June 29th Update


Principal’s Message

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year has arrived!  10 months have passed very quickly!  As another successful year draws to a close, it’s amazing how much has been achieved in just one year by the students, staff, and parents at Maple Grove School.  The achievements extend from academic, to the sporting and the creative arts, critical thinking, science and technology and to the numerous fun and fundraising exploits of the PAC.  We achieve so much when we work together as a team and this is one of the strengths of the school.

The year’s end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  So many things have been accomplished this year!  From the Terry Fox Run in September to the Grade 7 Graduation Ceremony, to the Awards Ceremony today- Maple Grove students have been involved in an extraordinary number of activities.  Of course, we should not forget the tremendous amount of learning which has taken place during the year.  Throughout all of these activities our students have demonstrated great character and Maple Grove spirit!   It is difficult to identify the highlights because there are genuinely so many.  Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the grade 7 students over the year.  They start in September as children but by the time they leave at the end of June they are young adults.

To our graduates – congratulations on your achievement.  Maple Grove staff wish you all the best as you move to high school.  If this is your last child to leave Maple Grove, the staff would like to thank you for your support and for the guidance that you have provided for your child(ren).  We look forward to hearing from the graduates in the future and we hope that each of them will have gained a firm foundation for their education while at Maple Grove.  We know that many of you will visit staff members at the school in the next few years.  I hope our Grads look back at their time with fondness and perhaps return and regale us with their achievements.  I am proud of them all and wish them good luck in the future.

For those families who will be returning in September, school will begin on Tuesday, September 5th.  Please note that school will only be one hour on Tuesday, from 9 am to 10 am. Instructions will be posted on our school doors Tuesday AM

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer holiday.

Mr. Evans


Band and Choir for 2017 2018

For Intermediate students (Grade 4 – 7) attending Maple Grove next year (September 2017) .   If interested, please contact

Katherine Wang  (katherine_wang@yahoo.com) about band,

and Kelley Marlow (kelleymarlow@gmail.com) about choir.

We’d like to get organized in advance and hope that last year’s participants as well as many more will sign-up. We welcome all students who want to learn how to read & play music & sing.


Sports Day

Sports day was a great success! Not only did we have sunny weather, but we had all of the students displaying their team colours with pride. Students arrived bright and early at 8:30am to make it for the opening ceremonies in the gym which included a warm up and a preschool race! Students then traveled around to 10 different stations to compete against one another’s team. Whether it was a dress-up relay, playground obstacle course, or blanket basketball, students always had smiles on their faces. Things heated up a bit when the tug of wars began! The Grade 7s were victorious as they beat the grade 8s and again when they quickly won against the not so mighty teachers of Maple Grove! Overall, it was a fantastic day and we thank all those who helped to organize and volunteer to make it all possible!





Maple Grove Pac Website

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June 29 – Last Day for Students

September 5 – First Day back for students for new school year 2017 2018 (9:00am to 10:00am one hour only)

Link to Maple Grove District calendar   or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar.  Please note the district calendar has been revised for next year.


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