Ms. Yeung   POSTING 7 3/4 206
Ms.  Chester (M-T) / Ms. MacNeil TBA (W-F) 8 3 304
Ms. Garrod 9 2 213
Ms. Shoemaker 10 2 211
Ms. Seebaran (MTW) / Ms.  Tang (Th,F) 11 1 104
Ms.  Wong 12 1 207
Ms.  Lam    TEMP POST 13 K 205
Ms.  Hales 14 K 203
Ms.  Burghall 15 7 M 305
Ms.  Griffiths 16 4/5/6 M 313
Ms.  Bartlett 17 4/5/6 M 307
Ms.  Adams (M,T,Th,F)  POSTING (W) 18 3/4/5 M 310
Ms.  Boulanger 19 1/2/3 M 108
Ms.  Lin 20 1/2/3 M 109
Ms.  Hart (M-Th) / Ms.  Belliveau (F) 21 1/2/3 M 106
Ms.  Kao 22 K M 201
Ms.  Watkins Resource 306
Ms.  Serbic Resource 308
Ms.  Ginther (M-Th)     POSTING Resource
Ms.  Roopra (MWF)   POSTING Resource
Mr.  Richard (M,F) Resource
Ms.  Tseng (W) Resource
Mr.  Richard(T-Th) Prep
Ms.  Griesdale (T-Th) Prep
Mr   Collins (Wam;Thpm) Prep B.Basement
Mrs. Tornroos TL Library
Ms.  Lyons (M,W,F)- 2438  Counsellor 212A
Ms  Land SLP 317
Ms  Johal Nurse
Ms  Song MCLW (Chinese)
Ms  Chan Settlement Worker
Ms.  Goddard Home Instructor 318
Ms  Oleksiew SSA
Mr.  Johnson (M,T,F) Ms. Corbett (WTh) SSA
Ms. Forsberg SSA
Ms. Blackler SSA
Mrs  Peters Admin. Asst.
Ms  Lincoln (Th/Fri) Extra Clerical
Mrs  Emery Supervision Aide
Mrs  Szeto Supervision Aide
Ms  Ma Supervision Aide
Ms.  Liu Supervision Aide
Mr  Malimban Building Engineer
Mr  Mozambique Asst. Engineer
Mr  Guzman Night Engineer
Ms.  Smith Vice Principal
Mr.  Evans Principal

Message to Parents of students with Health Concerns

This is a reminder to ensure care plans are up to date.  If you are bringing in any EPI pens or other medications (glucagon) required for students, parents are responsible to ensure the EPI pens (or any other medications) are not expired and the form for medication administration has been completed by their doctor.


WHO LOVES DATA ENTRY?Your PAC is looking for a few volunteers to help with the beginning of the year data entry!  Good times!!Please email Karrie at or Galen at if you can help!


KCC parent workshop 20171010Maple Grove ES-1Before School Band Program at Maple Grove

Parents are again organizing a band program at Maple Grove.  There will be an information session and party after school today in the lunchroom.  If you are interested, please bring a cheque for $50 deposit – payable to Shangyin Music School.  We need 20 students to run the program, if there are less than 20 signed up your deposit will be returned to you.  The total fee will be similar to last year ($500).  Practice time will be 7:45 am to 8:45 am.  The first lesson will be Monday, Sept 11th

Maple Grove Pac Website

upcoming event

September 18 to 21 -Book Fair

September 21 – Meet the Teacher and BBQ (Note change from Sept 14)

September 22 – Pro D Day – No School for Students

September 27 and 28 – Early Dismissal at 2:00 pm – Goal Setting



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