June 16th Update

Staff Changes for 2017 2018

In last week’s blog we shared the organization for Maple Grove for 2017 2018.  Here is a list of the staff changes (more changes are still possible before the beginning of September):

Staff Member                      Reason

Lindsay Thompson             Transferring to VP at McBride Annex
Sabrina Wong                      Transferring to new school and grade
Alana Schober                     Moving
Jessica Chelak                      Temporary Contract
Jas Gill                                   Moving districts
Heidi Kimmick                    Temporary Contract
Lisa Shideler                        Temporary Contract
Karlene Greyhurst              Moving
Peggy Griesdale                  Temporary Contract
Jen Malone                           Temporary Contract
Katrina Leroux                   Transferring Assignments
Jean Mctavish                     Temporary Contract- Retired
Brittany DeRoy                   Temporary Contract
Maria Fiskillis                     Temporary Contract
Alexa Gretchen                   Temporary Contract
Rose Bevacqua                    Program Closure
Janet Gettings                      Temporary Assignment

2017 2018 Calendar

2017 2018 School Calendar

Heritage Fair

Congratulations to Michelle Wu of Division 16 who received the judges’ award for her work on the Douglas Treaties at the district-wide Heritage Fair in May.

Heritage Fair

Maple Grove ES-1

safaris flyer

Camp Photos

Thank you Ms Bartlett for sharing this wonderful photos!



Maple Grove Pac Website

upcoming event

June 21 – Intermediate talent show (pm)

June 22 – Primary talent show (pm)

June 23 – Sports Day

June 26 – Grade 7 Grad

June 27 – Primary Picnic and Grade 7 Grad trip

June 28 – Service Assembly

June 29 – Awards Assembly

June 29 – Last Day for Students

September 5 – First Day back for students for new school year 2017 2018

Link to Maple Grove District calendar   or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar.  Please note the district calendar has been revised for next year.


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