June 9


Principal’s Message

Good Afternoon,
This was a busy week at Maple Grove.  This morning one of our PAC Co-Chair’s Galen Hutchinson and another PAC parent, Allison Arato, accompanied me while we held our annual Welcome New Families to Maple Grove.  The event was well attended and served as an introduction for new students and parents to the Maple Grove school community. Special thanks to our grade 7 tour guides and to Ms. Tornroos for hosting in the school library.

School Organization for 2017-2018

Thank you to those of you who felt inclined to write an educational placement of your child for September.  There are many changes taking place at Maple Grove for a variety of reasons.  Some of which were controllable, some were out of our control.  There is a chance that there will still be more changes through the summer.  At the moment, Maple Grove is increasing in size from 20 to 22 divisions.  We are receiving extra support staff and resources to accommodate the larger school size.  However, to accommodate the increase in divisions, the VSB will be converting the second Open Area 309/311 and our defunct computer lab into classrooms.

Please see the DRAFT School Organization as it stands today:


Div Grade Teacher
1 G6/G7 Mrs. Humeniuk
2 G6/G7 Ms. Plavan
3 G6 TBA
4 G5/G6 Mr. Naipaul
5 G4/G5 TBA
6 G4 Ms. Tsang W-F    TBA  M,T
7 G3/G4 Ms. Yeung
8 G3 Ms. Chester  M-Th    TBA  F
9 G2 Ms. Garrod
10 G2 TBA
11 G1 Ms. Seebaran  M-W     TBA Th,F
12 G1 Ms. Wong
13 KF Ms. Lam
14 KF Ms. Hales
Div Grade Teacher
15 G7 Ms. Burghall
16 G4/G5/G6 Ms. Griffiths
17 G4/G5/G6 Ms. Bartlett
18 G3/G4/G5 Ms. Adams
19 G1/G2/G3 Ms. Boulanger
20 G1/G2/G3 Ms. Lin
21 G1/G2/G3 Ms. Hart    M-Th   Ms Belliveau     F

Attention Drone Fliers:aaa drone

We are looking for a parent/student who has the ability to fly a drone with video and/or still imaging around the school for some aerial pics and vid images.  This would be for our website in the short term, and for the school archives once the new school is built.  If you have any access or connections who can help us out, please contact Mr. Evans for details.  Thank you!

Hot Lunch Program:

Unfortunately, due to dwindling enrollment and interest, the VSB user-pay Hot Lunch Program at Maple Grove and Nelson schools is ending as of June 29th.  There will be no Hot Lunch Program at Maple Grove.  We will still have the same lunch times and procedures, but students will be required to bring a lunch.  We would like to acknowledge Mrs. Rose Bevacqua for all her time, care, and attention to your children over the years.  We would also like to thank the volunteer parent helpers who assisted with the program every day for the 10 years.  Rose has already accepted a position at another school and has been over to meet the new students.

Microwave Ovens

It was unfortunate news from VSB Food Services, that the Maple Grove Hot Lunch Program was being terminated at the end of this school year due to low numbers of participants.  With that news, it was my thought that we would continue like most schools in the city and students will eat their lunches in our lunchroom during the regular lunch time.  And in an effort to facilitate student having access to warm lunches on those cold November-February days, students would be able to use the microwaves.
However, due to recent misuse, vandalism and pranks, Maple Grove will now remove the microwaves as they have been severely damaged beyond repair by students.  Students are now encouraged to bring a thermos if they want warm food at lunch.
This measure will remain in effect until we have time as a school community to revisit and rethink the safety and security of students and how we can avoid leaving ourselves open to fire hazards through misuse of the microwaves.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Staff Parking Lot is a Dangerous Place for Students

Parents we want to draw your attention to a major safety concern!  The staff parking lot, and circular driveway are for staff vehicles only.  Please do not use the parking lot as either a drop off or pedestrian thoroughfare.  We have had several near misses as students have been walking in a vehicle designated area.  There are many walkways that lead to the school and we want all students to only use those walkways so they are safe. We need your support to ensure the safety and security of all our students.


school fees

pizza poster

Bike to School/Work week

One last note –

Maple Grove won a social media prize for our blog updates on Bike to School/Work week – one bell and 300 pirate packs from White Spot.  Good for us!

peter's beautified bike

Students in Div 20 surprised Mr. Evans.  During the day, they secretly decorated his bike with ribbons, paper rings, pipe cleaners, filmstrips etc.  It made for an interesting and visible ride home.  Mr. Evans took it all in stride.  Ms. Greyhurst said it was part of the student’s Applied Design Skills and Technology grade.  Mr. Evans is checking with the Minister of Education to see if it can count (ah, June life in schools- LOL)

Mrs. Humeniuk’s Class does Pastel Art


Butterflies are free

Some of primary classes had the good fortune to release butterflies this week. The weather cooperated as Div 20, 12 and 10 released this year’s group into the wild.


Maple Grove Pac Website

upcoming event

June 14 – 7pm – PAC AGM

June 21 – Intermediate talent show (pm)

June 22 – Primary talent show (pm)

June 23 – Sports Day

June 26 – Grade 7 Grad

June 27 – Primary Picnic and Grade 7 Grad trip

June 28 – Service Assembly

June 29 – Awards Assembly

June 29 – Last Day for Students

September 5 – First Day back for students for new school year 2017 2018

Link to Maple Grove District calendar   or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar.  Please note the district calendar has been revised for next year.


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